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Fantasy Football Mid-Terms

Adrian PetersonWhat a difference a quarter of the way can make things huh? Some of these players that you hitched your wagon to have all but stalled. Meanwhile some have stayed the real deal. All in all fantasy football is what it is. The ultimate love/hate relationship between us (the fans) and them (the players). So it is more then easy for a guy with a keyboard, stats, and a little bit of creativity to sit back and grade them isn’t it? Why yes it is, and that’s exactly what i’m going to do!

I have to admit, some of these players should be glad I don’t have their parents phone numbers, because some of them would be in big trouble bringing home such grades, or dropping like they have. What I will give you is the grades by position on most of the key players, and how they fair at the half way mark of this season. I will also give you who I think is on the upswing and who is tumbling down. So now I bring to you all “The Sharks Mid-Term Grades!”

(Note that a “+” next to a player is used to show one who has progressed since the first quarter or is on the rise. A “-” is used to show players on the decline or whos stock is dropping)

[adinserter block=”1″]Quarterbacks:
The A List:
This is the lis of guys that if you own them, chances are you’re having a pretty good year and can start them with confidence.

Matt Schaub, Texans 2653 yards, 17 tds +
Peyton Manning, Colts 2545 yards, 16 tds
Drew Brees, Saints 2336 yards, 19 tds
Tom Brady 2364 yards, 17 tds +
Ben Roethlisberger 2295 yards, 16 tds +

Of this group Schaub has been the most pleasant suprise. He is tied with Peyton Peyton anning for tops in TD passes and first in yardage. Brees as well as Manning , have been great all year even if they have an off game. Brady has actually improved, which is scary, and Big Ben may finally be embracing elite status. These 5 men have a combined starting record of 33-7, how can you go wrong?

The B List: Your team is fighting for playoffs spots and winning some games with these guys, but you’re not unbeatable.

Tony Romo, Cowboys 2215 yards, 14 tds +
Phillip Rivers, Chargers 2245 yards, 15 tds
Jay Cutler, Bears 2046 yards, 15 tds
Kurt Warner, Cardinals 2175 yards, 16 tds
Eli Manning, Giants 2070 yards, 15 tds –

Romo is closing in on an “A” status now that he has learned he has more then one guy to throw too. Rivers and Cutler both do numbers no matter how their teams fare. Warner is good, but not quite the awesome numbers of last year, and Manning owners, you could be in trouble. His last few weeks have been shaky.

The C List summary: I will list a few guys who are fringe starters

Brett Favre, Vikings 1925 yards, 16tds +
Carson Palmer, Bengals 1832 yards, 15 tds
Donovan McNabb, Eagles 1235 yards, 10tds –
Matt Ryan, Falcons 1783 yards, 14 tds –

These guys can win you some games, but you need a good core. Each of these men have either really good or really bad weeks. Ryan, and McNabb are on the down after a few very poor games in this quarter.

The F List: If these guys are playing for you, youre in trouble
Jake Delhomme, JaMarcus Russell, Trent Edwards, Kyle Orton, Jason Campbell

Running Backs ( point per catch leagues taken into consideration)
The A List: These guys have been doing it all!

Maurice Jones-Drew, Jaguars 737 yards, 30 rec, 198 yards, 11tds +
Chirs Johnson, Titans 959 yards, 21 rec, 162 yards, 7tds +
Ray Rice, Ravens 573 yards, 46 rec 436 yards, 6tds +
Adrian Peterson, Vikings 784 yards, 19 rec, 189 yards, 9tds

This is the elite group that you count on every week. You may see some backs with good numbers the rest of the way in this report, but these are the top notch backs. Chris Johnson leads the league in rushing by a good chunk, Drew and Rice are do-it-all guys for their teams, and Peterson is well Peterson!

The B List: Nothing wrong with this group, they will get you good numbers and have nice games.

DeAngelo Williams, Panthers 768 yards, 20 rec, 185 yards, 7 tds +
Michael Turner, Falcons 720 yards, 5 rec, 35 yards, 10tds
Cedric Benson, Bengals, 837 yards, 10 rec, 66 yards, 6 tds +
Ronnie Brown, Dolphins 566 yards, 12 rec, 82 yards, 8 tds –

Williams is here do to some inconsistent play early in the year, and he still does a time share. Turner has had a nice year, but some more receptions would make him an elite back. Benson has been the heart and soul of Cincy, and has been a huge reason for their success. Brown started red hot, but now with this “multi-task back,” that hes being asked to play, it kind of hurts some of his production.

