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Fantasy Football Start Em Sit Em Week 5

Andy DaltonWell, some things just happen to Fantasy owners and there is not much anyone can do about it. How many of you got burned by Brandon Marshall’s meaningless TD Monday night that Dallas clearly quit on? (Me? No it sealed a win for me!) How many of you watched sadly as Tony Romo became an owners worst nightmare, or watched Dez Bryant give it the ol’ “who cares” try all night long? Well owners, we live and we learn, and we have the right to bench players accordingly, believe me Romo has already been benched and there will be more of that if I stay unhappy!

So after a 2-2 week for me in my leagues I now stand at 10-6 for the season. If this was the NFL I would probably have a playoff birth right? Well even though it is NFL players, Fantasy leagues are not that simple. I don’t have a losing record in any league yet, that’s good news, but it is also time to step up my game. There is money and pride as well as trophies involved, what person doesn’t like trophies!? (No Jenny McCarthy, you are not a trophy).

Well here we go with Week 5 and the segment where I tell you what to do with your line up. Some people complain and say “hey Shark, how come you never use my players?” Well there is a chance that either A) You have players that even a 2 year old would know to start or B) Your players are so bad, I can’t even bring them to a front here! Nah I kid, because I can. After all I am a cocky, arrogant Fantasy writer, I have nothing better to do (Twitter reference/mocking). Alright, alright, enough poking fun at people (Facebook reference, be kind to social media). Fantasy Football is no room for drama (MySpace reference, now I know I am done!). Wait, where was I now? Oh yes Start Em/ Sit Em for Week 5. As always, enjoy and good luck!



[adinserter block=”2″]Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons at Washington Redskins: Yes I always say I hate doing the obvious, and Ryan is possibly the best fantasy QB going right now. Despite the obvious nature, this one gets extra special attention due to this stat: The Falcons are 14-0 when Ryan throws for 3 or more touchdowns. That’s important because Washington has one of the worst pass defenses in the league, so that stat should get to 15-0. Ryan should have a field day here.

Andy Dalton, Cincinnati Bengals vs. Miami Dolphins: This should be an interesting game. Is Miami better than we thought or can Cincy handle their business? Well either way you should use Andy Dalton here. The Dolphins actually have a very good run defense, but if we all expect Cincy to win, this is how they will do it. Dalton has become a very reliable QB and guys like AJ Green are making his job easy.

Jay Cutler, Chicago Bears at Jacksonville Jaguars: Yes, that Jay Cutler. Call him arrogant or rude, that’s fine by him. It always seems like when people are ready to toss him aside he plays well, and he, along with some good defense looked good Monday night in Dallas. The Jags are not very special on defense, so Cutler may be showing us more of good Jay. Bad Jay? Well he’s never too far behind.


Ryan Fitzpatrick, Buffalo Bills at San Francisco 49ers: If you are like me chances are you made the move for one of the top TD guys in the league so far this year. However this is not the time or place for Fitzpatrick. Despite improved play, he did throw 4 INTs last week against the Pats, and the 49ers defense is much better than that. He is good, but not this week.

Kevin Kolb, Arizona Cardinals at St. Louis Rams: Quick quiz kids! Who is 10th in the league in pass yards allowed? Who has allowed the least amount of passing TDs? Who is second in the league in INTs? If you answered the Rams defense to all 3 of these you would first be shocked, then be correct. The Rams under Jeff Fisher are quietly becoming a decent football team, especially at home. While Kolb has been real good, he is in for a challenge here. Not only do I love the Rams to win, I love the defense to do nice things.

Michael Vick, Philadelphia Eagles at Pittsburgh Steelers: James Harrison and Troy Polamalu figures to be back and this unit is fresh after a bye week. Philly is still winning with small miracles, so while Vick may have a decent day, I would choose another option for your team this week.

Running Back


Marshawn Lynch, Seattle Seahawks at Carolina Panthers: You start the league’s leading rusher each week now. He has become a guy that does not sit, especially against a poor Panthers defense.

Alfred Morris, Washington Redskins vs Atlanta Falcons: Another guy who has to go every week. Atlanta is not very special on run defense, and Morris is scoring every week. Wow! Mike Shanahan may have to admit he has a true number 1 RB. Imagine that!

Jackie Battle, San Diego Chargers at New Orleans Saints: Is it true that he is not the starter? It would appear that way, and Battle is a brute force coming out of a backfield. Last week he was excellent, and despite all the media hype that will surround Sunday night’s game in New Orleans, it still is not enough for this awful Saints defense to slow him down. Ryan Matthews will play, but Battle will get the goods!


BenJarvis Green Ellis, Cincinnati Bengals vs Miami Dolphins: Much like the Rams, you would be surprised to know the Dolphins have the best run defense in football. You won’t be surprised however to know I am never real big on the guy they call “The Law Firm”. It’s a passing team in Cincy, so stay away.

