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Emotional Anderson Silva UFC 162 Video Blog

It was easy to watch Anderson Silva at UFC 162 and criticize his arrogance but there is a side of him UFC fans have never seen until now. Silva posted a dramatic video blog on his YouTube channel which shows The Spider humbled and devastated after his KO loss at the hands of Chris Weidman.

Anderson Silva has projected himself to be a confident and at times arrogant fighter over the course of his UFC tenure. Fans are used to seeing Silva taunt his opponents and make what some call a mockery out of his fights. Yet what we finally see here in this video is a guy that is human and a man that takes his sport and profession much more serious than he has ever let on.

[adinserter block=”1″]The video blog is fantastic and kudos to Silva for posting it and allowing us to get a glimpse into his emotions following the loss of the UFC middleweight title to Chris Weidman. The video first shows celebrities Usher and Roy Jones Jr. consoling Silva who seems fairly stonewalled during the conversations. It is after the UFC presser that Silva finally breaks down in an emotional scene in which he cries while he is thanking his team.

One thing I found really interesting here was a piece of the UFC post 162 presser in which Weidman and Silva talk about the fight. Silva says that all he was trying to do was induce Weidman to fight his fight which while it seems obvious often gets confused for showboating. Weidman says he didn’t take it as disrespect although he said much different during the fight. What is funny is that Dana White says if Silva would have won everyone would have said how smart he was. I laughed because when Silva first started playing games I tweeted that it was “brilliant” because he took Weidman out of his game plan. It certainly didn’t turn out so brilliant.

Check out the video which brings a brand new dynamic to the story. I guarantee that you’ll see plenty of these clips played in the promos leading up to the rematch and rightfully so. You can also understand the mix of emotions Silva felt in changing his mind on a rematch when you see how crushed he was during the aftermath.

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