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Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Week 3

This week’s waiver list has the potential to be pretty long. So I am going to limit the list to players who are less than 60% owned on average. My goal is to give you a list each week of players who are most likely still available. No reason to tell you about Terrance West because at 90% owned it isn’t going to help you.

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If you are going into week #3 in desperate need of a starting QB, these guys will help get you through. The top five available QB are all from the same statistical tier. You could blindly throw a dart at the list and you would end up with the same amount of fantasy points no matter where it lands.

Geno Smith, New York Jets – Smith is at the top of this list because he can run. His 200 yards and 1 touchdown average so far this season isn’t enough to carry your team. However he is averaging almost 9 carries a game for 37 yards which means he is always a threat for a running TD in the redzone. Smith is only owned in about 6% of leagues so he is there if you need him.

Joe Flacco, Baltimore Ravens- Flacco is third on this list for the same reason that he is only 30% owned. There is something about Flacco that makes him forgettable. He doesn’t always put up huge numbers and he isn’t flashy with his feet. But if you are looking for someone to step in and start each week, he is the best option left. Once the running game gets cleaned up a bit I think he could take off. He has two good WR and a TE which gives this former Superbowl champion some options. Averaging over 250 yards and just over 1 touchdown a game. Flacco is your safest bet.

Derek Carr, Oakland Raiders- This is more of a stash and see pick-up. Like the rest of this list you are looking at 200 yards and 1 touchdown each week. What currently sticks out to me is that he has 3 touchdowns and no interceptions so far this season. It’s only been 2 games but for a rookie on a bad team with limited weapons there could be something here. He is still 98% available, so the secret is not out yet.

Running back:

Ahmad Bradshaw, Indianapolis Colts- This time let’s start with old reliable. For the second week in a row he has outplayed starter Trent Richardson. He is averaging 5 yards per carry and 5 catches per game so far. Richardson look a little better in week #2 but Bradshaw is involved in the passing game and if he can continue to earn the trust of Andrew Luck he is a threat to find the endzone every week.

Bobby Rainey, Tampa Bay Buccaneers- How to you ignore someone who runs for 144 yards in a game? If you said you don’t then you are correct. Do I think that Rainey is going to run for 144 yards every week, nope! Look, the Bucs are not a great team but they have enough receivers that the defense won’t be able to stack the box on every play which gives Rainey opportunity. If they stay away from “running back by committee” then Rainey is easily a RB#2 or a good flex option moving forward.

Knile Davis and Matt Asiata- Plain a simple, you are dealing with teams who rely on their running games and their starters are out. Without Charles, who is the next draft-able guy on the Chiefs? If you drafted AP first it is because there is no real passing game in Minnesota outside of Cordelle Patterson. So these guys should be picked up just because they will get a chance to run as long as the starters are out.

Wide Receiver:

If you are not in a PPR league grabbing a good WR off of waivers is really a crap shoot. Unless you are in a league like mine where someone dropped Wes Welker the same day news broke that he might be back, you may not have much to choose from. Continuing with my ground breaking philosophy that you need the ball to score, I am focusing on WR’s that are getting the ball.

Andrew Hawkins, Cleveland Browns- Who? Odds are this guy isn’t on your radar at all. I know that because he is only 15% owned. Since you don’t know who he is you probably don’t know that his 14 receptions so far this season are more than Brandon Marshall (13), Calvin Johnson (13) and Antonio Brown (12). I am not suggesting that he is WR#1 material but he is getting the same number of passes. Eventually he will find the endzone and with a possible Josh Gordon return, he could be a late season sleeper that might take you to the Championship.

Brian Quick, St. Louis Rams- Third year receiver out of Appalachian State has spent the last two seasons on the “sleeper” list. With only 30 catches combined during his sleeper seasons he has all been forgotten in the mess the Ram’s called a passing game. So with extreme caution I put him on here as my second choice for WR waiver pick-up. Like Hawkins he plays for a bad team, like Hawkins he is pretty much unknown, and like Hawkins he is tied for 3rd with 14 receptions. Is it possible that this two season Rip Van Winkle is finally waking up?

Markus Wheaton, Pittsburg Steelers- The clear #2 playing opposite one of the most targeted receives in the league. How is this guy not on more teams? He already has more catches and more yards than he did all of last season. Playing opposite Antonio Brown should help keep him in single coverage which means he will is going to continue to get looks. He has the lowest risk on this week’s list. He plays for a decent team that can run the ball and Big Ben isn’t too shabby at throwing the football either.

James Jones, Oakland Raiders– This guy lead the league in touchdowns in 2012 and he is coming off a season where he had over 800 yards receiving. An 800 yard season that saw the rise of Eddie Lacy and the Packers running game combined with collar bone injury that sidelined Rodgers for seven games. He is only owned in a baffling 28% of leagues but I think it’s because he plays for the Raiders and WR value is measured in yards and touchdowns. In case you didn’t see it, last week’s stat line read 9 catches for 112 yards and 2 touchdowns.

Tight End:

[adinserter block=”2″]Nile Paul, Washington Redskins- I put no stock in unproven players after week #1 success, but when a guy puts up stats two weeks in a row I tend to take notice. TE is probably the shallowest position in fantasy football and getting a good one is pretty rare. However TE tend to be the favorite target of inexperienced QB’s because they are big and they are close, lower risk. RG III is down and Cousins will need a little security blanket as he leads the offense. 12 catches for 185 yards and touchdown in two games is pretty good. He is my main target this week to back up Graham. He will not be eligible for this list next week.

Larry Donnell, New York Giants- Another guy who is flying under the radar 1.4% I suspect because a lot of teams are rocking TE based on name recognition. I have not had a chance to see him play but his stat line is consistent with what I look for when trying to build my bench. 12 catches for 137 yards and a touchdown shows me that Eli is looking at him often.

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