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Top 10 Fantasy Football 2012 Disappointments

We past the halfway point of the fantasy football season and it is time to start calling people out. Those people are the highly ranked preseason players who have turned into huge disappointments and those arrogant experts who told you to pick them.

[adinserter block=”1″]For many of us, your fantasy football season is made or broken on draft day. It is almost impossible to recover from a busted first or second-round draft pick. Those other players you passed up have gone on to either live up or exceed expectations. Your opponents got stronger as your team turned into a big fat bust. It’s time to call out those disappointments who have given you weeks of frustration and a stressful fantasy football season.

I could sit here and come up with at least 25 players off of the top of my head that have failed to meet preseason expectations. Instead, I narrowed it down to ten. I chose to focus on players that were ranked top 10 at their position, players you would have chosen with an early pick, players who have screwed you royally! I went back and based these projections off of the preseason rankings at standard scoring Expert Consensus Rankings, the largest collection of consensus expert rankings I have found anywhere on the Internet. This isn’t meant as a bash Fantasy Pros blog, but I thought that their rankings give the best overall vibe on a player coming into the season.

Stats and scoring are based on ESPN Fantasy Football standard scoring.

Andre Johnson, Houston Texans – Now I can tell you that I never bought into Johnson’s ADP value because why would you put that much stock into a wide receiver in a running offense. Yet a lot of experts did and predicted big things for Johnson. Johnson had a overall rank of 23 and was ranked as the fifth best fantasy WR coming into the season. Today Johnson is the 36th ranked wide receiver overall! Jeremy Kerley, Mike Williams, Andre Roberts, and Josh Gordon are having better seasons than him! If you have him you took him early and you have probably regretted it ever since.

Matt Forte, Chicago Bears – Forte was a real tough player to assess coming into the season. The talent is there but there was always the fear of Michael Bush stealing goal line carries. I kept Forte in one league but have traded him since. Forte was ranked the 10th best player overall coming into the season. Today Forte is the 20th ranked Running Back! He was injured yes, but he only missed one full game. “Burners” like Michael Turner, Ahmad Bradshaw, and Shonn Greene are ranked ahead of Forte currently! Entering Week 9 he has had only two TDs on the season and three double-digit games.

Greg Jennings, Green Bay Packers – Jennings has been an injury headache going back to the preseason. I owned Jennings last season and he was phenomenal. Going into this season I had reservations, yet he was still ranked as the sixth overall wide receiver going into the season. Jennings has a whopping 12 points in eight weeks of play at this point. He’s missed a lot of time and may not return this season. I hate to indict guys who got injured but the writing was on the wall in preseason. Yet experts still pushed the Packer on fantasy owners ignoring the alarms. If you took him you are probably looking up at the standings unless you were savvy enough to grab some sleepers later in your draft.

Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers – Cam is an interesting player to assess. There were plenty of people (like yours truly) that had reservations about Cam coming into the season. His numbers started declining towards the end of the last season, yet there were plenty of experts that propped him up in the preseason. Cam was ranked as the number five QB going into the season, number 20 overall. Saying Cam has struggled this season would be the understatement of the year. He is currently ranked #13 behind guys like Alex Smith and Josh Freeman! If you own Cam you had to blow an early draft pick on him and unless you grabbed someone like RG III or Andrew Luck late, you are probably in big trouble.

LeSean McCoy, Philadelphia Eagles – I own Shady in two leagues and I can tell you, that I am disappointed. I don’t think there is anyone who plays fantasy football that didn’t expect more from the Philadelphia Eagles offense. McCoy was ranked number three overall and as the number three RB going into the season. McCoy is ranked 13th in RBs going into Week 9 behind such studs like Shonn Greene and Alfred Morris. Andy Reid’s refusal to stick to a running game has burnt plenty of fantasy owners this season. He’s got respectable numbers but far less than what was expected from this fantasy stud.

