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Ex-Manager Says GSP Dreams Of Anderson Silva Fight

Just when you thought Anderson Silva vs. Georges St-Pierre was dead it is brought back to life. Yet the fighter bringing it back to life is ironically the one who keeps turning it down. According to a report GSP is dreaming of fighting Silva and plans to do so before retiring.

[adinserter block=”1″]UFC president promised to make the fight happen and has failed to deliver. White was adamant during the Condit vs. GSP promotion that St-Pierre’s next fight would be against Silva. Well here we are several months later and both fighters look further apart than ever. However, a recent report that was published shortly before UFC 158 indicates that there still may be some life left in this super fight.

The source of this news is GSP’s ex-manager Stephane Patry. Patry who no longer manages GSP so keep that in mind, recently revealed GSP’s three-fight plan which ends with the UFC middleweight champion. Patry says that not only does GSP plan on fighting Silva, but he dreams about it. Here is what Patry said thanks to a translation by MMA.TV regarding the third and final chapter of this master plan.

But what is the 3rd chapter of the plan drawn up by Georges St-Pierre himself? Yep, you guessed it – it is Anderson Silva. Stop believing he does not want to face Silva, Georges dreams of the clash. He dreams to retire at the peak of his glory in being recognized as a legend, as the greatest fighter of all time. And to do that, it must be considered the best fighter on the planet “pound for pound” … Why not super fight now? Because George has a well-established plan for the rest of his career, and he will follow it to the letter. There are now many stars to align so that the plan remains perfect … He must defeat Nick Diaz on Saturday night, defend his title once more against the winner of Condit-Hendricks, and then prepare for a clash of the titans.

If this is true than St-Pierre is keeping the best poker face in MMA. GSP has shown little to no interest publicly when asked about fighting Anderson Silva. Initially he appeared receptive but he has gotten more reluctant with every interview since the fight was first discussed. From all accounts I have read from GSP himself, he has very little interest in this fight. Needless to say this would be a complete about-face by St-Pierre.

It should be noted that GSP’s camp is denying this whole idea of a three-fight master plan. GSP’s trainer Firas Zihabi told Mike Chiapetta that he thinks this whole idea of a master plan by GSP is not true.

I have nothing bad to say about Stephane,” he said “I don’t think Georges probably said that in that way, the way it was written. I read the article. It was very strong. I don’t think Georges thinks that far ahead, honestly. He would not overlook Diaz. That’s part of the lesson he learned once upon a time against [Matt] Serra, and I think it’s so ingrained in George’s brain, he’d never make that mistake again. I don’t think you can get Georges to say that.

The one thing I have noticed consistently with GSP over the last few years is that he really does testy when he is asked about future fights. He is very careful, at least publicly, not to look ahead past any fights. Looking ahead at a three-fight plan would appear out of character, especially when he was preparing for Nick Diaz.

[adinserter block=”2″]It also doesn’t make much sense. If there is one thing that has been proven in MMA it is that these kinds of master plans rarely materialize. Someone loses, someone gets hurt, someone has a contract issue, etc, etc. If he really does dream of this Anderson Silva fight as he says, you’d think he’d want to get to Silva before Jon Jones or even Chris Weidman do. A super fight with Silva won’t have the same luster if either one comes in with a recent loss.

GSP is certainly taking a big gamble if this truly is his master plan.

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