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Fantasy Football Start Em Sit Em Week 6

reggie wayne fantasy footballWebster’s dictionary defines the word comeback as “return by a celebrity to some previously successful activity“. Rapper L.L. Cool J once sang to us ” Don’t call it a comeback, I’ve been here for years”. At times you will hear the word “comeback” described with words like miraculous or amazing. Comebacks, it’s what separates average from outstanding. Some are even filled with a little luck, or make that Andrew Luck ( sorry Packers fans ). It is one of the defining moments in a lifetime or sports career. We all root for a big comeback.

So let me get all of this straight for you. No, I am not a (huge) celebrity, I have been here for years, yes I may be amazing, and I am not Andrew Luck. However my comeback this week to go 4-0 in my 4 fantasy leagues was in fact outstanding. The universe was back in order, and I was beating opponents all over the fields of Yahoo and ESPN fantasy fields. 100 point wins, decisive blow outs and big days by many of my stars was quite the norm this past week. For the season, I now have a nice 14-6 record in my 4 leagues, and sitting pretty in all of them. I even became the top point guy in 2 of them. I even got props from my girlfriend on Twitter thanking me for helping her team to a 4-1 start. Do I get credit for her record too? Nah let’s not get too greedy here, it’s enough reward to just be great!

[adinserter block=”2″]So here I am again, Week 6 and more Start Ems and Sit Ems from your beloved Shark. This week is going to be tough for many as big names like Drew Brees will be on a bye, and several starting RBs went down with injuries last week. Many teams are filled with red asterisks next to their players, which is the fantasy way of saying “this guy is in trouble”. I am here to try and shed some light on who you can rely on this week, and who to stay clear of. I also have added a twist. Instead of my usual Waiver Wire adds recommendations, I will take you to my “Recovery Room” and give you the scoop on the injured backs, and who could replace them and who will be your best bet to add. So as always read and enjoy, and good luck with Week 6, it is going to be a tough one, but you can do it! Make sure you “come back” for Week 7.



Kevin Kolb, Arizona Cardinals vs. Buffalo Bills: In sports you need to have a short memory, and if Kolb does he can be good here. We know his offensive line is in shambles, but it can’t be much worse than a Bills defense that has been roasted for 97 points in its last 2 games. Kolb has been decent and with Larry Fitzgerald and Andre Roberts stepping up he has weapons. Plus this team does very little in the run game, and injuries are making that worse. If you have a bye week QB, you could probably trust Kolb here.

Eli Manning, New York Giants at San Francisco 49ers: What? No I did not lose my mind. Last time Mr. Manning visited San Fran it was to drop 316 yards of passing and 2 TDs on a very good defense. He comes back off of a huge week and seems to be warming up again. You may want to think the 49ers are impossible to score against, but come on! Shutting out the Jets and holding the Bills to 3 points is not like moving mountains. In a week that is tough for QBs, take Manning here and go with it.

Michael Vick, Philadelphia Eagles vs. Detroit Lions: Again I test your faith, and again a guy with an iffy season so far gets the nod. The Eagles come back home where they are 2-0, and Reid has always coached well against the Lions. The Detroit defense is not doing much to stop anyone, and even watched the Titans nail them for 44 points. Vick has been sluggish this year, but this poor secondary and pass rush so far can be his remedy. I think Vick between running and passing can get you 3 TDs here.


Tony Romo, Dallas Cowboys at Baltimore Ravens: This guy loves to burn me, and coming off of a bye week he may have it a bit more together, but he is really hard to trust right now. His WRs are running bad routes, his run game has been off, and this blitz-happy Ravens defense should be able to get to him enough to make it a long day. Heck I benched him, so you should too, although he loves to make a fool out of me.

Brady Quinn, Kansas City Chiefs at Tampa Bay Buccaneers: This one should be easy. However with the bye weeks, and people in fantasy always trying to be smart, some will try this. Do not dare! I realize the Bucs pass defense is awful, but really, what is Quinn going to give you? This is his third team in 4 years and that is not an accident.

