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Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Pickups Week 6 2015-16

After watching the waiver wire for the last couple of weeks I feel like there is one truth that needs to be revealed. Sometimes the truth hurts and 99% of all leagues can’t come to grips with this one.

Peyton Manning is no longer a fantasy football option. In fact he isn’t even a reality football option. I was a fan of the good old days and I used to love watching Manning command the field but those days are long gone and they are not coming back. Six games into the season and he isn’t even a top 20 guy. Most of the guys ahead of him have played less games. Arguably the best regular season QB in history has 10 interceptions and only 7 touchdowns. How are you 6-0 with stats like that? If Andy Dalton had those stats we would wonder why he is even in the league. Oddly enough after six games Dalton has score twice as many points as Peyton and he sits atop the QB list.

[adinserter block=”1″]Couple other thoughts from week #6. The Eagles are in 1st place and have had over 400 yards on offense in back to back contest. Murray and Bradford are worth starting the rest of the way. The problems in Seattle are having fantasy implications. It was nice to see Lynch find the end zone but that offensive line is soft and teams are going to continue to beat up Russel Wilson and that offense is going to continue to stall. If you gave up on the Lions passing game the joke is on you. The team is bad but they are still built to throw. You should not be starting any KC running backs at the moment and Watson might have finally carved a starters niche in New Orleans. Jacksonville has the best bad team in football and the Browns are closer than we think. Last but not least we knew the Falcons passing defense was not good, that isn’t a secret. However expect the mistakes to go away and that offense is going to blow up next week. And here we go.

Blake Bortles, QB, Jacksonville Jaguars – 47% Owned

It really doesn’t get any better than Bortles right now. Bortles is averaging 21pts per game over the last five and is on pace to easily finish in the top 10. I have said it many times this season, Jacksonville is better than their record. A record that has kept you from picking Bortles up, I mean how good can he be when his team is so bad right? Look at it this way, when was the last time a top five QB was 1-5? Bortles is the real deal, and if you are wasting away on Peyton Manning stop and get Bortles. This is the last week he will be available, he is playing too good to be forgotten much longer.

Jay Cutler, QB, Chicago Bears – 24% Owned

I have made it very clear that I am a Jay Cutler fan. I don’t know why Romo can blow big games year after and everyone comes to his defense. Cutler makes the same mistakes and he has no business starting. Well that non-starter threw for 353 years in the overtime loss to the Lions. All of his weapons are back, I would expect to see his number increase. Yes he is going into the bye so you won’t play him right away but there are a lot of big names that are struggling to hit Cutler numbers. In Cutler we trust.

If you are not in mood for Cutler or Bortles there are a few other guys you can look into. Colin Keapernick has had two good games in a row. McCown took a step back but has shown his ability to put up big points. Joe Flacco has been getting the job done as of late and you can’t really go wrong with any of them.

James Starks, RB, Green Bay Packers – 23% Owned

Eddie Lacy is too good to assume that Starks has taken his spot. However Lacy has not even been close to what was expected of him this season. It is important to note that Starks got more touches than Lacy, maybe because they were riding the hot hand. Either way we have seen Starks score point before, so we know it can happen. The question is will it? They have a bye this week but Starks has proven to be a must own handcuff and appears to have some value week to week. Especially if he can find the end zone, which there is always a chance with Rodgers under center.

Christine Michael, RB, Dallas Cowboys- 31% Owned

So here is what we know. In the last 12 months the Cowboys have lost a franchise RB, franchise QB, and a franchise WR. Eventually a few of those pieces will be back but they have been terrible without them. So bad that without a little luck those pieces might not be able to salvage the season. Enter Christine Michael, the once heir apparent to Beast Mode. The offensive line is legit, they are as good as we think they are, Randle on the other hand has not proven to be “the man.:” Rumors coming out of the bye is that Michael is going to get his shot to prove himself. The amount of internet hype this guy is getting you would think he is top 5 guy. I bought into the rumor early, hoping to cash in and find another RB 1 to start next to Freeman. No one knows what will happen but there is a chance he could save or solidify your season. He is a crap shoot this week, not sure how much he will play to start off but look for him on Sunday.

[adinserter block=”2″]Ahmad Bradshaw, RB, Indianapolis Colts – 7% Owned

Frank Gore is not leaving Indy, but the way running backs are falling this season who knows who is next. Bradshaw has not given us any reason to think he will do much this season. However history has shown us that when healthy he can get points on the board. If Gore goes down Bradshaw will be a must have. Besides, the Colts are in a bad way, they might give a proven Bradshaw a few goal line looks any way. Keep watch on this sleeper.

If you are really looking to go deep I supposed Theo Reddick and Brandon Oliver could use a look as well. In PPR Reddick is consistently money and Oliver might get back into the mix with rookie Gordon coughing up the ball so often.

Brandon Lafell, WR, New England Patriots- 20% Owned

Similar to Michael this is a reach but could pay off huge. But hey, if you are working off the waiver wire you are looking for something to fall into your lap. The Patriots offense is dominating the NFL, so any one on the field is in position to score. Lefell gives them a deep threat that isn’t with the current group. If he is activated he gives defenses one more thing to think about and Brady one more target in the red zone. He may not be a must start, but he is borderline must add. Get ready for those playoffs.

Stefon Diggs, WR, Minnesota Vikings- 3% Owned

Another young kid who has sort of come out of nowhere. The biggest issue here is that he is playing for the Vikings, a team who we though would be a little more dynamic with Peterson’s return. They have not been horrible but they have not been explosive either. Charles Johnson is hurt as well as Mike Wallace and over the last 2 games Diggs has stepped in nicely. If either of starter are out, Diggs is a must add. He has the talent and the ability to get it done, but can he do it consistently?

Michael Crabtree, WR, Oakland Raiders – 54% Owned

I know what you are thinking, finally someone we have heard of. I have not always been on the Crabtree bandwagon but he is worthy of your consideration. He is getting targeted and he is getting catches. He is on pace for over 80 receptions and over 1000 yards, which means he is going to be ok. He isn’t going to blow up each week but it will happen. His upside is probably better than the unknown sleepers you have been stashing all season. Raiders are not great, playing from behind with no run game. Crabtree is a good bet.

Benjamin Watson, TE, New Orleans Saints – 4% Owned

I think that Sunday was his coming out party but I wouldn’t expect 10 catches every week. Watson showed his value on Sunday hauling in pass after pass as the Saints took one away from division rival Atlanta Falcons. If you are looking for a TE, Watson is your man. The offense for the Saints has been poor, Watson is a light at the end of the tunnel. I think Brees will be looking to him more often going forward. The 4% is a shocker, if you get him it will be a steal.

Austin Sefarian-Jenkins, TE, Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 10% Owned

Fantasy Football has a short memory sometimes and Jenkins disappeared after week one. Injured before we knew who the real Jenkins was going to be. They are hoping he will be back this week if not then next week. Winston is improving and Jenkins will give him a big target, I wouldn’t be surprised if Jenkins scored in double digits the rest of the way.

That brings this week to a close. I hope this was helpful, good luck and go Falcons.

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