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ESPN Shamelessly Lobbying for Michael Vick

I am to lose my mind with what I have been hearing on ESPN throughout the day. I know that the kids at ESPN love their athletes, but this is getting ridiculous. Day 2 of the NFL Draft has turned into the Michael Vick Redemption Show. The lobbying has begun and boy oh boy, do these people have short memories or what?

The talk started off of rumors that the Atlanta Falcons were looking to deal the rights to Vick. Vick will be out of jail shortly and is still under suspension by the NFL. Roger Goodell could reinstate Vick and put him back in the NFL in 2010. Everyone at ESPN is practically on their knees pleading for Goodell to reinstate Vick. I know ESPN wants ratings and man would Vick’s first game bring in the ratings, but this is ridiculous.

First and foremost, is every NFL player’s favorite coach Herm Edwards. It is no wonder that this guys lost every football team he has coached. Edwards chimed in with his overpaid analysis on Vick. Edwards called Vick “a credit to the community,” Are you kidding me? Any respect that I had for Edwards was lost today. Edwards should be ashamed of himself.

My problem is ESPN selling Vick the player. All of the guys talked about what a great player Vick was in the NFL. Every one of the ESPN “analysts” sung the praises of Michael Vick the player. Are you freaking kidding me? Vick had two winning seasons! These guys went on about his 2004 season. What about all of his other losing seasons? The fact that these people call themselves experts is a complete joke.

Vick’s career stats tell a completely different story. Vick’s career passing percentage is 53.8%. 53.8%! To put this into perspective, David Carr’s career passing percentage is 59.7% Ryan Leaf had a 48.4% completion rate. Vick was slightly better than some of the biggest NFL busts. For these guys at ESPN to suggest anything different is a complete and utter disgrace.

I haven’t even talked about Vick’s criminal convictions. As sick as I think his crimes were, I do agree that he paid his debt. My venom against ESPN here has nothing to do with Vick the criminal. This is all about ratings and for someone like Ron Jaworski to whore out his credibility in favor of his big pimp is both sad and disappointing.

Hey, let Michael Vick play again. I have no problems with that. However, any team that takes him would have to be out of their minds.

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  1. I agree with you. That wasn't my point at all. My point was about Vick the football player, not the criminal. Vick was a terrible player and for the analysts at ESPN to say anything different is just ridiculous. I agree, and I thought I made that clear. This isn't about his conviction, it's about his football abilities.

  2. after someone has paid his dues; that person should be back to even; mr vick will have paid more then most; look at the whote collar crime and tell me he has not. time to let the man return to life; if that includes football; then he has a right to work.

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