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Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Week 6

You ever watch an infomercial that convinces you to buy something for a problem that you don’t have? I love how they sold me the Magic Bullet because they told me that blenders suck. Now how many households threw away their blenders to buy a small blender? Once the word got out that the Magic Bullet was really a blender the magic was gone. Just when we figured out that our blenders are not that hard to clean the Nutri-bullet informed that they were in fact an unhealthy option. Turns out the Nutri-bullet is really just a repackaged Magic Bullet which is really just a little blender. It only takes a little doubt to get you thinking and pretty soon you overthink yourself into three easy payments of $29.99.

[adinserter block=”1″]If you ever learn anything for reading any of my fantasy football blogs it is DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE! Fantasy experts are constantly trying to sell you solutions to problems that you don’t actually have. They get you thinking about who to sit, who to start, or which team gave up the most fantasy points to QB’s who are left handed. They create doubt and get you thinking. “Oh man, I need a lefty this week” now you are starting Michael Vick instead of Peyton Manning. Sure that is an absurd example but it draws the picture. Read a few articles from the experts who make money off the advertising for their sites and overthink yourself right into a fantasy loss.

A guy asked me a few weeks back if he should start Olsen or Donnell at TE. Without hesitation I told him Olsen, for a number of reasons. The main reason being that he was the more consistent reciever on a team where he has already been established as a go to option. I made the right call, even though Donnell outscored Olsen by 20pts. Donnell went from waiver wire to “sure” starter almost instantly. The following week thousands of people threw away their old reliable blenders and spent hard earned waivers on the Magic Bullet, only to see their new fix all solution score 0 points on 0 catches for 0 yards. A report came out that says Donnell lost in fantasy football the week he scored 3 TD’s because he believed there was a better way to go. You probably should have thought about that before starting him the following week. Even he didn’t think he would score.

If you are reading this for the first time my picks are not sexy and they are not long shots. I don’t value the high risk/high reward mentality. The goal here is to find you someone to fill a hole for a few weeks while your starters are on bye weeks or recovering from injury. I trust you did your due diligence prior to the draft because there hasn’t been a waiver player available yet this season that will save you from a unsuccessful draft. I feel better now, don’t you? With all that being said the waiver wire pool continues to be shallow, let’s take a look.


This position is so deep I find it hard to believe there are many people out there looking for a fill in. Part of my strategy is to only carry one QB so I have room to hoard handcuffs, but most people play with back-up on their bench. Alex Smith is on a bye and I have never been a fan of Flacco, so if I am looking for a little help this week here are a few guys on my radar.

Brian Hoyer, Cleveland Browns– Here is a top 20 quarterback who is only 3.5% owned which means even though this blog is coming out a little late, he is still around. His TD to INT ratio is 6/1 and he averages over 200 yards per game. Hoyer has scored double digits in every game this season and he is playing against a Steelers team who allowed 13pts to Hoyer week one in Pittsburg. This week they are playing at home in Cleveland, I look at Hoyer to be the most constant player available this week.

Mike Glennon, Tampa Bay Buccaneers- The theme here is always going to be consistency and availability. Glennon has been a top 10 QB the last 2 weeks since taking the starting job for the injured McCown. Glennon has the benefit of already having chemistry with the offense after starting last season. Most people won’t grab him because he is on a bad team going against a decent defense from Baltimore. 5/2 TD to INT ratio in a just under 3 games isn’t too shabby.

Austin Davis, St. Louis Rams– I know I don’t do sexy, this was too good to pass up. He plays for a bad team which means he is usually playing from behind. This opens the door up for a lot of yards and possibly TD’s. 6 in his last 2 games if you are counting to go with over 600 yards. This is your classic high risk/high reward that I usually stay away from but if that is your thing this is your guy. Playing against a tough SF defense makes me ever less excited about Austin this week, is he worth the risk?

Running Back:

Talk about a shallow pool of talent, I think this is why I prefer a PPR league. Even in the driest of times a running back still gets points for catching passes.

Justin Forsett, Baltimore Ravens– Look, if you are in the unfortunate position to need a running back PICK THIS GUY UP! He averages almost 6 yards a carry and plays on most of the passing down which means this guy gets the ball. At 42% avaialbe his stock is slowly rising, he won’t be around much longer. Double digit fantasy point 3/5 weeks, he is the best option out there. TAKE IT!

Brenden Oliver, San Deigo Chargers– Is this the guy we have finally been waiting for? I like to see 2 good weeks of before I am ready to stamp anyone a game changer but Oliver seems to have “it.” Fast and elusive, this kids really showed us something last week. He is going to get a chance to shine as long as Matthews and Brown on the mend. This kid could be something special, don’t wait to see because it will be too late.

Andre Williams, New York Giants– Another guy getting a shot because a starter in injured and proving that he can play. Getting 15+ carries each of the last 2 weeks mean the Giants like giving him the ball. If the passing game can continue to step up Williams will get room to run. As long as Jennings in out, Williams is a must start in all leagues.

Wide Receiver:

Mohamed Sanu, Cincinnati Bengals– AJ Green is going to be sidelined this week which pushes Sanu into the spotlight. He has found the endzone for either a touchdown or 2pt conversion in every game this season. He is averaging over 10 pts a game and will be the go to guy this Sunday against Carolina.

Brian Quick, St. Louis Rams– When was the last time a Rams WR was in the top 15 going into week 6? Quick is the Rams go to guy as he continue to gain the confidence of his new QB. Catching 68% of the balls thrown his way Quick is the real deal. Still less that 50% owned. He is easily a #2 starter in all leagues.

Rueben Randle, New York Giants- Randle’s stock is on the rise and if the Giants can keep the offense rolling the sky is the limit. With defense focusing on Cruz and Donnell for short yard situations Randle is poised for some big play opportunity. He is a great flex option this week or possible a #2 starter in deep leagues.

Tight End:

[adinserter block=”2″]Dwayne Allen, Indianapolis Colts– Talk about Mr. Reliable, Allen seems to be sure bet for 10pts every week. A top 10 TE through 5 weeks with a touchdown in 4/5 games. How this guy is only owned in 15% of leagues is beyond me. Maybe you all see something I that I don’t, because what I see is someone who should be starting every week.

Owen Daniels, Baltimore Ravens– If are you are looking for a TE you are sure out of luck, hopefully like me it’s only for a week. I am putting Daniels on here again simply because there isn’t anyone else in Baltimore and Daniels knows how to play. The passing game took a step back last week, but that isn’t because of Daniels. I expect him to pick it up again this week as Flacco looks to redeem himself after a poor performance. TE are a security blanket for QB’s so I expect Flacco and Daniels to get comfy on Sunday.

Maybe the pool isn’t too shallow after all.

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