The C List: These guys kind of do it, but you would expect and could use more.
Thomas Jones, Jets 704 yards, 6 rec, 49 yards, 6 tds
Frank Gore, 49ers 447 yards, 22 rec, 190 yards, 6 tds
Steve Slaton, Texans 359 yards, 32 rec, 326 yards, 6tds –
Matt Forte, Bears 441 yards, 30 rec, 259 yards, 3 tds
Ryan Grant, Packers 621 yards, 16 rec, 124 yards, 4 tds

Some very good names are on this list, but at some point they have all fizzled or just had some huge games with not much else. Slaton gets his numbers, but his fumbles have killed him. Grant can do it, as long as its a poor defense against him. Don’t get me wrong, all these guys can be used, but chances are you’re not at the top of your league.

The F List: You are quickly in trouble if these guys are starting in your backfield!

Brandon Jacobs, Julius Jones, Clinton Portis, Brian Westbrook, LaDainian Tomlinson, Anybody from Oakland or Cleveland.

Wide Receivers/ Tight Ends
The A List:
You think All-State is “the good hands people”, get a look at this bunch, clearly leading you to victories!

Reggie Wayne, Colts 59 rec, 753 yards, 6 tds +
Larry Fitzgerald, Cardinals 56 rec, 632 yards, 7 tds
Steve Smith, Giants 61 rec, 719 yards, 5 tds –
Andre Johnson, Texans 54 rec, 800 yards, 4 tds
Vincent Jackson, Chargers, 42 rec, 722 yards, 7tds +
Randy Moss, Patriots. 49 rec, 712 yards, 5tds

No big suprises in this bunch outside of Jackson. Andre Johnson leads in yardage and Fitzgerald in TDs. However if you look real close, it’s Jackson that is a close runner-up in all categories. Smith gets a “-” as he has struggled as of late due to the woes of his QB and his team, but he still leads the league in catches and is a top 10 guy in yardage. Wayne is just going to the office and doing “Wayne” stuff.

In between A’s and B’s we have this sneaky bunch, guys who do it all! Rushing yards, catches and receiving yards, special teams stuff. These guys find ways to score:

Percy Harvin, Vikings 28 rec, 369 yards, 860 return yards, 5 total tds
DeSean Jackson, Eagles 26 rec, 530 yards, 115 rush yards, 228 return yards, 6 total tds
Johnny Knox, Bears 28 rec, 340 yards, 590 return yards, 4 tds

A neat little group if you need fillers. Jackson has 5 TDs over 50 yards this year. Harvin plays all types of offensive skill positions, and Knox is becoming a big asset in Chicago.

The B List: These guys get their hands on the ball and make plays. Some owners in the top tier have these guys mixed in.

Dallas Clark, Colts 60 rec, 703 yards, 3 tds
Wes Welker, Patriots 55 rec, 568 yards, 4 tds
Miles Austin, Cowboys 27 rec, 612 yards, 7 tds +
Roddy White, Falcons 40 rec, 576 yards 6 tds
Vernon Davis, 49ers 42 rec, 477 yards, 7 tds +

A few tight ends make this a quality list. Austin has done his in only 3 games, whcih makes us wonder what he would be if they had him start all season. Clark is pretty much another WR in Indy, and White has become a top notch player since Matt Ryan has come to Atlanta.

The C List: This is still a very good bunch, probably C+ type guys, doing very well, just not perfect. Don’t panic if you have these guys,they are good, but hopefully you have more guys to compliment them.

Hines Ward, Steelers 49 rec, 464 yards, 4 tds
Marques Colston, Saints 37 rec, 596 yards 6 tds –
Chad Ochocinco, Bengals 44 rec, 639 yards, 5 tds
Brandon Marshall, Broncos 44 rec, 468 yards, 4 tds +
Mike Sims-Walker, Jaguars 36 rec, 444 yards, 5tds +

[adinserter block=”2″]A very good bunch here. Colston was red hot early but now is doing a good job, so we gave him a minus. The rest are all good receivers and do a nice job. Its hard to look at anyone in the top 20 as being even a C guy, but for the sake of finding the elite, we do what we do!

The F List: Ok, so some of these guys may have a week, not ofeten and certainly not what we expected when we made them such high draft choices. I’m sure you will all look at this list and say “Yep he’s right, that guy sure did let me down”

T.J. Houshmanzadeh, Greg Jennings, Dwayne Bowe, Santonio Holmes, Jason Witten, Antonio Gates, Steve Smith (Panthers), Anquan Boldin.

As for defense we will just give a shout out to some teams doing the numbers almost every week:


And of course the teams we all expected more of:


Ok people, so you now know who you have to keep an eye on. It’s getting ever so close to fantasy playoff time, so make sure you start the A’s, watch the B’s, cross your fingers with the C’s, and avoid those F’s! Good Luck with this next quarter!

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