Michael Vick, Philadelphia Eagles – Vick is another tough one to assess. Vick was not someone you likely took in your first or second round, but he was highly touted by experts coming into the season. Vick was ranked 6th among QBs coming into the season making him a bust at this point in the season. Vick is currently ranked 15th among QBs. Again he has respectable numbers for a guy you may have grabbed later, yet as a top 6 QB, he is a bust.

Calvin Johnson, Detroit Lions – Speaking of busts, meet your 2012 Madden Curse. Johnson has been arguably the biggest bust in all of fantasy football. Johnson was ranked as the number one wide receiver by fantasy experts on just about every website online. Coming into Week 9 he has only one, yep just one touchdown on the season! Some have blamed it on Matthew Stafford yet if you look at Stafford’s numbers (who is actually putting up better numbers than most people are giving him credit for), he is getting the yards. Johnson recently revealed an injury which may be the culprit. Regardless, he is hardly giving you the numbers you’d expect if you took him with your first draft pick.

Darren McFadden, Oakland Raiders – I said that Megatron was arguably the biggest bust of the season and I say that because McFadden could also win that argument. Just about every fantasy expert in the world predicted gigantic numbers for Run DMC if he stayed healthy. Guess what? He is healthy and disappointing. He has two TDs on the season and only two 100+ games on the ground. These hardly the kind of numbers you’d expect from someone ranked 8th overall coming into the season.

Chris Johnson, Tennessee Titans – Fool me once CJ2K shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. I was fortunate enough not to get bit by Johnson but that wasn’t for a lack of trying. I tried to draft him but he went way too early in every draft which turned out to be a blessing. The projected number 6 RB overall isn’t even in the top ten among RBs. If not for one mega game in Week 7 against Buffalo, Johnson would be an even bigger bust. Two touchdowns in eight weeks of play isn’t going to cut it. Facing some tough matchups down the stretch probably won’t turn around Johnson’s season. My hunch is that CJ2K isn’t even ranked among top 10 RBs in 2013 preseason projections or back with the Titans for that matter.

[adinserter block=”2″]DeMarco Murray, Dallas Cowboys – I never bought it! I remember sitting in one draft when a friend asked me about taking Murray in an early round. I told him not to do it yet he took him anyway and paid the price. Again, I hate to bash a guy due to injury but the warning signs were there. Murray has had a history of injuries going back to college which made me hesitant to pick him up. Also, like Cam Newton his numbers dwindled down the stretch last season yet experts loved him. I got the whole idea of Murray appealing because he isn’t a time share but other than a few good games against terrible defenses last season, I didn’t see it. Compound that with an awful offensive live spotlighted during the preseason, this guy had bust all over him. Looking at him when he was playing, he only had two double digit games and one touchdown. Those certainly are not numbers you’d expect from the projected number 11 fantasy player overall coming into the season.

Honorable Mention…
Maurice Jones-Drew, Jacksonville Jaguars
Steve Smith, Carolina Panthers
Tony Romo, Dallas Cowboys
Dez Bryant, Dallas Cowboys
Antonio Brown, Pittsburgh Steelers

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  1. I was able to snatch up CJ2K in week 4 and have never looked back! He's been great for me – but then I didn't start the season with him. My reasoning was the Titans weren't going to pay all of that money and sit a healthy star on the bench. He had better sell popcorn, work the concession stand, park cars, or run the football. I am glad that Bud Adams chose the latter.

  2. fairly spot on . A lot of studs playing like duds. Jennings is a season killer and atop the list for me. Matthews hasnt exactly lit up the FF scoreboard either. I personally think hes being outplayed by old man Ronnie Brown

    • Thanks. Its the coach. I feel your Ryan Matthews pain for sure. Own him in 2 leagues. The coaching is killing Matthews owners. It's a shame because he has the talent but he's not getting the opportunities.

      I had Jennings last year and considered keeping him but those pre season injuries worried me.

    • 118 yards and no TDs? Stop the presses.

      Plus the blog was published before Sunday’s game and everything in the article was written through week 8. Are you also going to call me an idiot if Vick has a random good game in Week 15?

      Bad example to call me out on.

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