Endless Potential for WWE League of Nations

WWE League of Nations

Recently, a new stable was formed courtesy of Sheamus. As WWE World Heavyweight Champion, he has enlisted an ensemble consisting of Alberto Del Rio, Rusev, and Wade Barrett to help protect him as he battles Roman Reigns and his own stable. Rightfully so, here are the League of Nations.

It’s a step back from taking a role in the Authority, which was suggested to be the case almost three weeks ago. Well then again, it’s a step forward. Not only is the League of Nations commonality non- American, the other assets the men have in common are that they all have carried gold in their careers and that they could very well pose a threat. All four men have proven they can run in the main event, and its deserved they’re sharing the spot.

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The stable has potential to help each man in their own quest. It serves greater purpose for these men to be cohesive and become a mainstay in the main event as top heels. WWE needs that right now, to help bridge the gap on the injured reserve list.

On the surface, it looks like WWE is also in the process of fixing many problems at hand. Or maybe it’s what we are leaded or inclined to believe. Sheamus was just yet another annoying Superstar in the background before Survivor Series. League of Nations helps him look dominant since his Championship win, and heading the stable will continue to do just that. Maybe this is what Sheamus needed to breathe life in his heel character. With the returns of Alberto Del Rio and Rusev (return to company and injury, respectfully), both must continue to strike hard and keep running down the same path as they get on the trail to where they once were. ADR has already had a good start with capturing the US Championship from John Cena back in October. However, Rusev can’t seem to get out of the drama with Lana that won’t stay where it belongs, in the summer. League of Nations can serve their purposes to make waves as they find their footings again. Since King of the Ring, Barrett has been floundering around the roster, and desperately needed a good kick to get in the right direction after years of misuse and injuries. League of Nations should help take him there.

All of this looks good on the surface, but with the trend of disappointments lately, the potential is probable at best. With these four men in this stable, they have nothing else to lose and everything to gain. It’s a chance for the WWE Universe to take this stable seriously, and to despise them. Roman Reigns wants his Championship back, and the League of Nations must overcome both him and his team to make sure the Championship doesn’t leave Sheamus’ hands. With all the potential League of Nations possesses, it’s already been a shaky start; Reigns already has one win against them in a solo effort. Overall they are winless as a stable. If the League of Nations wants to prevail in the long run, they must prove that they’re a threat in the ring. They can talk a good game, but have yet to back it up as a unit. TLC could be the start to seeing League of Nations start to dominate.

We can talk all day long about how much potential it has, but at the end of the day, seeing is believing.

I need to believe that the three men that are with Sheamus can and will do anything to help him keep the gold around his waist. I need to believe that the team can outsmart and overpower Reigns’ team to knock them down off their feet. Even though The New Day is tagging along as antagonists, the League of Nations should keep in tune with The Authority for even more heat on their unit. Having them in their corner assures the League of Nations that they will stay in the main event scene as far as the Championship is concerned.

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And that brings me to another point; we already know Sheamus and Reigns are battling it out for the Championship. There’s potential for fresh feuds within these two stables, and with already two Championships in the League of Nations, there’s chances for them to change hands should these stables even last that long. Could we see that soon? Or are we getting ahead of ourselves?

With the WWE at a crossroads and in a dark place, it’s unclear how this scenario will play out over time. Let’s take it as a “better late than never” scenario, in reference to the idea that this should’ve happened at Survivor Series. The stables are just as needed now as it was needed last month. The biggest factor of all is both League of Nations and Reigns’ team can help both Sheamus and Roman Reigns as they are placed in a rather trying spot filling the main event scene of an uncertain WWE. It can help establish the supporting cast as well.

The stables could either be just what the WWE main event needed, or a disaster in the making.

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