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Fantasy Football Week 3 Buy And Sell: Bi-Weekly Stock Report

chris johnsonFantasy football owners have the biggest hearts but also the shortest of fuses. A loss can bring turmoil to the couch coach who has decided that his starting RB or WR is ready to hit the bench because he can’t find the end zone while a guy on the bench is lighting it up! You have to always refer to my rules, and one of them is “never let the emotion of where you draft someone take place over the production of another.”

Plain and simple, just because you drafted a guy in the first round, does not mean you ride him all the way and wait for him to break out. A personal example: On draft day I grabbed Adrian Peterson round 3, then in round 4 Percy Harvin. I thought to myself that 2 Vikings could be a mess, so I traded right away, Harvin for Marquis Colston. Well as we all now know, that is a train wreck, so 7th rounder Vincent Jackson should be ready for action! Don’t fall in love people because you will only break your own heart.

As one of the go-to guys here at for fantasy football advice, I have decided to bring you a report every 2 weeks on guys that appear to be tanking and what you should do with them. Do you buy or sell? If you “buy” it means a few things: 1) You keep him and keep him in your lineup. 2) You keep him but monitor when and how to use him. 3) Ride this guy for all it’s worth. Now the other option is “sell”. By that it means: 1) Trade this guy if you can find a suitor. 2) Put him on your bench weekly, and use in the biggest emergency. 3) Dump him for a bye week defense or kicker! ( Yep that could happen ).

[adinserter block=”2″]I could be wrong, but I write fantasy news every week and have for the last few years. I have watched the best players lose their edge over night. I have loved stars that have flopped, but also picked needles in haystacks. For every Miles Austin that was found, there is a Chris Johnson that was loved. Being a fantasy owner has now become a part-time job, You come home and before you get nagged to take out the garbage, say hi to the kids, or pet the dog, you have to look at your roster. I’d love to do it for you all, but hey I have 4 teams to monitor myself. So look into the” Stock Report” and adjust as needed.

Stock Report:

Chris Johnson, RB, Titans: Sell! He has 21 rushing yards so far this year? It is sad, but true. Although he has been more active in the passing game, his overall numbers are terrible. The guy we all counted on for closing in on 2,000 yards barely had 1,000 last year. This teams offensive line is a mess, so is the QB situation. Some in your league may want him, so make a deal, any deal. Sell CJ noK while you can.

Darren McFadden, RB, Raiders: Buy! I know some of you are awfully scared of his rushing totals but here is some decent news. In week 1 he was handled by the Chargers defense, but they did the same last week, so that run defense can be better than we think. Last week they were far behind Miami so he was limited. “Run DMC” still has great talent, and the Raiders are going to need it to have a prayer. You don’t need a PHD in football-ology to know this. He will get busy again as long as he stays healthy. Mike Goodson made a few nice plays last week, but he is in no way McFadden. Buy DMC.

Wes Welker, WR, Patriots: Buy! I was on the fence here, but when Aaron Hernandez went down, it made me think that they need Wes now. Sure they will bring in Kellen Winslow, and have Julian Edelman, but neither of them are Welker. We all know he can grab 120 per year, and despite a contract squabble he can still get it done. Buy Wes Welker, but keep an eye on him.

Michael Turner, RB, Falcons: Sell! “The Burner” is not burning many right now. He looks a tad slow and is not hitting the holes. Also it is a pass happy offense. He had a TD on Monday night, but only after 3 tries from the 1 yard line. He finished with just 42 yards on 17 carries and has no involvement in the pass game. Also now he has a DUI charge hanging over his head. Sell “The Burner” and Turn-er on to someone else.

Marquis Colston, WR, Saints: Sell! Oh so very hard to say, and still not a concrete sell. However Drew Brees loves Jimmy Graham and uses him all day. Now they also have Darren Sproles hawking catches. Colston is a talent, but a talent that is being phased out. He had a much better week 2 than week 1 but only 7 grabs and no TDs is certainly killing some teams right now. Sell, but not cheap.

Alex Smith, QB, 49ers: Buy! He now has a very legit team, a good running game and all kinds of guys that can catch and create. The tough defense gives him good field position and Smith now has an offense in place that caters to what he can do. He also gets some rush yards. To expect 2-3 TDs from him per week is not crazy. Sure you may have better QBs, but there is no reason not to get him if you can. Buy a potential Super Bowl QB.

