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Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Week 8

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If you follow this blog you know that last week was solid. I don’t spend a lot of time looking at other waiver wire articles because I don’t want them to skew my perceptions. I don’t know about you but when I read stuff by the “so called” experts I end up with players I have never heard of. I start looking at the running backs from practice squads.

I play every path conceivable and non-conceivable in my head, in which no name players could have value. What I am getting at is that maybe last week’s waiver blog was good because the waiver pool is deep. But I would like to think that maybe I know a little bit about fantasy football. Either way, let’s see if we can make in two strong weeks in a row. You won’t find any practice squad players on this list. We are going with proven talent in proven situations. Let us see what I can do for you this week.


Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys – 61%

Prescott has lead the Dallas Cowboys to the top of the NFC East after seven weeks. With Dez Bryant returning this week, Dallas in only looking to get better. There is a lot of talk about Romo coming back. But let’s be honest. At this point it doesn’t make sense to put Romo back under center. Prescott has proven that he can do what Romo can’t. Win and stay healthy. If the MVP voting happened today Prescott would be at the top of the ballot. Mark my words, he will be a top 10 QB to end the season.

Marcus Mariota, Tennessee Titans – 60%

Mariota is quietly having a very strong fantasy season. A lot of the credit goes to the running of Demarco Murray. As long as Murray continues to be a threat on the ground, Mariota is going to be able to throw into man coverage. His talent shows in his production despite a deficiency in talent at receiver. He is currently a top ten QB. However, some of that has to do with bye weeks. He does have a week up on some of the competition. The bye week only affects his overall status. Bye week or not he is still averaging almost 17 points each week. The yards he gains with his feet are always a bonus.

Tyrod Taylor, Buffalo Bills – 60%

If we ignore the first week of the season Taylor would be a legit top five QB. The fact that he comes in third on this list shows a lack of trust in Buffalo as opposed to Taylor. There is also the injury fear hanging over his head. With McCoy’s health in question they will look to Taylor to carry the load against a tough NE team. If they are going to compete, they are going to have to score in bunches. That comes from a strong passing game.

Jameis Winston, Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 53%

You can’t go wrong with anyone on this list. Winston showed last season that he holds a lot of value. Winston is more proven, than others on this list. Like Taylor he struggled early, but appears to have hit his stride. The rushing game has found a replacement starter in Rodgers. His presence stops the bleeding left by the injury to Doug Martin. With the pressure off Winston, look for him to continue to team up with Evans to keep Tampa in the playoff running.

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Running Back

Jacquizz Rodgers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 35%

Rodgers has stepped into the starting role and you would never know he was a perennial bench player. Two starts have yielded two games over 100 yards rushing. Two starts have yielded double digit fantasy points. Finally, two starts have combined for 56 carries and 0 fumbles. As long as Martin is out Quizz is a low RB1 and must start at RB2. The only concern is the fact that he has not scored yet, but that will come. If he continues to average almost 30 carries a game, he will eventually score. He is a must add this week.

Ty Montgomery, Green Bay Packers – 20%

News came out this week that Montgomery will be classified as a WR/RB going forward which gives him flexibility that is rare. He is the starting RB until Starks returns. However, Starks taking back the starting positon is not a guarantee. Montgomery has proven his worth and will be heavily involved going forward. The Packers offense seems to be searching to some traction. Montgomery brought it last week. It is one thing to be a RB that can catch. It is a whole different story when you are WR who can run the football. Montgomery is going to get more than his fair share of looks. Pick him up.

Chris Thompson, Washington Redskins – 14%

The RB position in Washington has not been reliable for a while now. Jones may have been named the starter but his ball control has become an issue. Gruden insist that Jones is still the number one back, but Thompson is making a case to replace him. Thompson has already established himself as the RB on passing plays. When it comes to passing, Jones is almost non-existent. This week Thompson showed the league that Jones’s time is coming to an end. If he continues to produce, Gruden will have no choice but to make the switch. It might take some time but Thompson is a good fill in for bye weeks in a position that is thin and unpredictable.

