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Fantasy Football Outlook – Where to draft Donovan McNabb

Donovan McNabbA new team and new weapons make Donovan McNabb’s fantasy football value an interesting question. Is Donovan McNabb still a fantasy football stud or a dud? Where does Donovan McNabb fall in your fantasy football draft and is McNabb a fantasy sleeper in waiting?

Your starting Fantasy Football quarterback is arguably the most important player you will pick in your fantasy football draft. This is why it is important to start now in planning your fantasy football draft. Donovan McNabb has always been a high risk-high reward fantasy football draft pick. The high risk is McNabb’s propensity for injury. The high reward was a quarterback who rarely threw interceptions and loved to air it out.

One thing you have to remember right off of the bat when you talk about the fantasy football impact of Donovan McNabb is where he is playing today. Donovan McNabb the player may be the same, but he is playing in a completely different system. Mike Shanahan not only loves to run the ball, he loves to use a running back committee. With a backfield of all-stars consisting of Willie Parker, Clinton Portis, and Larry Johnson, chances are pretty good that this won’t look anything like the offense Donovan McNabb ran in Philadelphia.

[adinserter block=”1″]Donovan McNabb had a lot of help over the last couple of seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles. McNabb had one of his best seasons last year and that came with a lot of playmakers surrounding him on offense. Gone are DeSean Jackson, Jason Avant, Brent Celek, Brian Westbrook, Leonard Weaver, and Jeremy Maclin. McNabb will now be relying on aging running backs, an injury-prone tight end, and wide receivers that probably couldn’t start anywhere else. As great as Donovan McNabb can be, how great will be without any real threats on offense?

Then there is the offensive line. Donovan McNabb doesn’t throw interceptions. McNabb would rather hold on to the ball and take a sack than get rid of it quick and take a chance. The Washington Redskins offensive line is abysmal. There is a very good chance that Donovan McNabb may have negative rushing yards in some games due to a high number of sacks. This is not the kind of an offensive line that you want in front of your fantasy football starting quarterback.

One can never predict a schedule because there are too many intangibles that aren’t accounted for before the season starts. However, on paper Donovan McNabb doesn’t have a schedule favorable to fantasy football quarterbacks.

Washington Redskins 2010 schedule

Week 1 vs. Cowboys
Week 2 vs. Texans
Week 3 @ Rams
Week 4 @ Eagles
Week 5 vs. Packers
Week 6 vs. Colts
Week 7 @ Bears
Week 8 @ Lions
Week 10 vs. Eagles
Week 11 @ Titans
Week 12 vs. Vikings
Week 13 @ Giants
Week 14 vs. Buccaneers
Week 15 @ Cowboys
Week 16 @ Jaguars
Week 17 vs. Giants

McNabb does have a fantastic schedule for the first three weeks of the season. Dallas, Houston, and St. Louis were all picked apart by fantasy quarterbacks last season. After that, the schedule is a crapshoot. The Eagles could be a shootout but I tend to think that Andy Reid will have a game plan that will give McNabb fits. The Giants, Bears, Lions, and Titans will all likely be better. That leaves Dallas, Jacksonville, and Tampa Bay as favorable games for fantasy football quarterbacks at the end of the season. One of last year’s darlings is bound to take a few steps back, but that is usually offset by a sleeper who comes alive. Anything can change with injuries and personnel moves, but as of today it is not a favorable fantasy schedule at all.

[adinserter block=”2″]I think Donovan McNabb is nothing more than insurance in 2010. Someone, most likely a McNabb fan will take him early. I would steer clear of him at all costs unless you already drafted a starting fantasy quarterback. I put McNabb in the fifth tier of quarterbacks. I think he is great trade bait which makes him an ideal backup pick, but not someone you want to start your season. Besides the schedule, you have to factor in his age and injury-prone nature.

Also, don’t forget that Donovan McNabb is playing in a contract year. Do you really think McNabb is going to play hurt or risk anything that prevents him from cashing in next season? I would wait until at least the 12th round to take McNabb. He would probably fall about 18/19 in my overall top 25 fantasy quarterbacks.

Hey, on the Philadelphia Eagles I’d take him in the 6th round. In this offense and with no weapons, no contract, and a bad schedule, he is no better than a bye-week filler or trade bait at best.

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