Eric Mangini Screws New York Jets Fans Again


Braylon EdwardsEric Mangini has done it again to Jets fans. Adam Schefter has reported that the New York Jets have acquired Braylon Edwards from the Cleveland Browns. The pass-dropping wide receiver will shed the dog pound for the bright lights of New York City. Could Edwards be the offensive missing piece or is this the screw up that Jets fans have been used to seeing for the last thirty years?

I have to tell you, that I hate the deal from the Jets perspective. I don’t think Edwards is a good fit at all on the team. Edwards at one time was one of the best receivers in the NFL. In 2007, Edwards and Derek Anderson were putting up numbers like Harrison and Manning in their heyday. Edwards has come nowhere close to delivering that kind of play since the 2007 season. As a matter of a fact, Browns fans can point to Edwards as one of the biggest reasons for the decline of the team.

[adinserter block=”1″]The problem with Braylon Edwards is his hands. Edwards has been the king of dropped balls for the last few years. Even in his prime in 2007, Edwards was not always reliable when it came to catching balls. How can you rely on a wide receiver that drops balls in critical situations? The answer is that you can’t and I think that is a huge part of the Browns offensive woes the last two seasons. The quarterbacks are trying everything they can not to throw the ball to Edwards. A quarterback is almost bound to fail who doesn’t have confidence in their wide receiver.

The Jets are a team on their way to big things in the next few years. The Jets have a hell of a coach, and a rookie quarterback that is the real deal. Ultimately, The Jets have struggled on offense thus far. As of today, they are the overall 24th ranked team in the NFL in offense. I just don’t think that Braylon Edwards is the answer for the Jets. I do think they need a deep threat, but Edwards’ instability could be a killer for a rookie quarterback. On top of that, Sanchez looks like he has better chemistry every week with his receivers. Edwards immediately becomes the number one and could completely throw off the chemistry for the offense.

Maybe the Jets are confident that they can get past the drops? Maybe it really does come down to coaching or teaching for Edwards? There is no denying that Braylon Edwards has a ton of talent. It is possible that with the right teachers and coaches, Edwards can turn it around. This wouldn’t be the first time something like this happened in New York. Former New York Giants running back, Tiki Barber was a habitual fumbler for years. Once Tom Coughlin came on board with new coordinators, the Giants were successful in helping Tiki work through the issue and change his ball-carrying techniques. It can be done.

The timing is extremely curious. Granted, the Jets only have another week to make this happen, but I would expect a move like this from a team that is closer to the Super Bowl than the Jets. As good as the Jets have been, I don’t think anyone expects them to play in the Super Bowl this season. I see them as a team of the future, not now. I could see a team like the Ravens with an aging wide receiver and a high powered offense to make the move. The Jets would be better off in my opinion drafting a wide receiver or working out a deal in the off season. Well, I guess tampering with unsigned draft picks didn’t work out so now you have Edwards.

And oh yeah, there is that other off-field issue with Edwards. Edwards was involved in a club fight over the weekend. It is entirely possible that Edwards winds up missing games for the incident. The incident also points to some real flaws in his character. Edwards is very undisciplined at times and just this past Sunday got a stupid penalty in a critical situation for the Browns. To me, the Jets seem like a team of great character right now. I don’t know why you would want to tempt fate with a guy that may not even play a few games.

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