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Evolution Needs a New Member

The sudden news on various websites that Dave Batista is taking a sabbatical from the WWE after four months of service both saddens me and excites me at the same time. For a wrestler who from the start seemed to be happier getting a root canal, this only means the company can move forward and promote wrestlers who want to be in the ring with the current rising talent. For whatever reasons, the idea of Batista, The Animal, leaving the forest is better for the WWE than him roaming the ring without interest.

[adinserter block=”1″]The idea of an Evolution reunion and the epic match with The Shield at Extreme Rules tore down the house last week. While this six-man match will never (never say never) happen again, it should be noted while The Shield always shows it works well together, the work of Triple H and Randy Orton are still five-star worthy – leading some of us to believe there could be a chance the faction, which is a better move for the WWE than the Authority angle that lost steam, could add another member as a replacement and not lose a step.

But that member would have to be someone special and someone who can deliver on a nightly basis, much like the Four Horsemen replacing Ole Anderson with Barry Windham or the New World Order adding Randy Savage. There are many names who could fit this role, but only a serious contender – or two, or three.

The idea of Evolution is not the same as The Horsemen – a group that eat, slept and breathed the idea. When the show is over, members of Evolution go back to being just guys. In order for this to work, there needs to be some swagger in this group in and out of the ring. Here are a few names to consider.

Damien Sandow
He would need a character change to some degree. He could become the Intellectual Savior of the WWE and the Aristocrat that Triple H once was in the WWE.

Is there another wrestler in the company who is as misused as Sandow? He is a great performer, knows how to use the microphone and can sell it in the ring. He is equally solid as a singles wrestler or as a tag team specialist. This would be my third choice in finding a new member.

Dolph Ziggler
If there is someone in this company who could use a huge change in character or a new position in the WWE, it may be Ziggler. The drama he produces in the ring is some of the best the WWE has. He is also a huge performer and great in a promo. He is the arrogant wrestler this do needs to balance the egos of sorts.

Love the idea of Ziggler changing his hair color, walking to the ring in a slower, more methodical way. There has always been a comparison of Ziggler being the next Shawn Michaels. Wouldn’t this kind of move solidify that comparison and maybe help the move along?

[adinserter block=”2″]Cody Rhodes
This is the most logical move of all. Rhodes has been a member of Legacy with Orton before and works well, like Sandow, as a singles champion and as a tag team specialist where he has been a champion in both.

The recent issues with his brother, Goldust, also lend to a change in character, a change in attitude and an eventual split in the brotherhood. Rhodes and his blood line is another reason for the move and would return him to a place – heel – where is looks more comfortable.

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