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Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Week 12 Pickups

Kevin Smith, Waiver WireFantasy Football owners in need of a running back or quarterback may be in a lot of luck this week. Searching for help on the waiver wire in Fantasy Football Week 12 is never easy. However, a few injuries have presented owners with some rare opportunities this late in the season.


Jake Locker, Tennessee Titans – Take a look around the NFL this season and check out Cam Newton and Christian Ponder. Rookies can play in the NFL (well not if you are on the Jacksonville Jaguars). Locker was a hell of a quarterback in college and may wind up turning into the next Aaron Rodgers or Peyton Manning if the Titans can surround him with the right talent. He stepped in Sunday and threw for 140 and two TDs. Not bad for a guy that has only played in one NFL game prior to Sunday. Hasselbeck is expected back, but he may have a real short leash after the performance that Locker put in on Sunday.

[adinserter block=”2″]Matt Leinart, Houston Texans – Matt Leinart couldn’t get it done with Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin, so what makes you think he will get it done with Andre Johnson and Jacoby Jones? One answer, a running game! The bread and butter of this team is the running game and teams will spend more time defending the run and leaving the pass open. Leinart will certainly get his opportunities to make some things happen here, even if he is nothing more than a game manager. His NFL career is on the line here. If you own Matt Hasselbeck or Jay Cutler, you should at least grab him and watch what happens. This is truly a boom or bust situation if I have ever seen one.

Matt Moore, Miami Dolphins – He was on a lot of waiver wire blogs last week but I needed to see another week before I became a believer. Am I believer who would start him every week? Absolutely not. Am I believer who would grab him if I owner Jay Cutler or Matt Schaub? You better believe I would. He has some interesting matchups along the way against some very beatable secondaries. With Reggie Bush breaking out, Daniel Thomas back, and some nice chemistry developing between him and Brandon Marshall, Moore could be a nice play in weeks 15 & 16 against the Bills and Patriots.

Matt Flynn, Green Bay Packers – This is the time where some of us start looking ahead to the playoffs.The great news is that if you drafted Aaron Rodgers you are probably at least in the hunt for a playoff spot. The bad news is that he probably won’t be there when you need him. There is a serious shot that the Packers clinch home field by Week 15 and sit Rodgers for at least the final game of the season, if not more. If you own Rodgers and don’t have a capable backup, you need to grab this kid pronto. If you want to screw with the Rodgers’ owner in your league, grab Flynn pronto.

Running Back

Kevin Smith, Detroit Lions – Welcome back to the NFL Kevin Smith. As a former Smith owner I can tell you that Smith was not a bad fantasy RB when he started for the Lions a couple of years ago. He returned this Sunday and returned with a vengeance. Smith exploded for over 200 all purpose yards and two TDs against the Carolina Panthers. Was it a fluke? I don’t think so. He’ll get plenty of work in both the receiving and rushing game, making him a potential beast for the rest of the season. Maurice Morris had more than enough chances to take the starting job and couldn’t. For a team that desperately needs a running game, Smith’s return couldn’t have come at a better time. I am a believer!

Joe McKnight, New York Jets – Where has this guy been all season? Oh yeah, on special teams. McKnight finally had his chance to play last Thursday and showed more explosiveness in the Jets running game than any running back has in the last two seasons. Rex Ryan would be a fool not to elevate McKnight to the feature back role. Rex Ryan is a lot of things but I don’t think he is an idiot. He’ll go with the hot hand at running back and right now, McKnight is that hand.

Wide Receiver

Jacoby Ford, Oakland Raiders – Maybe I am crazy but I picked up Ford this week in three leagues off of the waiver wire. He is out there. He will be back soon, maybe even next week. Before he went down with the injury, he and Carson Palmer were developing some real nice chemistry in the Denver and San Diego games. I know that Denarius Moore was flavor of the week last week but he had only two targets and one catch on Sunday. Ford will be welcomed back as the #1 receiver when he returns and that is huge in such a high-powered offense.

[adinserter block=”1″]Mike Williams, Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Fool me once shame on you, you know the rest. Maybe I am a little quick here to jump the gun but he did have a season-high 83 yards and a TD against the Green Bay Packers. Yes it was the Pack, but maybe there is something there. The guy is obviously talented so either it his quarterback or a mental issue. Maybe he has solved both? I don’t know but he could be a sneaky waiver wire pickup this week. Just close your eyes when you click his name.

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