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Evolution, The Shield and Other WWE Thoughts

The WWE is in a position where it can really make a statement heading into Extreme Rules and beyond toward SummerSlam with The Shield and Evolution as its two main factions. The move to reunite Triple H with Randy Orton and Batista was bound to happen once Daniel Bryan won the WWE World Title and Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins all jumped to the side of good. There is a revived feel within the confines of the company. It smells like success.

[adinserter block=”1″]And based on this sudden feud, there a hope that the masses that loved Evolution before will love Evolution again.

But only if…

Like we discussed before, Evolution was the concept created by Triple H as an homage to the Four Horsemen – each wrestler holding a title and each performing working to better the last match. Not only was it entertaining, it was brilliant and for once, since the New World Order, there was a ground of rugged bad asses that could run the asylum.

This time, there is no Ric Flair – but it looks like Kane will fill that slot and chase the world champion for a bit with Extreme Rules being the jump off point to begin the “old is new” campaign.

All of this newness and excitement comes with some apprehension on my part. After we all drank the Kool Aid and got over our Wolf Pac hangover, we needed a new “fix” – that is where Triple H made Evolution the new Horsemen.

But the concept of a recreation of Evolution and The Shield is great and Kane and Daniel Bryan will steal the show at Extreme Rules, where does it take off from there? If there is to be a true Evolution, then all three members of the originals and Kane must all capture titles. The only problem is beside the World Title and the Tag Titles, what is there for this group to accomplish?

Can the WWE get over with taking what was original, changing it, serving it to the WWE Universe and ask it to swallow it whole? Only time shall tell.

Divas Addition by Subtraction

I haven’t been this excited about anything associated with the Divas division sine Lita flew off the top rope.

The announcement that AJ Lee will be taking time away from the WWE is something both Lee and the WWE needs. Call it a bit of separation. Lee has been the dominant force behind the women in the division for so long, a real change was needed. Dropping the belt to Paige is a bit of a head scratcher, but then again, nothing in this division has made any sense of late – well for the past year. Where are you now Beth Phoenix, Eve and Gail Kim?

Take away the drama from Total Divas and this could be the start of something positive in the division. Paige will more than likely become a temporary champion. At some point, the strap should be placed on Tamina and hopefully some amazon comes along to battle the daughter of none other than Jimmy Snuka.

Kharma, where are you?

Seriously, Paige helps the company set things up for some positive matches that could be more entertaining than we are used to seeing.

More Brock, More Associates

In order for the WWE to look more like its old self, maybe seeing Brock Lesnar in the ring more would help. If the “Streak” stopper is to be taken more seriously, shouldn’t the WWE find a suitable wrestler to face him? Sting might work – if he officially signs.

[adinserter block=”2″]So would Sheamus. Cesaro would have been ideal, but Paul Heyman made him one of his guys. If we are looking to add more wrestlers to Heyman’s stable, might we see Wade Barrett become the next “Paul Heyman Guy?”

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