Edge Talks WWE WrestleMania X8, Big Event, Unforgiven 06, & More


WWE Hall of Famer and former champion Edge is one of a handful of retired wrestlers who have stayed low key since hanging up the boots. That is why it is always a treat to hear from the Rated-R superstar, especially when he is talking about his career highlights, specifically in Toronto.

[adinserter block=”1″]I can’t recall many wrestlers who were as big as Edge was in the WWE who have stayed as far away from pro wrestling as he has since he retired. It is a rare occasion to see Edge on television and even more obscure to see him pop in interviews. It was a real coup for the crew at WrestleNewz.com to catch up with Adam Copeland.

The interview is a bit different than most of the interviews I have read with Edge where this one seems to focus on Edge growing up and attending shows in Toronto. Now while Edge has certainly talked about his fan experiences many times I don’t recall him going into this much detail about the shows and matches he saw as a fan. As a fan who grew up during that same time period it was cool to relate to the same experiences he had but in a different part of the continent.

Edge has certainly talked at length about attending WrestleMania 6 and we’ve all seen the shot of him in the crowd. However, Edge was also lucky enough to attend one of the biggest events in WWE history, the Big Event at Exhibition Stadium headlined by one of my favorite feuds of all-time Hulk Hogan vs. Paul Orndorff.

I went to The Big Event to see Hogan and Orndorff at C.N.E.’s Exhibition Stadium in the summer of ’86, in front of something like 70,000 people. They broke an outdoor attendance record and for some reason, that event doesn’t get nearly as much attention as some of the other big shows in Toronto. But it was a huge wrestling card, as it was the first time Hogan and Orndorff locked up after Orndorff turned on him and gave him the clothesline and piledriver.

I’m lucky I got to see that show. Between being at The Big Event, and seeing WrestleMania 6, where you could feel the electricity in the air, and going to the Gardens, you got to see some really, really awesome stuff in Toronto — whether it was the Legion of Doom and Ultimate Warrior against Demolition, or Hogan and Kamala in a steel cage.”

They also dive a bit into Edge’s more memorable matches in Toronto. One that is often regarded as one of his all-time best was a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match at Unforgiven 2006 against John Cena.

Oh yeah, I love that match. It was highly emotional for me, after being booed all that time from the moment I came back, then being cheered in my hometown and being in a TLC match. If you watch that match, I think you can see it in my face at the beginning and after the match I lost my heeldom. Those matches I had with John were some very physical matches.
We also had a lot of fun with that storyline, as Lita and I went over to John’s dad’s house and slapped him around (laughs).

Going from watching WrestleMania 6 to appearing on WrestleMania x-8 in the same stadium must have been a surreal experience for someone as big of a fan as Edge. Unfortunately his match against Booker T didn’t turn out as planned.

“I remember our time being cut because Undertaker and Flair went like seven minutes over their scheduled time. So we went from 14 minutes to seven, and the entrances took a good four minutes. So it was like, wow, we don’t have much time at all here. So we were thinking, okay, it’s not going to be quite as cool as we thought it was going to be. Then add to that the fact that we were fighting over a shampoo endorsement commercial. I mean, ah really?

[adinserter block=”2″]This is a great interview overall and there is much more in the interview such as Edge talking about some early WWF house shows he attended as a fan, Hall of Fame experiences, life after wrestling, picking matches out for his DVDs, and much more. Check out the entire read at http://www.wrestlenewz.com/wrestling/exclusive-articles/wnz-exclusive-one-on-one-with-edge/.

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