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Fantasy Football Sharky Awards

Chris JohnsonBefore I start off, you know that “Fantasy Football Stats” always need some disclaimers. The following stats are considered in a point per catch league and are through NFL Week 15. So let’s not have hate mail people!

Well, by now most of the fantasy football playoffs and championships have come to a close, not too soon for some, and kind of sad for others I’m sure. We all had our ups and downs, our duds, our sleepers and our MVP’s. We have all cursed guys we swear we will never draft again, and praised the guys we hope to get again next year. We have all pumped our chest out for those great waiver wire picks, but have also dealt with the painful phrase, “I knew I should have started (insert any players name here).”

So as you look back at your draft boards to see what you did wrong, and who you should have taken instead, also take a few minutes to look upon my “Sharky Awards” and pay honor to, and of course bash, everyone who made our fantasy football season that much more fun. For every Roy Williams that made you cry, there was a Miles Austin to make you smile, just remember those good times and keep having fun!

Ok so with all the guest dressed up in black ties, and all the gorgeous celebrity types ready to present awards at the podium, we are ready to hand out the awards. Sorry, I could not possibly pull off some big after party. I just could not get the stars to commit to coming out, being the holiday season and all. Maybe next year?

2009 “Sharky” MVP Award:
I present this award to the player who never really took a week off, or a play off for that matter, a player that killed it week in and week out. The winner is:

[adinserter block=”1″]Chris Johnson, Running Back, Tennessee Titans.
1730 rush yards,11 tds, 44 receptions, 446 yards, 2 tds.
Johnson is the new coming of L.T. for all of you who can remember back that far (some 2 years!). Johnson has had 200 yard games, killed it from scrimmage all year and has the ability to bring home the league MVP award on a team that may not even make the playoffs. He made his team forget all about a commitee situation with LenDale White, and was clearly the most started player in any league this year.

Comeback Player Of The Year:
To celebrate a guy we would have never dreamed of drafting or playing again, and showed awesome numbers this season. The winner is:

Ricky Williams, Running Back, Miami Dolphins
1055 rush yards, 11 tds, 27 receptions, 234 yards, 2 tds.
Let’s face it, no one in their right mind thought that Ricky Williams would be a guy you had to start every week. Granted the season ending injury to Ronnie Brown helped, but Williams showed numbers much like the ones he showed early in his career. Most of the young guys can’t even stand up to what he has done this year. After bouts with marijuana, and retirement and defying age, Williams has been a top 10 back this season.

Best Waiver Wire Pick Up Performer:
This goes out to a player that pretty much no one drafted, but picked him up later in the year and was greatly awarded. The winner is:

Jamaal Charles, Running Back, Kansas City Chiefs
759 rush yards, 5 tds, 36 receptions, 272 yards, 1 td, 925 return yards, 1 td
For some reason, the Chiefs rode the Larry Johnson train much longer then they should have. Charles has great hands and great speed and when the Chiefs finally had enough of Johnson, he stepped in and has been huge. He does it all, runs, catches, returns and scores. Let’s face it, when you picked him up on the wire, some laughed at you, simply because he was on a bad club. Well we will all see who is jumping on this bandwagon at next seasons draft, won’t we!

Best Rookie Performer:
We award the best fantasy newcomer, and the people with the guts to run them out there every week. The winner is:

Percy Harvin, Wide Receiver, Minnesota Vikings
49 catches, 691 yards, 6 tds 1017 return yards, 2 tds, 103 rush yards
It was a very close race, and I need to give props to Knowshon Moreno, but very few rookies have meant as much, or has done as much for their team then Harvin. Teamed with veteran QB Brett Favre, Harvin has made the Vikings offense a passing team as well as a running team. He had doubters coming out of college, but now his stock is rising for sure.

Biggest Bust Award:
This is easy. A player picked very hgh in most drafts that you found yourself benching mid-way through the season. You know there is plenty of good candidates, but we narrowed it down to this winner:

Brandon Jacobs, Running Back, New York Giants.
782 rush yards, 5 tds, 17 receptions, 182 yards, 1 td
How many of you thought that when Derrick Ward left for Tampa that Jacobs would be just that better a fantasy pick up? Well for all who did, you used first or second round picks on him, and well from the numbers it didn’t pan out. Jacobs averages about 14 points a week in a yahoo system, which for a starting RB is average at best. The Giants have no real set identity on offense, and this shows us that.

Biggest Season Killing Injury:
We give this out to the poor player and people that drafted him high and lost him quickly. Every year one player totally torches a season by getting hurt, and this year we have a clear cut winner:

Brian Westbrook, Running Back, Philadelphia Eagles.
We always suggest to handcuff players with their back ups, so if you grabbed Westbrook (and if you did you know it was first or second round) and did not grab LeSean McCoy, then you had a tough season. Westbrooks stats are not even worth printing, they are that meaningless to anyone. Also you have to wonder that at 30 years old, has his days of being a productive fantasy player passed him bye? It never goes gradual as guys such as Marshal Faulk, Shaun Alexander, and even L.T. will tell you.

