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Even More WWE SummerSlam 2011 Predictions

John Cena vs. CM PunkFor being the supposed “Biggest Party of the Summer”, WWE has only released 4 matches for the 2011 SummerSlam PPV. If WWE is putting all of their eggs in one basket & counting on Punk/Cena II to draw a high buy rate, I personally think this is a bad idea. While that match has the potential to steal the show, fans are going to need a little bit more to garner interest. With that in mind…

WWE Divas Championship:
Kelly Kelly (C) vs. Beth Phoenix

Dear Santa, I’ve been a good boy this year. Please give me an early Christmas present with Beth Phoenix becoming the new champion. I love the thought of Beth & Natalya running roughshod in the Divas division leading up to the return of Kharma next year to challenge them.

Predicted Winner & New Divas Champion – Beth Phoenix

Singles Match:
Sheamus vs. Mark Henry

I was at the SmackDown in Philly a couple weeks ago when Sheamus put the challenge out to Mark Henry. So weird hearing Sheamus cheered. Tough one to call as both of these guys seem to be stuck in mid card Hell right now. I have a feeling that whoever wins this match though will go on to challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Predicted Winner: Sheamus (Though I’m really pulling for Mark Henry. Best he’s been in a while.)

World Heavyweight Championship:
No Holds Barred
Christian (C) vs. Randy Orton

Nothing against Orton, but how many more times can one stand to watch him as the main title holder of a WWE show? Christian as champion is new, fresh, & needs to continue. Don’t fall into the same trap of constantly putting the belt on Orton like has been done in the past with guys like Cena, HHH, etc.

Predicted Winner & Still World Heavyweight Champion: Christian

WWE Championship:
Special Referee Triple H
CM Punk (C) vs. John Cena (C)

The money match…the one everyone is tuning in to see. The potential for many interesting outcomes & great TV drama and a hook to watch Raw on Monday; winner faces Rey Mysterio in Mysterio’s hometown with the WWE Title on the line. And with WWE heading to Mexico for a tour soon, the big question. Does it really matter who wins this match?

Predicted Winner & New WWE Champion: Alberto Del Rio (Who will face Mysterio on Raw as a curve ball to the audience. WWE goes to Mexico with Del Rio as champion.)

I’m hoping for more of a big show feel from one of the “Big Four” events. But I’m not feeling it. I didn’t feel it with WrestleMania & we all saw what a disappointment that was. Here’s hoping history doesn’t repeat itself with SummerSlam this year.

Chris Behringer
Combat Zone Wrestling LLC

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