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eSports Boxing Club: First Look, Gameplay, And Everything to Know

The players are finally getting a boxing game after a long time.

The last realistic boxing game with some good gameplay came out way back in 2011. The game was called Fight Night Champion and was developed by Electronic Arts. After that, the world of boxing games has been pretty much a barren wasteland.

But it seems there’s finally some greenery in that barren wasteland as Steel City Interactive is stepping up to fill it with water. SCI is bringing in eSports Boxing Club which has made every boxing game fan really excited. Some footage of the game has been revealed online and players are hyped over the realistic graphics and real-life mechanics.

So what exactly is eSports Boxing Club about and when does it come out. Here is everything we know about it so far:

What is eSports Boxing Club About?

eSports Boxing Club or ESBC will be an action-simulation boxing game. The game will feature NextGen visuals as it will feature licensed boxers who were scanned into the game. The game will also feature real-life institutions and governing bodies.


At the time of its launch, ESBC will feature a total of 100 licensed boxers. Among these boxers will be some of the biggest names in the boxing world including Tyson Fury and Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez. The game will also feature old legends like Muhammad Ali, Rocky Marciano, and Sugar Ray Robinson.

The roster of playable characters will increase every season and a separate character creator suite will also be accessible to the players. The game will go deeper into the boxing element and will feature different fighter attributes for different characters. Some of those attributes will be punch power, stamina, and discipline.

It has also been rumored that ESBC will feature a first-of-its-kind trait system. The game will feature a total of seven championship titles that the players can fight for. Winning the ‘Green and Gold’ WBC Belt will crown the players as the Ring Magazine Champion.

The institution and governing bodies in the game will be the IBF and BBBofC Lonsdale Belt. It is also worth noting that, the champions might get a chance to receive a physical belt from World Boxing Council during the official ESBC Tournament.

First Look

SCI on Thursday revealed gameplay footage of seven minutes on YouTube. The video featured Will Kinsler, the global communications director who talked about the footage and the game’s development process.

The gameplay also revealed that there will be multiple viewing angles in the game, including cinematic features and a close-up view

ESBC Boxing Game Release Date

Although the fans highly appreciated the first look at the game, many still criticized the developers for not revealing a release date even after the game being in development for so many years.

Up till now, no release date has been confirmed but we can expect it to be around mid-summer of 2022.



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