Fantasy Football Week 2: Time to cool off


[adinserter block=”1″]It never fails, the moment the first week of NFL games are complete millions of fantasy football players around the world frantically hit the waiver wire looking for the sleeper that will carry their team to victory. I have been part of the group and a few years back and I rode the new and improved Michael Vick to the best record in the league. However history should have taught us that week #1 is not usually the best week to assess talent.

Wes Welker had a horrible 2 or 3 game stretch to start the last season only to once again be a dominate force at the WR position. I picked him up in a trade for Michael Turner in week 2 or 3 because he scared his owner off. Now you may look at that and think it was a bad trade on the other guys part and it was, but when you are scared that your third round pick is a dud and you can’t afford to lose 3 weeks in a row, well drastic men take drastic measures. Now I know that this coming out a little late but I wanted to throw out my 2 cents on waiver wire pick-ups and maybe some other random fantasy football thoughts.

  1. Week #1 is freebie- Don’t blow you team up just because you got smoked. You need to a little faith in your draft. If you don’t have faith in the players you know about what makes you think you will do better with players you never heard of? Sure it is possible that the key to the future of your team is sitting on the waiver wire after week #1, but it’s most likely buried behind a pile of flukes and if you jump the gun you could do just as much damage as good. Lots of guys perform or don’t perform in the first week. I got 6 points out of Dez Bryant and I am in a PPR league, does that mean I drop him? Maybe that was an extreme example but I think you get the point.
  2. Patience is a virtue- This goes hand and hand with the first point. Most likely someone is going to drop a player that is actually valuable. It happens every year due to injury, frustration, or just plain stupidity. It can be good idea to sit on that waiver pick until someone makes a mistake or someone gets injured. Then you are sitting ahead of all those guys in your league that burned their picks early on trying to hit a home run. The thing about most home run swingers is that they strike out quite a bit.
  3. Kickers, QB’s, and defenses- You only need to carry one of each. This is for newer players. For some reason it feels like common sense tells us to make sure we have a backup. That makes sense with RB and WR, those positions usually make ore break your season. Your #1 running back goes down and unless you have a handcuff or a good waiver pick there is nothing to choose from. Your bench should be full of what you can’t find on the wire. Kickers are all pretty much the same with in a few points. If your QB goes down you may not find one as good but there are still good one available. Defenses are also wild cards unless you have Seattle, Denver, or the 49ers. Playing matchups on defense your best strategy and it allows you to keep your bench full of positional players you will need down the road.
  4. Look past the hype- A lot of the waiver focus after the first week is on Denver’s new TE Julius Thomas, and it should be. He is a big target in a high powered offense that may not run too much. I think that he will cool off but I think that he is the best pick available this week. Kellen Winslow is getting some love too, but do you know who isn’t getting any love this week? Dallas Clark. Clark was clearly the most targeted player on his team and he is the only TE option. On a team without Bolden or Pitta, Clark is your short yardage guy. If he doesn’t drop that pass in the endzone you are looking at a top 10 tight end in week #1 ahead of Jimmy Graham and Tony Gonzalez. I am not saying that you bypass players that are clearly worth picking up but you want the guy who is going to show up every week. I would rather have a guy that gets 8pts a week than a guy who will score 24pts one week and 3pts the next. So the moral here is, consistency over hype.

[adinserter block=”2″]I think we can leave it there for now, there are enough articles talking about who you should pick-up and who you should drop. I will join that conversation in a few weeks, I think now is a good time to take a look at my lineup. Last thing to remember is you don’t have to be the best team in the league, just the better team each week.

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