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Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Week 10 Pickups

Week 10 is not a week that will turn around your fantasy football season.You won’t find many gems out there, yet there are a few safety valves that are worthy pickups if you need a bye-week substitute or want to take a flyer on a couple of gambles.

[adinserter block=”1″]Quarterbacks

Ryan Tannehill, Miami Dolphins – Tannehill started out slow but he has heated up the last few weeks. He is quietly putting together some nice numbers and is on pace to get even better as the season progresses. Tannehill has one of the juiciest matchups on the docket in week 10 against the Tennessee Titans who just gave up three TDs to Jay Cutler. The Dolphins defense is highly underrated and will likely give Tannehill some short fields on Sunday. If you’re like me and you own one of the bye week QBs, Tannehill is your man. I’m certainly going to put in a claim for him in two leagues.

Carson Palmer, Oakland Raiders – Palmer is quietly having a very nice fantasy season in Oakland. Since coming back from the bye week he has had at least one TD in every game including six in his last two. Now that Darren McFadden is out whatever little running game the Raiders had will morph into more opportunities for Palmer to put it in the air. He’s got a tough game this week against the Baltimore Ravens but this isn’t the same Ravens shutdown defense you are used to seeing. Granted Palmer has played some soft defenses lately but he still manged 1 TD and 350+ yards against a stingy Falcons defense. I like Tannehill slightly better this week but I like Palmer a lot more over the long haul.

Running Backs

Andre Brown, New York Giants – We have a Mike Tolbert situation on our hands here. I own Bradshaw and Brown and have watched Brown vulture scores for the last three weeks. The guy is legit and has a touchdown in each of the last three weeks to prove it. Now keep in mind he still hasn’t reached double digits but he had better weeks this week than starters like Rashad Jennings, Ryan Matthews, and his own teammate Ahmad Bradshaw. Bradshaw’s production has drastically dropped and the Giants know it. Brown isn’t going to be the starter but so what? If he gets these scores every week he will be worth starting.

Marcel Reese/Mike Goodson Oakland Raiders – I am a Darren McFadden owner and quite frankly I am going to pass on these two. While I would normally draft Run DMC’s backup I passed this season due to the instability at the position. Nobody is quite sure who exactly McFadden’s backup is. Goodson would probably get the first call but he is hurt. Reese will get some shots but this is obviously a passing team. I feel as if I owe it to you to at least mention these guys but I would steer clear of both. If you are in a 16-team league and need a RB, well you may have to take a shot. Otherwise I’d pass.

Wide Receivers

Emmanuel Sanders, Pittsburgh Steelers – An injury to Antonio Brown opens up a nice opportunity for Sanders at the right time. Sanders will get the generous Kansas City defense on Monday night. Sanders should be able to take advantage of the matchup and put up double digits in this spot. Brown is expected back in Week 11 so the pickup is only a temporary fix for this week only.

Pierre Garcon, Washington Redskins – This is another gamble and could result in zero points and a wasted roster spot. I play in several leagues and Garcon has been dropped in all of them. The buzz on Garcon is that the Redskins will make a determination on his future after the bye week which is this week. If Garcon can get back on the field in weeks 11 or 12 you could have yourself a high end WR 2 borderline WR 1 depending on the matchup. If you have the room or an IR spot, take a hard look at Garcon.

Tight Ends

Greg Olsen, Carolina Panthers – This is purely matchup right here. Olsen has been hot and cold but he couldn’t have a better matchup this weekend than what he has against the Denver Broncos. The Broncos are horrendous against tight ends and have given up three TDS in the last three weeks to TEs. While they kept Jermaine Gresham out of the end zone Sunday they did allow him to rack up 100 yards. If Olsen can’t produce here, he may as well stay on the wire for the rest of the season.


[adinserter block=”2″]Miami Dolphins Defense – This is the first time I have put a defense on here all season. But there is no defense with a better matchup on Sunday than the Dolphins. Even better, they are probably available in your league. Unless you own the Chicago Bears, you are better off playing defenses off the wire by matchup. If you were ever going to take a shot at a waiver wire defense, this is your week to grab the Dolphins.

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Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Week 10 Pickups



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