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Several Better Endings for WWE Survivor Series 2015

WWE Survivor Series this year ended with Roman Reigns spearing Dean Ambrose to become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion in a match that was nine minutes long. By comparison, the Divas Championship match was 14 minutes long, which is fair enough, but the 10 man Traditional Survivor Series match, a match we didn’t even know the participants of pre-show, was SEVENTEEN minutes long. All in all it was a disappointingly rushed match capped off by possibly the most exasperating Money in the Bank cash-in of all time.

Here are eight endings that would have been better.

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Ending 1: Flip the Cash-In

Okay, this is the one with the fewest changes. If you REALLY are steadfast on Sheamus cashing in, have him cash in on Ambrose so the crowd actually reacts! This Atlanta crowd, which was poor all night, was against Roman from minute one so why not put the title on Ambrose, someone the crowd universally loves and have Sheamus cash in on him. You can still have Triple H come out for the handshake, that still makes sense. That way, the crowd boo’s Sheamus out of the building and you get the heel you need. Reigns’ title reign lasted two minutes anyway, so why not put it on Dean?

Ending 2: The One We All Expected

Reigns and Ambrose are battling it out, Triple H comes to ringside, gives Roman a chair, he turns heel and wins the title becoming a corporate champion. It’s predictable, yes, but still far more interesting than what we actually got.

Ending 3: Another Reigns Heel Turn

Someone needed to turn heel tonight. Without Rollins, WWE is seriously lacking a top heel and Sheamus is not the man to fill that void. This ending would see Dean Ambrose win the title clean and while he’s celebrating, all the frustration and rage that Roman has accumulated since WrestleMania bursts out and he spears his brother and holds the title above his head to close the show. Not a corporate heel, but a mercenary who’s had enough of the crowd booing him and enough of losing; a man who simply hates everyone and everything with that title being his one mission.

Ending 4: The Ambrose Asylum

If you don’t want to turn either man heel, Ambrose wins the title clean and the match gets an extra 10 minutes. Makes Roman look beatable and human, the crowd would certainly feel more attachment to him and Ambrose gets the recognition he deserves rather than a nine minute loss.

Ending 5: The New Face of The Authority

Same ending to the match, Roman spears Ambrose and pins him to become champ. Triple H comes out and offers the handshake and Roman declines. Triple H grabs a mic and says, “I thought you would do that, hey, don’t go anywhere,” before gesturing to the curtain. Out comes Samoa Joe. Triple H calls for a referee and Joe chokes out Roman to become the champion. You still get your Finn Balor versus Samoa Joe match at Takeover, but Joe joining The Authority as the biggest signing out of NXT sounds far better than Sheamus as ‘the man’. Granted, this one is a litter tougher to pull off.

Ending 6: Setting up your Mania main-event

Same as the above except instead of Samoa Joe, it’s Brock Lesnar. Lesnar crushes Roman and takes the title right through to WrestleMania where Reigns defeats him in a rematch and wins the title.

Ending 7: Just give us a good match

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Cut out all the shenanigans and confetti and just let Roman and Dean go at it for 20 minutes. If Reigns had won that match in a long, match of the year candidate, which it could have been, I think the crowd would have been more receptive than what we got. Probably not much more receptive, but at least we’d have gotten some good wrestling out of it and enough for supporters of Reigns to say well you can’t argue with the quality matches he puts on.

Ending 8: Time Travel

We find a time machine, go back to Money in the Bank, use mind control to make Vince put the briefcase in Dolph Ziggler’s hands instead of Sheamus’ and then they do the same ending with Ziggler being the corporate champion instead of Sheamus. Because, you know, that would actually be sports entertaining. OR we put the title in Kofi’s hands and we give the title to The New Day. Surely you’d be sports entertained?

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