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Fantasy Football Start Em Sit Em Week 12

Welcome to Fantasy Football Week 12 all of you turkey eaters, and holiday celebrating people. Yes, we come to you a little later than usual this week, so you missed me telling you to start the Patriots defense, and Matt Stafford etc. Okay, that didn’t really happen, I took an extra day off to celebrate some holiday and be thankful for what I have and those around me. I also took the day to be thankful for some good and bad in Fantasy Football this year.

After last week, with my terrible 1-3 performance, I needed to be thankful for still having good teams and high point totals and still be in the playoff mix in every league. It has been a tough year, as usual predicting who would be hot or not has been as easy as finding a needle in a haystack. Yet I forge ahead, still bring you my genius and attempt to sort out the mess of NFL football, and our Fantasy teams. It is almost playoff time, so this is where every point is big. Despite Tony Romo playing a really cute game of “play me and I will flop, sit me and I will go off” I still have to work.

[adinserter block=”1″]So for Week 12 we will still have 13 games for Sunday and Monday to choose from, and I am sure we can find you some good choices, obvious, sneaky or just bad. So get ready to count a few more blessings, read and learn the scoop from the Fantasy Boss! If you don’t read from The Shark, you may as well start players from the IR List. This is the goods baby! Put down the leftovers, get away from the Black Friday sales, and let’s get down to business.



Andy Dalton, Cincinnati Bengals vs. Oakland Raiders: Some Dalton owners still aren’t satisfied, and get in doubt as if to play him. This week you play him all day against the Raiders weak pass defense. In the last 2 weeks Dalton has thrown 6 TDs and 0 INTs. That right there is good work. No more doubt, start him.

Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons at Tampa Bay Buccaneers: People please stop telling me how scared you are of him. His last 4 weeks: 3 TDs, 0 TDs, 3 TDs, 0 TDs. If you read the pattern, you know what’s next. Yes, he threw 5 INTs last week, but he has still got the yardage, and it is a lot easier to pass on Tampa than run.

Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers at Philadelphia Eagles: I may be from Philadelphia, but I’m no fool. This Eagles team is terrible right now, so if you are in a pinch, play Cam Newton. He will get you a few TDs at least.


Eli Manning, New York Giants vs. Green Bay Packers: Talk about putting the No in November! Manning still has not tossed a TD this month, in fact 0 in his last 3 games. While the Packers are banged up and not great in pass defense, this month has a spell over Eli.

Colin Kaepernick, San Francisco 49ers at New Orleans Saints: Let’s not get all nuts over last week’s performance. He is no longer a big surprise, and it is tough to play in New Orleans, no matter how bad this defense is. They have showed a little sign of life since Vilma’s return, and you can expect them to come hard all game after the young QB, it has me worried.

Carson Palmer, Oakland Raiders at Cincinnati Bengals: I don’t know, he hasn’t been too bad of late, but I just got a gut feeling about his return to Cincy. It ended so ugly there for him that he may just have a flashback and fall apart. Maybe.

Running Back


Frank Gore, San Francisco 49ers at New Orleans Saints: While I don’t like the QB play this week, I love running against the Saints, and Gore is a hard-nosed running back. Sadly I think Jim Harbaugh has Kendall Hunter on his Fantasy team because Gore should be getting much more play in the red zone. You can’t sit a guy that can run like this against this defense, sorry you can’t.

CJ Spiller, Buffalo Bills at Indianapolis Colts: Still averaging 6.6 yards per carry, and is averaging about 4 catches per week. An explosive guy against a very uneventful run defense should be prime. I know Fred Jackson will be back, but this is the bread and butter start.

Marshawn Lynch, Seattle Seahawks at Miami Dolphins: An amazing 458 yards in 4 weeks, and scoring plenty, Lynch is an absolute must against a Dolphins team quickly falling apart. He may carry it 40 times this week as QB Russell Wilson struggles on the road.


Reggie Bush/Daniel Thomas, Miami Dolphins vs. Seattle Seahawks: Only Kim Kardashian wants less to do with Reggie Bush than me right now. This run game has been terrible the last few weeks, so avoid it against a good defense like Seattle’s.

Ray Rice, Baltimore Ravens at San Diego Chargers: Wow, his campaign for Bust of the Year is going strong. In 3 of his last 4 games he has failed to reach 50 yards, and in those games he has come up with yards per carry numbers like 3.7, 2.9 and a shocking 2.0. A good run defense like the Chargers is not a big help to that either. Scary right now.

Jamaal Charles, Kansas City Chiefs vs. Denver Broncos: The Broncos victory tour will continue in KC this week, and that rough and tough defense should be able to handle business here. It looks like no Chief player wants to play right now, and just leave them alone from a Fantasy point.

Wide Receiver


Vincent Jackson, Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Atlanta Falcons: Plays big in the big games, and is still rocking a lusty 20.5 yards per catch. This should be a passing expo this Sunday, and after 11 targets last week, he may see plenty here.

Justin Blackmon, Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Tennessee Titans: Hold everything people! Blackmon may have found a QB that can throw, and this match up is no toughie. The rookie went off for 236 yards and a TD last week, and sometimes a rookie just needs to know he can, and then he will continue too. The Jaguars may have finally found a go to WR.

Brandon Marshall, Chicago Bears vs. Minnesota Vikings: I know this should be easy, but with or without Jay Cutler becomes the problem. I am going to tell you, no fear and go no matter what. Yes, San Fran has a super defense and got on them, but he still got a TD and is just to good to sit. The Vikes have a decent pass rush, but no player on the back end to shut him down all day.


Marques Colston, New Orleans Saints vs. San Francisco 49ers: Trust the Colston Heart Break Police here. At the moment Colston is on the down-slide and this match up will be tough for him too. Lance Moore and Jimmy Graham handle the TDs here, thank you very much.

Eagles WRs vs. Carolina Panthers: A rookie QB, an awful offensive line and a back up RB are just some of the many bad things happening to the Eagles right now. They can’t keep a QB standing long enough to throw for WRs to explode, so bench any Eagles option you have at WR.

Eric Decker, Denver Broncos at Kansas City Chiefs: After a few red hot weeks Decker has vanished. In his last 2 weeks just 9 targets and 4 catches, with just 38 total yards. Yes he had a TD in that mix, but I think he ticked off Peyton Manning. He is on a cold slide right now.

Tight Ends


Jimmy Graham

Vernon Davis


Any that aren’t Davis or Graham is pretty much pot luck.

Defenses I like this week

Denver Broncos at Kansas City Chiefs

Pittsburgh Steelers at Cleveland Browns

Arizona Cardinals vs. St. Louis Rams

Defenses I don’t like

Philadelphia Eagles vs. Carolina Panthers

Oakland Raiders at Cincinnati Bengals

[adinserter block=”1″]Buffalo Bills at Indianapolis Colts

Waiver Wire Pick Ups

Bryce Brown, RB, Philadelphia Eagles: Showed some nice promise, and will get the start here. Not a terrible option.

James Starks, RB, Green Bay Packers: It’s his job to lose, which may not mean much in Green Bay at RB, but a starter at least.

Ryan Broyles, WR, Detroit Lions: Had a nice game on Thanksgiving, and without Titus Young playing he becomes an important target.

Greg Jennings, WR, Green Bay Packers: Free in many leagues and may be ready to come back soon. Could be that guy this year to help a team steal a title. Always a great threat to score.

Alright here is my juice for Week 12! Let’s get it on Fantasy people, and see you all in Week 13!

I have now joined Twitter, so if you would like to ask any questions or need any advice feel free to reach out to my personal account, @JPshark71.

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