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Eric Bischoff Responds To Bret Hart

Hulk Hogan has had his chance to respond to recent criticism from Bret Hart about being worthless to TNA Wrestling booking. Now it’s Eric Bischoff’s turn and if you expected Eric to be as diplomatic as the Hulkster, you have got another thing coming.

The war of words between Bret Hart and TNA head honchos Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff continues to heat up. Unless these guys are promoting a future handicapped (no pun intended) match at WrestleMania or Bound for Glory, none of it makes a whole lot of sense. That said, as a blogger I hope they keep it coming.

[adinserter block=”1″]Bret Hart was the first to fire comments at Hogan and Bischoff in recent interviews, most recently with WrestleTalk TV. Bret doesn’t think much of either one and questioned what they could bring to the table at TNA Wrestling.

I’ve got no faith in either one of them,” Hart said. “If anything, they’re [TNA] going to lose a lot of ground. They’re spending a fortune on a guy who’s worthless. And Bischoff’s as worthless as Hogan, the two of them have zero to offer the business.

Hogan offered a fairly tempered response to Bret basically saying that Bret doesn’t know what he’s talking about and while it is easy to criticize from the outside, Bret doesn’t know enough about the inner workings of TNA to give an educated opinion. Eric on the other hand had a little more fun with it on a recent broadcast of Inside the Ropes. Transcript courtesy of

knows nothing about wrestling” and calling him “an idiot”: “It’s not unusual for guys like Bret Hart, from that era….the only way they know how to get over is to get over at the expense of someone else. Bret Hart’s trying very hard to stay relevant. Unfortunately, he’s no longer relevant. He was a big star, he had a big name at one point, he was an important character in the history of the business but he’s not any longer and I’m sure that’s hard on him. I know myself how it feels to realise that that your biggest and best days as a performer are behind you. I’m very comfortable with that, I’ve embraced it but it’s hard for a lot of guys who’ve never been anything other than performers. They have a hard time with that. It’s not easy getting older in the wrestling business, believe me, when you’re surrounded by younger and younger people who in many ways aren’t as over or as skilled or as popular as you may have been or still are now. But this business is a business that’s served by youth and change. And for someone like Bret, that manifests itself in his personality, lashing out at others. It’s funny, when he came to me he hated Vince McMahon, he hated everyone in the WWE from the office to half the roster. He didn’t have a good thing to say about any of the McMahons. Then when he got the opportunity to go back and work for them, he had to shift that. Then his hatred was for someone else like Bill Goldberg for giving him a concussion and now it’s for me and for Hulk, there’s no rhyme or reason for it and as far as his opinion of my value and what I’ve achieved in the wrestling business, I’ll let my body of work and success speak for itself.

Eric also talks a bit about Bret’s disappointing run in WCW after Bischoff signed Bret away from the WWE.

I had spoken to and met Bret several times before he made the jump. I was obviously excited to have him but clearly Bret Hart was a very broken….and in my opinion still is, from the interviews I hear him do, a very sad, broken and bitter person. That was pretty evident when he first came over. He was a shadow or a shell of his former self. Wherever Bret was, the high point of his character, what I got was a kind of broken, sad shell of that and quite honestly I don’t think he’s ever come out of it.

[adinserter block=”2″]As much as I can’t stand Bischoff it is hard to feel sorry for Bret here. Bret has been absolutely brutal in his attacks lately, which have come out of nowhere. Additionally it really doesn’t make a lot of sense to me as to why Bret is so bitter about Bischoff in particular. Bischoff made Bret an extremely rich man and signed him to one of the biggest contracts at the time in pro wrestling history. There comes a point here where I think Bret has to take a little accountability here for his run in WCW and stop pointing the finger at everyone else.

Bret you’re up!

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  1. Yea Eric Bischoff is such a terrible person for paying you $3 million a year and setting you up for life with more money than 10 regular people earn in a life time. I'd hate to have to work for a guy like that.

    • I don't think all the money in the world could take away the bitterness and pain Bret is going through because of Owen's death, family discord, Montreal, severe health problems and God knows how many other things happening in such a relatively short period of time. It looked like he was bouncing back for a while but he's relapsing. We all appreciate what Bret did for the business and for the fans. I hope he remembers that. He's had a lot of tough breaks but we're all behind him. It's just sad to see him attacking people where it's not really warranted (or worth it).

  2. Great job, Eric. I could not agree more with your article, and I can't believe I am agreeing with Eric Bischoff, but he is right also. I really don't understand why Bret is retreating back into this bitter person he was post-Montreal.

  3. 100% agree, Prop (and Eric). Bret was a great in-ring performer, although his promos were, for the most part, bland. But in recent years, he continues to come across as a whining has been. He made a lot of money in the business, as did Hogan, as did Bischoff. I'll never understand his apparent need to boost his ego by denigrating just about every one of his contemporaries. You had a great career, Bret; so did Hogan, so did Flair. Why not just take the high road and leave it at that?

  4. Russo had good ideas. He just needed a conduit. Bischoff is far from an idiot. A great mind and an enthralling TV personality. Look at the humiliation he was willing to put himself through to get other people over in WWE. What a team player. As for Hogan, both Hogan and Hart have been through the ringer over the last few years. The contrast between how they deal with their woes is striking. Bret really needs to find an outlet for all this bitterness that is clearly eating him up inside. Frankly, I think he needs to leave wrestling behind altogether but it is common knowledge that he is too much of a mark for himself.


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