Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Week 14 Pickups


James Starks could be a huge fantasy football waiver wire pickupHo, ho, ho the Santa Claus of fantasy football has brought players some great waiver wire pickups this week. If you told me back in September that you could get a Green Bay Packers starting running back in December off of the waiver wire I’d tell you that you were crazy. It must be a Christmas miracle!

James Starks, Green Bay Packers Finally, it looks like a Green Bay Packer running back is stepping up and taking advantage of the spot left open by Ryan Grant. Brandon Jackson and John Kuhn have been disappointments this season and have left the door open for Starks. Starks had a big game Sunday against the 49ers and will have an opportunity to take the bulk of the carries this week against the Detroit Lions. Chances are good that the Packers will go up early on the Lions and run out the clock with a lot of Starks. He has some tough matchups in the weeks following, but as long as he can continue producing he should get opportunities. Anytime you have a shot at getting a Green Bay Packers starting running back in December you grab him!

[adinserter block=”2″]Roy Williams, Dallas Cowboys – Roy Williams was finally starting to live up to his contract earlier this year before Tony Romo went down. Once Romo went down, Dez Bryant moved into his spot and Williams became the usual fantasy afterthought. Well Dez Bryant is now out for the season which means that Williams will get his opportunities. Defenses will be keying in on Miles Austin, leaving Williams with one-on-one matchups against some very beatable defensive backs in the upcoming weeks. Williams will get the Philadelphia Eagles who have a decimated backfield and should be good for a score or even two on Sunday night.

Tashard Choice, Dallas Cowboys – Sticking with the new-look Cowboys, I am recommending Choice for the second week in a row. I recommended him last week and he went off Sunday against the Colts. I am far from a Cowboys fan but I just don’t understand why they don’t use him more. This kid has been a monster any time he got opportunities over the last few years. He has been the fastest and most elusive running back on the Cowboys for the past few years yet he only plays when someone gets hurt. Choice’s performance against the Colts was no fluke. The only downside here is that once Barber comes back the pickup could be irrelevant.

Earl Bennett, Chicago Bears – The Bears offense has been something of a sleeper this season. Yes, Jay Cutler has had his off weeks but when he is on, he is on. Bennett had four catches for 104 this past week and has been pretty steady over the last few weeks. The Vanderbilt connection between he and his old teammate can’t be understated. Look for Bennett and the Bears to take advantage of a Patriots team that will be a little full of themselves after the Monday night romp.

[adinserter block=”1″]Jason Campbell, Oakland Raiders – I am almost getting sick writing this but yes, if you need QB help Jason Campbell could be a great sleeper for you over the next few weeks. The recommendation isn’t so much about Campbell as it is about his great match ups against the Jacksonville Jaguars and Denver Broncos in the coming weeks. The Oakland Raiders defense has been underrated all season and should be good for a few turnovers, giving Campbell great field position. Give me a QB with two great match ups in the playoff weeks and I am interested whether his name is Jason Campbell or not.

Ed Dickson, Baltimore Ravens – Todd Heap was on the comeback tour until he went down with another injury this past Sunday night. The rookie Dickson will get the start in Heap’s spot while he is on the mend. This is probably more of a reach than any of the other waiver wire recommendations. But, the Ravens love to use the tight end in their offense and Joe Flacco looked Dickson’s seven times Sunday night. To me, Dickson is high risk/high reward. He can just as easily get you 0 points as he can go for a score and 60 yards. After Dallas Clark went down I have been struggling all season to find an adequate tight end. Most tight ends are just not consistent this season so I presume you may be having the same problem. That said, you could do a lot worse than a starting tight end in the Baltimore Ravens offense.

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