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The Confusing Falling Skies Season Three Finale

[adinserter block=”1″]I believe all show runners (producers, etc.) are engaging in collusion. They are purposely trying to confuse all television watchers in an effort to drum up more interest and thus boost their bottom lines. I’m of course being facetious, but season three of Falling Skies would drive anyone to full-throttle paranoia. The season three finale ‘Brazil’ was a little confusing, a little predictable, and a little unbelievable.

The most predictable event would be the Volm turning on the humans. Somehow I just knew that was going to happen (probably because Captain Weaver and Pope have been screaming it all season). Now, from what I can ascertain, there are separate battles between the Volm and Espheni; Volm and humans; Espheni and humans. Does anyone even talk about what it is everyone is fighting for? We don’t get to hear enough talk about why these aliens are here or what their base purpose for occupying someone else’s planet is. Maybe I’m being too pragmatic, but I like things to make sense. For all of this damage there needs to be some ultimate natural resource that drives the actions of these aliens, otherwise the whole story is just stupid.

This might sound a little unpatriotic, but the Volm’s plan to move the humans to the safe land of Brazil, didn’t sound like a bad plan to me. How can these humans compete against two separate alien species and all of their high-tech weaponry? This being a television show, I’m sure somewhere around season six or seven, Tom Mason (Noah Wyle)and his people will ultimately prevail, but looking at this situation realistically, I might have taken their offer. It meant no more loss of human life. That’s a pretty good deal considering most of the United States has already been wiped out.

How was Tom able to reason with the Volm’s leader anyway? It would just make sense to me that someone in this alien’s position wouldn’t listen to a pion human, no matter what he had to say. Also, anyone who actually believed that Anne (Moon Bloodgood) or their daughter Alexis were actually dead, obviously hasn’t watched this or any other drama before. This Alexis storyline reminds me of the old USA Network series ‘The 4400’. They also had a baby that aged years in a very short time… maybe the Falling Skies people are borrowing stories? Apparently this little girl has healing powers too, so her storyline should be interesting going forward.

[adinserter block=”2″]The most satisfying moment of the episode, in my opinion was Karen’s death. I don’t know what kind of hold she (or the alien form of herself) had on Hal (Drew Roy), but he couldn’t bring himself to kill her, no matter what carnage she had previously done. It was somewhat poetic that his current girlfriend, Maggie (Sarah Carter) got the opportunity to end the life of his former girlfriend. I hope we get more moments like that as this series progresses. Right now, I’m feeling a little hopeless and have no idea where this story is going to go from here. That’s probably just how the producers like it.

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