Zach Zenner – 2% and Justin Forsett – 27%, Detroit Lions-

If you have made it all the way down this list, you are grasping at straws. The reality is that some leagues are so competitive that there is just not much to work with. Detroit’s backfield is a complete mess. Forsett and Zenner split carries this week. Zenner was non-existent in the passing game but found the end zone. Forsett is more experienced and would be my “safe” pick going forward. However, Zenner is young and Detroit might want to find out what he can handle. At the end of the day either one is a stretch that hopefully you will only need to fill for a bye week.

Wide Receivers

Davante Adams, Green Bay Packers – 18%

Adams has five touchdowns in six games. That is a huge stat when you consider the weapons Rodgers has. It is even more surprising that we are seeing those touchdowns coming at time when the offense is not performing. They are going to Atlanta this week. It is hard to beat the Falcons at home but there are holes in the defense. Falcons are weak in the pass defense and Rodgers should see his receivers open a bit more. Packers are going to have to put up points if they are going to compete with the Falcons high powered offense. Adams is a bit a risk, but his 16 targets last week shows he can make some magic happen.

Michael Thomas, New Orleans Saints – 63%

I am surprised to see Thomas in owned in so many leagues. He has quietly shown that he can make a fantasy impact. Three touchdowns in four games shows that Brees trust him. A starting WR for the Saints is always a good option. His performance against the KC defense was impressive. Thomas is a pretty safe bet in PPR. Low risk, high reward. 10 catches for 130 yards helped him score 13 fantasy points. Feel safe rolling with Thomas as a flex or possible low WR2.

Jamison Crowder, Washington Redskins – 40%

Maybe I am outside of my head but I love Crowder. I am not sure how he is still so readily available. Cousins is scoring almost 20 points a week. Those points are coming from somewhere. Crowder gained of 108 yards last week. He is getting the targets to hit that number each week. Washington is legit and Crowder is part of the reason. I don’t expect to see him on this list next week. However, if he is available you will find him here again next week.

Jack Doyle, Indianapolis Colts – 15%

This is one of those I told you so moments. Doyle improved on a good performance in week six. Week seven saw him catch 5 more passes, gain 20 more yards, and score a touchdown. As long as Allen is out, Doyle should be starting. There is no reason for him to available in 85% of ESPN leagues.

Vernon Davis, Washington Redskins -41.3%

We are still not sure what Reed’s status is follow a concussion from a few weeks back. If he Reed is still out then Davis is a must add. Redskins are not a championship contender but they are proving to be a good team. Cousins passes the ball well and Davis has had his moments. Last week he caught 6 passes for almost 80 yards. He scored a touchdown in the previous week. Reed is known to get injured, Davis might be a good stash pick if there is room on your bench.

Donte Moncrief, Indianapolis Colts – 46%

Let me start off by saying that you are welcome. I was shocked to notice Moncrief’s ownership had dropped below 50%. He has been on my team since draft day and I refused to drop him because he is a starter whenever he is on the field. Had I not looked at my lineup this morning, he might not have made the list. There is a reason he ended up last, as I was just wrapping this thing up before I noticed. Look, if I have to go over his stats then maybe you shouldn’t me playing this game. If he is available and there is room on your team you should grab him. This is an absolute steal. He is projected to return to practice this week. Even if he has set backs, he is worth a short term stash just to see what will happen.

So there you have it. Don’t forget to follow me on twitter @TSMPDX. Hit me up with questions, thoughts on the blog, or anything for that matter. Let me know if I missed anyone or if there is something you would like to see written about in the future. Good luck this week. I will say it one more time. IT IS GOOD TO BE BACK!

Jason Duclos
Jason DuClos has been a contributing writer for CCB since 2013. He is a loving father of three, a devoted husband, part time youth director, and full time fantasy football fanatic. When he is not coaching 1st and 4th grade basketball, teaching, or writing a paper for school is he working on his blog. He is self described as the other side of the coin, someone who lives on the side of devils advocate. Whether it's fantasy football or wrestling, he will not shy away from controversy. You can read his blogs exclusively on CCB and follow him on Twitter @TSMPDX


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