Quarterback Of The Year:
Given to the QB who has put up the best fantasy numbers. The season is not over yet, but this winner will shock many of you:

Aaron Rodgers, Quarterback, Green Bay Packers
3962 yards, 28 tds, 305 rush yards, 4 tds
Manning? Brees? Brady? Schaub? I know you are all asking that, but look at it closely folks, and you will see it’s Rodgers. The man that has replaced Favre in Green Bay is finally playing as such, and his ability to run as well as throw, and to score more from bigger distance is what has him at the top. Ok,so maybe you all like the, “other guys” but I have found in being in 4 leagues this year, that Rodgers is a guy that kills it every week. Could you just imagine how much better his numbers can be if Greg Jennings actually showed up and they had a stronger running game?

Best Running Back:
Simple, the bread winners of your fantasy team. The winner is (of course)

Chris Johnson, Titans
See MVP above for all his stats. Maurice Jones Drew was a very close second however with 16 total tds, but Johnson just trumps everyone with all his combined stats. We may have a new overall number 1 pick next year Mr. Peterson. I think Chris should get ready for his close ups, as he should be on the cover of many a magazine next August.

Best Wide Receiver:
Always the toughest to choose in a class filled with stars. So after lots of sorting we came up with this winner:

Andre Johnson, Wide Receiver, Houston Texans.
90 receptions, 1433 yards, 8 tds
Always tough to say who is the best here. So many guys deserve props, so a big round of applause for Brandon Marshall, Reggie Wayne, DeSean Jackson and on and on. Johnson just goes crazy with yards, and will most likely do 100 grabs again this year. He’s big and tough, a total freak on the field. Yes many say Larry Fitzgerald is the best, but let Andre get to a Super Bowl, and see what we all say about him.

Best Defense:
We celebrate the defense that just racks up all the goods in all the catagories. This winner is back to its old fantasy form:

The Philadelphia Eagles
39 sacks, 2 safeties, 23 ints, 13 fumble recoveries, 4 tds, 1 block FG
[adinserter block=”2″]Yes the Saints defense has scored 8 tds, which is huge, but Philly has done it all, and it seems to be week in and week out. In every fantasy catagory the Birds show up in the top 5, and were a point scoring machine. It kind of looks like the old Buddy Ryan days again in Philly, huh Eagles fans? Asante Samuel, Trent Cole, Sheldon Brown and the rest have made it a big year for owners of this defense.

Best Kicker:
From all over the field, and after the td’s this guy has put them through the uprights for us. The winner is:

David Akers, Philadelphia Eagles
Akers? A couple of years ago he was in the talks as the first kicker taken, then he lost his form and his clutch abaility. This year he leads all fantasy kickers in FG’s from 40-49 yards, and has 40 PAT’s to go along with it. He’s been much more accurate and reliable then just about any kicker this year. Only Nate Kaeding of San Diego can compete with Akers numbers this season.

The fond farewell tour:
We pay homage to those who were once big point producers, but now appear at the end of the line. Some players who have been first and second round picks who may now be late rounders if even drafted. So without all kinds of numbers let’s give it up for:

Terrell Owens
Torry Holt
Ladainian Tomlinson
Brian Westbrook
Larry Johnson
Matt Hasselbeck

And lets give it up for some stars on the rise, or players who may have just found first round glory with some late season heroics:

Jamaal Charles
Jerome Harrison
Sidney Rice
Ray Rice
Mike Sims-Walker
Hakeem Nicks

Now we hand out a few more “DUD” awards, we all love our underachievers.

Biggest QB Dud:

Jay Cutler, Chicago Bears
3117 yards, 19 tds 25 ints
In leagues that deduct for INTs, Cutler must have been a nightmare. Yes he had a couple of good yardage games, but his performance became downright brutla near the end of the season. So Chicago finally got it’s big time QB huh? Tell that to Denver.

Biggest RB Dud:

Matt Forte, Chicago Bears
754 yards, 4 tds, 53 receptions, 455 yards
Rejoice Steve Slaton owners, by the numbers you did not get burned as bad as Forte owners. Wow the Bears went all out to let us down this year huh folks? Forte was a mere shell of what he was last year, and it made his team and every fantasy owners team that owned him suffer. If back up Kevin Jones did not get hurt, or if Adrian Peterson showed a lick of ability to play then Forte would have gotten even less action then the garbage he posted.

Biggest WR Dud:

Roy Williams, Dallas Cowboys
37 receptions, 592 yards, 6 tds
He ran Terrell Owens out of town. He had Jerry Jones trade for him last year. He also made many draftees pumped up about his potential. Do you think he still says “I’m a number 1 receiver”? Because in fantasy value he’s more like 101.

Lifetime ( or so it feels like ) Achievement Award

Can you believe that Donald Driver and Derrick Mason still get put into fantasy dtarting lineups? It’s hard to imagine, but its true. at 36 and 37 years YOUNG, these guys continue to put up good fantasy numbers, but you have to wonder when it finally will come to an end?

Just a side bar note fans, in my last fantasy article of the year,which will be in 2 weeks, we will give you the results of our very own CamelClutchBlog Fantasy League. The Championship game is looking like The Sharks very own Team Nice Guys vs our beloved blog moderator Eric G and his Team Dusty’s Red Belly Spot. Should be a big time match up. For all of you who are still in contention, good luck, and for all of you who have won it all, we say congrats to you!

If you’d like to hear anything else from me on topics or ideas I can be reached at

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