Robert Griffin 3rd, Washington Redskins vs. Minnesota Vikings: He may not play after suffering a concussion and if he does it is against a revamped Vikings defense that has been pretty good this year. Before his injury last week, Griffin was not lighting it up anyway, and he has come a bit back to Earth lately. If you need him I am sure you will play him, but I don’t like the idea of him trying to play nor what he can do here.

Running Back


Trent Richardson, Cleveland Browns vs. Cincinnati Bengals: I have become a believer of this kid, and he made me look bad the 2 times I said to sit him. Trent has been finding the end zone and the Bengals have not been very special on rush defense, including 2 rush TDs allowed last week against the Dolphins. Richardson should get 100 plus a TD here, and he even gets active in the pass game. Use him!

Ryan Matthews, San Diego Chargers vs. Denver Broncos: Fine, I have to clean some egg off of my face after bashing him last week, but Matthews is looking pretty good. The Broncos run defense had a hard time last week solving what the Patriots brought, and I like the Chargers attack better on the ground. Matthews appears to be back from his injury and finding the end zone as well as getting passes. Roll with it.

CJ Spiller, Buffalo Bills at Arizona Cardinals: The split carry thing is getting boring, and yes the Bills have played a few tough run defenses, but now is the time for them to get it back. Not many have faith in Spiller or this offense in general right now, but it is my gut feeling that they will realize he needs the ball more for them to be successful. Both teams are desperate for big time plays, and I think Spiller turns in some of those juicy ones fantasy owners loved the first few weeks.


BenJarvis Green-Ellis, Cincinnati Bengals at Cleveland Browns: He is just not doing anything great, and last week was banged up and was sitting down when Bernard Scott inured his knee. They threw him back in, and he clearly bored owners to sleep. He is what I expected, doing very little, and his team is much better throwing the ball. Speaking of which, did anyone see how badly the Browns secondary got roughed up last week? In other words, it will be passing time.

Doug Martin, Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Kansas City Chiefs: At the beginning of the year, many including myself were big fans of Martin. Since then we have seen him get just 247 yards in 4 games, score just 1 TD and do less in the pass game than many had hoped. Last years big back LaGarrette Blount has been seeing some goal line action too, so Martin is starting to lose value.

Stevan Ridley, New England Patriots at Seattle Seahawks: I am a fan of what the Patriots are doing this year mixing running and passing and getting it done well. The thing I don’t like is visiting teams in Seattle. The Seahawks play good defense, and if New England gets it done on the ground it will be with all 4 options and it is hard to gauge which one can or will go off. Woodhead? Vereen? Bolden? Take your pick, it is pot luck right now.

Wide Receiver


Antonio Brown, Pittsburgh Steelers at Tennessee Titans: Last time Brown played on a Thursday night he went off, and teammate Mike Wallace looked off last week. Brown is quick and has good hands, and has been active the last few weeks in this offense. I expect a big night from him as the Titans try and do what they can to slow down Wallace and the running game.

Reggie Wayne, Indianapolis Colts at New York Jets: I am not worried about the chants of “no way they repeat this week” with Wayne. He has always been an excellent WR, and despite what Antonio Cromartie did last week to Andre Johnson, he won’t do it to Wayne. He has found a good comfort with QB Andrew Luck, and is one of the hottest pass catchers right now. You have to stick with him.

James Jones, Green Bay Packers at Houston Texans: Enough knocking Jones. Yes he caught only 4 passes last week, but 2 of those were for TDs and he has 4 in 2 weeks. The Texans showed last week they can be had a bit in the air, and the Packers should be throwing plenty this week to try and take this one. Even if Greg Jennings considers playing, Jones should be active. He has more stuff than Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb in my opinion.


Dwayne Bowe, Kansas City Chiefs at Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Has been absent from the end zone a lot this year, and the change in QB is not in his favor. He is one of those guys you hate not to use, but I would wait and see how this plays out,

Dez Bryant, Dallas Cowboys at Baltimore Ravens: I have a really hard time trusting anyone in Dallas right now, and this guy leads the pack. He looks lost in his patterns, seems to be making poor efforts and is not getting big numbers. Miles Austin is the only trusting Cowboy right now, and soon enough Bryant may be a guy on the free agent wire in many leagues if this routine continues.

