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Extreme Rising June 2012 DVD Review

Second chances are few and far between in professional wrestling, especially when it comes to something as beloved as the original ECW. When the debut of Extreme Reunion/Rising made its debut in April, reactions were mixed. Some fans wanted to see what ECW would look like in 2012 and some fans thought an extreme revival 10 years after its death was a definite long shot.

[adinserter block=”1″]After the first show left a bad taste in people’s mouths, I thought that it would be extremely tough to regain the fan’s trust, me included. I was very excited to see an updated version of ECW with new talent and what I thought would be a new twist on an old favorite. At first I was disappointed, but then I got a hold of the Extreme Rising June 30, 2012 show and my skepticism for its future vanished and turned into positivity.

The show opened with Ring Announcer Stephen D’Angelis introducing announcers Joel Gertner and famed BLKOUT manager Robbie Mireno. Gertner of course got a great reaction and Mireno got booed by his hometown. The crowd seemed into the show and was pretty vocal for only being a few hundred people.

Match 1: Perry Saturn V.S “Greek God” Papadon

This really wasn’t a match per se, as it was a homecoming of sorts for Perry Saturn. Saturn went into the crowd for most of the match, and the scuffle between Perry Saturn and Papadon didn’t really last too long. The fans were excited to see Saturn return and cheered big for him. While Saturn was winning over the crowd, Raven’s Lackey, Jersey Shore (from the first Extreme Reunion Show) came out and attacked Saturn. As the two ganged up on the Eliminator, Thunder kiss 65 blared over the loudspeaker leading to a save from The Pitbull Gary Wolfe and his very attractive female friend. Saturn took advantage of the save and got the win.

Match 2: The FBI (Tony Mamaluke and Little Guido) vs. Los Dramaticos

Here is where the show starts to pick up. The FBI are still a great team after all these years and Los Dramaticos move pretty well for bigger men. Some of the moves that Los Dramaticos pulled out were pretty amazing. Back and forth action from both with some pretty cool double team moves. The FBI picks up the win after one of the Dramaticos attempted an electric chair drop on Tony Mamaluke and was thwarted by Little Guido. Mamaluke takes advantage and covers him 1-2-3.

Match 3: CW Anderson vs. Balls Mahoney w/Blue Meanie

The match was a very good contest between two of ECW’s most underrated stars. CW Anderson played an awesome heel and had the best of Balls Mahoney during this match. Blue Meanie pulled some shenanigans on behalf of his Blue Balls Partner that had the crowd going. When CW gained his composure in the match, Sandman’s music hit and he cleaned house. The crowd ate it up and Balls Mahoney got the win after being revived by one of Sandman’s beers, like Popeye with spinach. Sandman, Mahoney, and Meanie proceed to have a beer bash in the ring with some of the Extreme Rising fans. Great homage to the original ECW.

Match 4: Pesadilla vs Bestia 666

Shane Douglas came out and hyped both men up and gave both of the new extreme luchadores his Franchise stamp of approval. Pesadilla is the nephew of Super Crazy and Bestia 666 is the son of legendary Mexican wrestler Damien 666. This match was under lucha rules which meant 2/3 falls. This match stole the show and had the fans on the edge of their seat. They did moves I have never seen before and gave a match reminiscent of the old Rey Misterio vs Psychosis matches from the original lucha invasion of ECW. Both of these guys are very talented and I can’t wait to see more of them in the United States. The crowd definitely got their money’s worth with these two new talents and they can definitely be the new stars that this promotion needs. Bestia 666 wins after a sick somersault on Pesadilla through a table with barbed wire on it. Definitely a must see match.

Highlights can be seen here :

Match 5: Stevie Richards vs Luke Hawx

This is my first time seeing Luke Hawx wrestle and I have to say he is another star that Extreme Rising can capitalize on. The match was very back and forth and showed the strengths of both competitors. It showed how hungry Hawx is to be that top star and it highlighted how underrated Stevie Richards was as a performer. This match is another must see on this show and will cater to fans of the original ECW due to its intensity and pace. Hawx is definitely someone to look out for. Stevie Richards gets the win after Stevie Kicking a chair into the face of an airborne Luke Hawx. After the match Hawx attacked Richards and was removed from the building by Atlas Security.

Match 6: Sabu vs Devon Storm

This match was a war. I can see fans being skeptical of the quality of this match due to the age of the competitors, but trust me age is nothing but a number. These guys went at each other like two Rottweiler’s. Chairs, Tables, high flying moves, brawling, this match had it all and it was from two people who competed in the original ECW. Sabu is still crisp with his array of moves and Crowbar really showed me a lot of fire. Sabu picked up the win with the Arabian Facebuster. This match needs to be seen by fans of the original ECW.

Match 7: BLKOUT vs The Gangstas

This was a brawl and that’s really all we needed from this match. We got a table dive from New Jack and weapons galore. It served its purpose and got the fans riled up and in a frenzy. The Gangstas win after New Jack assaults BLKOUT with a chair.

Match 8: Jerry Lynn vs Homicide vs Matt Hardy w/ Reby Sky

[adinserter block=”2″]Honestly, what do you expect from this Main Event. It was great. Three guys that bust their ass whenever they perform. They even threw Reby Sky in to pay tribute to the original ECW. Homicide gets the win here after hitting the cop killa on Matt Hardy.

Final Thoughts: For all the people skeptical about Extreme Rising, I say give it another chance. This show definitely made up for the aftertaste of the first Extreme Reunion. I really like all the younger talents that are on the shows. Luke Hawx, Pesadilla, Bestia 666, Los Dramaticos, and Papadon are all talented individuals with promising futures. The crowd was excited for the show and was loud throughout. A lot of people might groan at the number of old ECW alumni on the show, but they delivered. Sabu and Devon Storm showed they can still kick ass and The FBI, CW Anderson, and Balls Mahoney can get the job done. I am looking forward to the next series of shows and the new faces that will be brought in. Definitely check this DVD out and turn your negativity into positivity and enjoy a great wrestling show!

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