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Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Week 7

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Better late than never I suppose. I won’t spend too much time on an introduction. Let me say I am sorry for missing the last couple of weeks. Sometimes life throws you a curveball. I will it at that. It is good to be back. Follow me on twitter a @TSMPDX, it will give me a reason to post. With that being said, here is the waiver wire for this week.


Marcus Mariota, Tennessee Titans- 53%

Mariota is coming off his second consecutive week of fantasy QB elite scoring. Many wonder if he is starting to turn a corner. Then he plays well, the Titans are a dangerous team. Having a strong running attack has given Mariota the opportunity to improve. He has thrown 6 touchdown passes in 2 weeks as well as racking up over 120 yards on the ground. With Big Ben on the shelf, Mariota could be a great streaming pick. He is going up against a Colts defense which is marginal at best. I predict Mariota has another strong week.

Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys- 60%

Prescott comes in behind Mariota for that exact reason. He ranked behind Mariota is scoring and he is owned in about 7% more leagues. If Prescott is available in your league, you should pick him up quick. His scoring puts him just outside of the top 5. His is consistently putting up point totals over 15. He has turned Cole Beasley into a fantasy option. He WILL start over Tony Rom if Dallas wants to continue to win. Even if you are set at QB, Prescott is a must add in dynasty or keeper leagues. He is your best shot at best case talent for a worst case price.

Tyrod Taylor, Buffalo Bills- 58%

Taylor is at the top of the 2nd tier QB’s. There are still questions about the Bills receiving core. It is safe to say that Sammy Watkins has never and will never meet expectations. But that has not stopped Taylor from putting up numbers that has him ranked ahead of players like Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers. Consistency is his strong suit, averaging about 14pts each week. Not as much of a threat on the ground as Mariota, but he has topped the 50 yard mark in 2 games this season. He has a tough game in Miami this week which has me a little concerned. But if you need a fill in option, he is almost as good as it gets.

Running Back

Jay Ajayi, Miami Dolphins-65%

Running backs are always hard to replace. Ajayi started the season in the doghouse behind Arian Foster. As usual, Foster went down and his backup stepped in. Ajayi had a slow start to the season but seemed to have a knack for the end zone. He has scored a touchdown in 50% of the games so far this season. Last week he blew up for 204 yards and 2 touchdowns. It appears that he has taken over the job he once lost to Foster. I don’t expect to see Foster in the lead back position again this season. When he returns he will be used in the passing game. Ajayi is a starting RB2 in all leagues.

James White, New England Patriots- 61%

The hype around White increased after score 2 touchdowns last week on passes from Tom Brady. He has always been good for a few carries, but his bread and butter is in passing. With Brady back behind center I would expect White’s involvement to increase. His 2 touchdowns last week will not be his last. The Patriots backfield has always been a fantasy mystery. Keep an eye on White. I believe there is more here than meets the eye.

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Zach Zenner, Detroit Lions- 2%

He is name that you don’t see every day. With Reddick and Washington down, Zenner dominated the ball. He did share carries with Forsett, but proved he is the better back at this point in the season. Most likely Zenner is a long shot option, but sometimes those pay off. If you are in a difficult position, Zenner will get you through. The Lions have the ability to put a lot points on the board. They can score in bunches and I expect Zenner to eventually find the end zone.

Mike Gillislee, Buffalo Bills- 4%

Gillislee has filled in nicely in the past for McCoy. He is a strong handcuff option as we know McCoy does have an injury history. Keep an eye on McCoy this week, as he injured a hamstring in practice. If he can’t go, Gillislee becomes an option at RB2 or a very strong flex option. Watch the injury line this weekend to see if Gillislee is a welcomed option.

Knile Davis, Green Bay Packers- 19%

No one knows that is happening with the Packers right now. What we do know that Lacy and Starks are out this week. Davis is new and it is a short week, so experts are not putting their faith in Davis. I believe that experts are wrong. Davis might not get all the carries but he has proven that he can play. He is will get some goal line options. Mark my words, he will surprise people this week.


Hunter Henry, San Diego Chargers- 60%

The secret is out in southern Cali. Henry is here to stay. This means that Gates is out. Last week Gates had two catches early, but he looks old and slow. Henry has come in and put up double digits for three weeks in a row. Rivers is breaking Charger passing records this season and Henry is part of that. Continue to ride Henry for the rest of the season. He will finish in the top-10 at TE this season.

Cole Beasley, Dallas Cowboys- 47%

The Cowboys are on a bye this week. That does not mean you can let Beasley slip your mind. Double digit scoring in 4 out of 6 games this season. He is averaging almost 6 catches per game. He completes the Dallas trifecta of youth. Beasley, Prescott, and Elliot could be a force to recon with. Even if Bryant comes back in a couple of weeks Beasley has proven his worth. Do not fall asleep on this option.

Jamison Crowder, Washington Redskins- 35%

I have been a fan of Crowder all season long. He doesn’t get a lot of targets, but he capitalizes on what he gets. Cousins continues to get better each week. Washington is looking like a team headed in the right direction and Crowder is right in the middle of it. Jackson sustained an injury in practice this week. Jackson’s injury increases Crowder’s potential to score more fantasy points. Like Beasley, he has scored double digits in 4 out of 6 games.

Anquan Bolden, Detroit Lions- 21%

Bolden has shown this season that he still has some football left in the tank. He is just below Crowder and Beasley in the overall scoring. Bolden’s biggest knock is that fact that he is the third option behind two very good targets in Detroit. However, he has not allowed that to slow him down. If anything, hi presence makes life difficult for owners of Tate and Jones. Bolden is a good option for a bye week or a flex position.

Charles Clay, Buffalo Bills- 24%

At first glance Clay doesn’t offer anything special. But if you look closer, the only thing keeping him out of the top TE ranks in touchdowns. He has yet to find the end zone which poses a concern. He is averaging 5 catches each in his last 4 games. It is only a matter of time before Taylor finds him in the back of the end zone. TE is very week so if Clay is available grab him. After this week, he may no longer be option.

Jack Doyle, Indianapolis Colts- 11%

Doyle made a few waves early in the season. He cooled off when Allen got back onto the field. Allen is questionable again which means Doyle has another opportunity at fantasy success. As long as Allen is out the presence of Luck makes Doyle of strong TE play. Indianapolis if coming off a tough loss to the Texans. They are headed into Tennessee where the Titans won’t give them as much defense. Doyle is a smart play if you need a TE.

Torrey Smith, San Francisco 49ers- 42%

Not only is Smith a forgotten WR, he is on a forgotten team. Oh how the mighty have fallen. Smith still possess the same speed he had in Baltimore. He has not had the consistent QB play he had when he was a Raven. With the controversial Kaepernick back in the line-up Smith could become a factor real quick. Sunday was his best game of the season with 76 yards and touchdown. A lot of questions could be answered on Sunday. One of them being the fantasy value of Torrey Smith.

Jason Duclos
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