Oakland Raiders WRs at Atlanta Falcons: This corps has no one that stands out and this game in Atlanta won’t bring much either. Right now you have to stay away from this entire situation, including the QB.

Tight End


Vernon Davis, San Francisco 49ers vs. New York Giants: He is back in the mix and had 100+ yards last week. Still one of the most skilled TEs in the game so go with him in what should be a high scoring affair here.

Dustin Keller, New York Jets vs. Indianapolis Colts: He is expected back this week, and was the Jets top pass catcher the last 2 seasons. With all the injuries at WR they will be happy to have him back and he can be quite busy. If he is inured look for his teammate John Cumberland to be a good play here.


Brandon Pettigrew, Detroit Lions at Philadelphia Eagles: The Eagles have been decent against TEs so far this year, and Pettigrew has not lived up to expectations so far this year.

Anthony Fasano, Miami Dolphins vs. St. Louis Rams: The Rams defense has been pretty good against the pass this year, and they have good aggressive players at linebacker. Fasano does show up at times and does nice things when he does, but this won’t be that game.

Defenses I like:

Baltimore Ravens vs. Dallas Cowboys

Atlanta Falcons vs. Oakland Raiders

Pittsburgh Steelers at Tennessee Titans

Defense I don’t like:

Seattle Seahawks vs. New England Patriots

Detroit Lions at Philadelphia Eagles

Buffalo Bills at Arizona Cardinals

The Recovery Room: Welcome fans, Doctor Shark is here to give you the scoop on injured RBs and who you can lean on to take their place.

Cedric Benson, Green Bay Packers: Benson has been placed on IR with a foot injury but may be able to return come week 13. Who could benefit:

Alex Green: Green came in last week and had 55 yards on 9 carries. He is pretty athletic and looks decent in catching passes, but his pass blocking could hurt him here.

James Starks: Expected back from a toe injury, the former starter could get some work right away here. Starks is a power runner, but a guy who fell out of favor. He can redeem that with good play while his team is desperate.

John Kuhn: Yes I will even mention Kuhn. In leagues where TDs are king, or very deep leagues, he is a guy that may get a flier. Of the three backs he is most likely to get the ball inside the 5 yard line.

The safe pick for your waiver pick up right now would be Alex Green.

Ryan Williams, Arizona Cardinals: Williams will miss the rest of the season with a shoulder injury.

[adinserter block=”1″]William Powell: Powell has one carry this year, in which he gained 7 yards. He has not shown much, but people are running to him for help, in an offense that has been poor running the ball as it is.

LaRod Stephens-Howling: Coming back from an injury this week, he should see a lot of action. When he gets spot play he does a nice job and is good in pass catching as well as quick. He may not be a super RB, but as an all-around guy you could do worse.

Alfonso Smith: Has done little to impress, and is not a real fast back who can make his own holes. Stay away unless he grabs the lead and does something.

The safe pick for your waiver pick up right now would be LaRod Stephens-Howling

Donald Brown, Indianapolis Colts: Brown is expected to miss 2-3 weeks

Vick Ballard: Ballard was expected to cut into and maybe unseed Brown as the starter, but Brown had a pretty good preseason and has been decent this season. Ballard has seen most of the backup duty, so he seems to be the guy in line.

Delone Carter: Pretty much has fallen off the face of the Earth. A guy who some thought last year could play his way in has done little to show much value. He would need an injury above him to help his case.

Mewelde Moore: A guy who never gets much credit, but is a great pass catcher. His lack of pure speed and size keeps him from playing much. He should be back from injury and will be splashed in here, but not enough to start for you.

The safe pick for your waiver pick up right now is Vick Ballard

Other RBs to keep watch on: Shaun Draughn, Kansas City, Jahvid Best, Detroit, Bryce Brown, Philadelphia

One more guy to watch is St. Louis Rams WR Brandon Gibson. With Danny Amendola missing time and not being known for how long, Gibson stands to be pretty busy in the upcoming weeks.

Well friends and fans week 6 is set up for you. Let’s make it a good one!

I have now joined Twitter, so if you would like to ask any questions or need any advice feel free to reach out to my personal account, @JPshark71.

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