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Fantasy Booking: WWE Women’s Championship Number One Contenders Tournament

It’s the Raw after Payback. Charlotte has just retained the WWE Women’s Championship over Natalya in the match of the night and she comes out to gloat about being undefeatable. She’s immediately interrupted by Shane McMahon, who was put in charge of Raw the previous night, who states that since the Tag Team Championship Number One Contenders tournament was so good, a Women’s Championship one will begin tonight on Raw. Every woman on the roster will get an opportunity with the final taking place at Extreme Rules and the winner getting a title shot at Money in the Bank.

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The first round of the tournament is announced as such:

Becky Lynch versus Natalya

Paige versus Naomi

Sasha Banks versus ______

Emma versus ______

Shane explains that Sasha Banks and Emma’s matches will take place next week on Raw with two qualifying matches taking place this week on Main Event and SmackDown in order to determine their opponents. On Main Event, Alicia Fox takes on Tamina and on SmackDown, Summer Rae faces Lana. While Summer Rae versus Lana won’t quite be the wrestling match that Natalya versus Becky will be, as a spectacle, it should be interesting remembering their history with Dolph and Rusev.

Starting with the two first round matches taking place on Raw, Paige defeats Naomi to advance to round two and Becky Lynch defeats Natalya in a far longer match that should end with both women shaking hands.

Alicia Fox defeats Tamina on Main Event to qualify for round one because the ledger needs another babyface and Alicia Fox is far better than Tamina. On SmackDown, Summer Rae defeats Lana by count out after Lana walks off mid match. Summer starts celebrating, grabs a microphone and talks about how no one can stop her in this division. Out comes Sasha who beats Summer up and walks off without saying a word.

On Raw, Sasha Banks then defeats Summer Rae easily and Emma defeats Alicia Fox in a quick match. Those results set up round two as such:

Becky Lynch versus Emma

Sasha Banks versus Paige

On SmackDown, the four women get a chance to talk about how important a shot at the title is for them. Sasha is out first and talks about how she didn’t lose at WrestleMania and how she deserved an opportunity. If she has to earn it, so be it. Paige, her opponent, is out next and says she’s been deprived of opportunities in 2016 and Charlotte cheated to beat her at TLC and she didn’t get a chance either, saying Sasha isn’t the only one with a bone to pick. Next out is Becky who openly admits to tapping out and being defeated by Charlotte at WrestleMania. She owns it and says it’s just made her stronger and she knows that if it weren’t for Ric, she’d have won the title at the Royal Rumble so she can beat Charlotte one-on-one. Charlotte’s music hits and she stands on the ramp and talks about how they’re all whiners. The fact is none of them beat her and she is the champion. She holds the title above her head, but is steamrolled by Emma from behind who knocks Charlotte down. Emma picks up the title and raises it above her head to end the segment.

On Raw, Sasha Banks defeats Paige in what should be a long and even match. Paige should work the match as the heel, but Sasha should win with the Banks Statement. Backstage, Becky and Emma square off and the match between them that’s been teased for over a month is finally announced for the final show before Extreme Rules, Smackdown.

Emma defeats Becky Lynch via pinfall, using the ropes to keep Becky down for a three count to advance to Extreme Rules. Backstage, Becky is seen kicking over a bin in frustration that Emma cheated and cost her a rematch with Charlotte.

At Extreme Rules, Sasha Banks versus Emma takes place in the tournament final with Charlotte and Ric Flair on commentary for the match. Sasha wins clean with the Banks Statement again. After the match, her and Charlotte stare each other down in the ring as their match for Money in the Bank is made.

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This tournament allows WWE to delay Sasha winning the title by another month as they seem adamant on keeping her out of the title picture until closer to the summer for whatever reason. It gives you four weeks of women’s wrestling with people caring about every match because it’s a tournament. It also allows Emma to show what she’s capable of and gives Paige and Becky some spotlight without putting them completely over.

At Money in the Bank, Charlotte should use Ric to retain the title before Sasha wins the championship at Battleground. That means you can have the big final match at SummerSlam with a stipulation added to make it even bigger.

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