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With the first regular season kick off just a little over a week away there are still millions of fantasy drafts waiting to happen. All over the world average Joe’s are preparing to play both scout and general manager as they try to build a team worthy of a championship.

[adinserter block=”1″]Everyone’s strategy or road to success might be a little different. When it comes to fantasy football there is more than one way to skin a cat. Over the last seven or eight years I have developed a few fantasy laws or guidelines that I abide by. Sure there are times when I may find it necessary to break a law or two, but for the most part I stick with my “formula.” So with time being of the essence, here is a few things to consider as you enter the 2014 fantasy football season. I will try to keep it brief. Oh, and no cats were actually harmed during the writing of this blog.

  1. No Damaged Goods– Football is a physical sport and injuries happen often. We are not working with an 82 or 162 game season, we only get about 15 weeks to make magic happen. A couple of weeks down due to an injury can be devastating. So I stay away from players returning from leg injuries or guys who have missed a few games each season due to nagging injuries. As of this post Sam Bradford is out for the season again for the same knee injury that plagued him last season. Wes Welker just went down with his 3rd concussion in that last 12 months. There are always exceptions to the rules, for every Sam Bradford there is a Peyton Manning coming back to break records. Unless they are a bargain, I don’t put any of my eggs in the injury basket.
  1. Forget your roster- Yes, by the start of the first week you will need to have a starting line-up ready to go. Often times I see guys draft to fill roster spots instead of taking the best players on the board. Doesn’t mean you neglect your roster, you have to be smart. Sometimes it’s better to take a great bench guy instead of making sure you have a full roster. Outside of the first 5 or 6 TE’s the rest are the same and QB is pretty deep as well. Don’t grab a dime-a-dozen TE and pass on the last decent RB. You don’t just need to fill your roster, you need to do it with the most point possible. Last year I had a QB score 0 one week and I still got the W. I had the worst QB but the best team.
  1. Running back not backs– It’s a simple concept. The player with the ball the most has the best chance at scoring points. Can’t expect a part-time back to get full time numbers. There is enough to worry about, you don’t need to be guessing if Spiller is going to outplay Jackson each week. Along those lines, I don’t give too attention to handcuffs. I don’t remember the last time a handcuff won a championship. I don’t draft injured guys so I don’t feel the need to draft insurance guys.
  1. Don’t freak out– Don’t start rebuilding your team after week 1 or 2. The pre-season doesn’t really get guys in shape, it takes a few weeks for things to settle. Yet every year we see rosters starting to empty when that mid-round pick doesn’t give you what you were expecting. If you took time to plan your draft or even used the pre-set rankings you are probably pretty safe. Don’t freak out.
  1. Don’t waste you waiver– Every time you use your waiver it drops you to the bottom of the pile. You don’t want to burn your waiver for a bench guy and watch a starter float off to a team that is already stacked. If you look at rule #4, someone in your group is going to make the mistake of dropping someone too early or an injury will pave the way for the next star. It isn’t a use it or lose, it is more of a use it and lose it. Don’t blow it on the next big thing unless you are sure.

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  1. Don’t get cute– Fantasy experts get paid to crunch numbers and break down stats. They can tell you how many points TE’s with mustaches averaged in 1999. If you listen to too many experts you will spend Tuesday-Saturday having the sit or start debate. Good players are going to be good no matter who they play. Don’t sit a starter against a tough defense for a bench guy against a weaker one. There is a reason the guy is on your bench. The exception here is with the Team Defense. Even though Seattle is the best defense in the league you are looking to score points. You are looking at scores, fumbles, interceptions, sacks and defensive TD’s. A good defense v.s. a bad offense is always your best bet.

Now you’re ready for some Football!

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