Kevin Ogletree, WR, Cowboys: Sell! Sell like a gold bar, sell like cheap gas, sell like Barry Bonds baseball cards, any way you can, sell! If you pay for roster moves in your league you wasted some hard earned cash here. Last week Tony Romo could barely find his stars let alone his 5th option. He was never a good pick up, just a guy that may play a nice game every 4 or 5 weeks out. Sell and don’t give the ink time to dry on that deal.

Jamaal Charles, RB, Chiefs: Buy! He had a decent week 1, and in week 2 his team was murdered by the Bills. Charles is the best back on that team, and probably the best athlete too. They spent money on Peyton Hillis, and it has not panned out to much so far. Charles has great hands and speed and an eye for the field. Yes, he may be letting you down a bit, but Kansas City as a whole is bad right now. Buy Charles, even if he rallies from your bench for now.

Martellus Bennett, TE, Giants: Buy! If you are in a league that uses TE as a mandatory position then you need to buy here. A TD in each week so far and showing the talents that Dallas expected that he had makes him a nice option. Last week the Giants passed for 510 yards, so that means plenty for everyone. Buy some Bennett, he should come cheap.

Kevin Smith, RB, Lions: Sell! I have always been a Smith fan, but here comes the pain. He did a little last week against a tough defense, but the writing has been on the wall that as soon as Mikael LeShoure comes back, Smith will be limited. They already started last week as he shared time, and now LeShoure is ready to make his debut. Smith is a guy you can sell and get a starter in return perhaps because he can still play, however as a weekly starter on your squad you may be hurting when you see the change. Sell, I am Le-Shoure you won’t be too sorry.

Larry Fitzgerald, WR, Cardinals: Sell! Yep sell one of the very best WRs in football. Kevin Kolb has always been the worst of Fitz’s QBs as far as getting him the ball regularly. He is finding guys like Andre Roberts for TDs and they now have a 2 back attack that they are sold on. By name alone Fitz can bring nice returns if you deal him, and some tell me they want him, but I am so scared of the situation. This week he plays the Eagles who have not let a WR go nuts yet, and the Cards are 2-0 without him being a big source. Spooky! Sell, now!

Frank Gore, RB, 49ers: Buy! For some unknown reason they keep talking about easing his work load, but he keeps getting it done. He has 201 rush yards and 2 TDs so far is the work of a solid back. Kendall Hunter is not so much what they are hoping he can be, and Gore is showing his anger in his running. If you have him keep playing him until he shows you less. Buy Gore, must!

Danny Amendola, WR, Rams: Buy! This isn’t one week hype folks. Amendola has been an active player in this offense and special teams for a few years, his only problem is staying healthy. Chances are he was on every bench last week when he had 15 grabs, and every owner shook their heads. He has Wes Welker type of skills and that is how he is used here. Little catches then use the speed to get yards. I think he will remain active and he can get it done. I am not going to recommend trading for him, but if you own him get him in there. Buy Amendola.

Steven Jackson, RB, Rams: Sell! Jeff Fisher’s dog house is a tough spot to be, and Jackson put a foot into the door of it last week. What he did was show Fisher that he has good young speedy talent behind him and it may cost him some serious work load. Yes Jackson has great hands, and runs tough, but new coaches love to go to “their guys”. Jackson is the old regime, kind of like LaGarette Blount in Tampa. The new coaches like their new guys and it may be cause for concern. Sell S Jax while you can, and before people catch on to his sudden lack of touches.

[adinserter block=”1″]Reggie Wayne, WR, Colts: Buy! On draft day he went very late if went at all. The arrival of Andrew Luck had people scared, but it is proving to be silly as Luck looks like a guy that can play and play well enough for Wayne. He is back to his big catch and yard numbers and can score TDs also. Yes, Donnie Avery is getting lots of action too, but Wayne is being the same old quality WR we have loved through the years. Buy Wayne and bring the pain!

So here is 15 pieces of stock news for all of you. Read up and make the moves needed. Not much to dig into on the waiver list right now so hopefully you have a good enough bench to plug someone in. Remember the names may change from week to week so keep an eye out.

As always, good luck!

I have now joined Twitter, so if you would like to ask any questions or need any advice feel free to reach out to my personal account, @JPshark71.

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