Willis McGahee, Denver Broncos at New England Patriots: It’s Peyton Manning vs. Tom Brady once again, and that will be the focus here. McGahee had an excellent week last week, but this is a much better run defense, and when these 2 QBs meet, it’s usually about the passing game. He may do decent, but not for my taste.

Rashard Mendenhall, Pittsburgh Steelers vs Philadelphia Eagles: If you are one of those people thinking “Yes, I save Mendenhall all year and now he is ready so I am starting him” you will be in trouble. Philly plays the run much better than they did last year, and Mendenhall should have some rust. Plus the Steelers have, what 10 RBs?

Wide Receiver


James Jones, Green Bay Packers at Indianapolis Colts: This is his big chance to shine. Greg Jennings is banged up, Donald Driver is rarely on the field and Jones will get a prime chance here this week. What will he do? Make the most of it. The Colts will be playing with heavy hearts for their coach Chuck Pagano who is battling Leukemia, but that won’t be enough to stop Jones and the Packers.

Victor Cruz, New York Giants vs Cleveland Browns: Get on your Salsa dancing shoes. Cruz seems to be active again, and the Browns will be watching him do some serious dancing this week. It just feels like an “on” week for Eli.

Percy Harvin, Minnesota Vikings vs Tennessee Titans: The Titans defense look like they don’t even want to play at times and Harvin is electric. Yes Jerome Simpson will steal some targets, and Adrian Peterson will be running wild, but this is a match up hard to pass on.


New York Jets WR vs. Houston Texans: With Santonio Holmes out, this group is in trouble. Not like it’s a great squad anyway, but against a tough Texans defense, and a QB in trouble in Mark Sanchez, just avoid this, please!

Brandon Lloyd, New England Patriots vs Denver Broncos: Tom Brady is no dummy. He sees that his team can run better, and when he goes to Gronkowski and Welker he does so much better. Lloyd is a very good WR, but going vertical down after down is not really Brady like it was back in the Randy Moss days. The Broncos has a good secondary deep, so they will test the Linebackers most of the day.

Brian Hartline, Miami Dolphins at Cincinnati Bengals: I am crushing the Hartline hype right here! This season he has had 2 pretty good weeks, and 2 awful weeks. Those weeks were in sequence, bad, good, bad, good. Okay so now it is an odd week, so it is time to vanish. Hartline has always been a good number 2 or 3, but all of a sudden, 1 huge week and they make him out to be Jerry Rice? I’m not buying it.

Tight End


Rob Gronkowski, New England Patriots vs Denver Broncos: He was back last week to his old form, and it should continue here

Kyle Rudolph, Minnesota Vikings vs Tennessee Titans: I liked Harvin, but also Rudolph as the Titans have been beaten badly by TEs this year.


Martellus Bennett, New York Giants vs Cleveland Browns: Just a hunch, but Dennis Pita did zero against them last week. Maybe the Browns have found a niche on defense?

Owen Daniels, Houston Texans at New York Jets: The Jets can do very little to stop the run right now, so we expect a ground game here. The Texans have plenty to use through the air anyway.

Defenses I like:

Houston Texans at New York Jets

San Francisco 49ers vs. Buffalo Bills

Chicago Bears at Jacksonville Jaguars

Defenses I don’t like:

Indianapolis Colts vs. Green Bay Packers

New Orleans Saints vs. San Diego Chargers

Washington Redskins vs. Atlanta Falcons

Waiver Wire: Come get a sampling of the free agents at the player buffet!

Jackie Battle, RB, San Diego Chargers: Getting the starting job and is actually a good start this week. He is a big tough runner with good hands. Ryan Matthews may be out of town if he stays fragile and guys like Battle step up.

Andre Roberts, WR, Arizona Cardinals: Could use more targets, but playing the opposite side of Larry Fitzgerald sure will get him some nice plays.

St Louis Rams Defense: Playing well, especially at home. Pass defense has done a solid job this year.

[adinserter block=”1″]Bryce Brown, RB, Philadelphia Eagles: McCoy is one of the best in the league, however this guy is getting busier, and is very much fitting the Eagles mold. A “Shady” injury could be a nice coming out party for Brown.

Kevin Kolb, QB, Arizona Cardinals: I know I said to sit him this week, but he is getting good digits when he plays. Not a bad bench option right now.

Greg Zuerlein, K, St Louis Rams: A kicker? Yep! Get him if you can. Last week he buried kicks from 59 and 60 yards. He looks awfully good, and even if kickers don’t make a huge difference, it’s nice to have the few points.

I know you are all puzzled that my wire list has no Brian Hartline, and no Brandon Bolden. Yep, I am not sold on it. Bolden is in a system that passes and has plenty of runners keeping time there. Hartline, well you saw that earlier. Good luck in week 5 everybody, let’s grab some wins here.

I have now joined Twitter, so if you would like to ask any questions or need any advice feel free to reach out to my personal account, @JPshark71.

Thanks again all for reading and good luck in week 4.

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