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Edge Talks Haven, WWE, Injuries & More On Conference Call

EdgeOn August 3, 2011, retired WWE Superstar Adam “Edge” Copeland participated in a conference call with various media concerning his upcoming role in SYFY’s “Haven” airing Friday, August 5th, at 10pm EST, right after WWE SmackDown. He also touched on such subjects such as life after wrestling, his position with WWE, and other subjects. Here is a summary of what he said (Paraphrased)

Edge was first asked about acting. He said at first acting felt a bit nerve wrecking. He said he felt comfortable in the last scene he shot. He said he had to pull back the reigns a little on the facial mannerisms when doing the TV show as the camera picks up every facial tic, whereas when he wrestled for WWE, he had to emphasize his facial expressions. He found this [acting on TV] easier than to force things out. He was asked now that the shooting for Haven was over what his plans were, and he said he going to relax with his dog.. He is going to do WWE promotion at Summerslam Axxess, and then be retired for a couple of months.

He was asked how he got to do Haven, and he said that he got offered to do the Haven after the Eurotour. He said it [shooting Haven] was fun. He talks about his character, “Dwight”. The character sweeps things under the carpet. He was asked about going into acting full time, and he said had not thought that far ahead about a full fledged acting career. He wants to lick his wrestling wounds and enjoy his house he bought.

[adinserter block=”2″]Edge said his “Haven” character is low keyed. In comparison, he then says WWE is over the top, and theatrical. Edge said the role is low key and less demanding than WWE.. He wanted to see if he could stretch his acting. He wanted to get good at acting. He said that he always thought he had a good handle on himself. He said there is a lot of “him” in Dwight. He said he learn new nuances. He learned those kind of things.

Edge was asked if he will be on “Sanctuary” next year. He said he doesn’t know if he will be back on Sanctuary next year. He said both Haven and Santuary were both very Canadian sets. He said he adjusted as he was a Canuck. He said Sanctuary was very green screen. He said he loved Haven’s outdoor scenery. He said in Haven you don’t learn a lot about his character.

Edge was asked to compare the “hurry up and wait” aspect of acting, and WWE. He said that on WWE, they have four weeks to build up to the PPV, and you are always on the go. He also mentioned that it was like going 120 miles an hour whereas doing the TV show was like 60, and he appreciated that he was able to take a break during the shooting. With a nearly 20 year wrestling career, it had taken a huge toll on his body. The “Haven” people knew about his neck issue, so they didn’t ask him to do any dangerous stunts, and would have a stunt guy do the stunt.

Edge said he didn’t know much about Dwight when given the script. He said he was glad he didn’t know. He said his character Dwight and Nathan (the other character) discovered they lived 20 minutes from each other. Dwight did things for Nathan’s dad. Edge was asked what it was like to return to Nova Scotia to act. Edge said it was great to just go sea kayaking and relax.

Edge was asked about whether he will be at the Summerslam PPV as he will be there to do the promotion. He said it was too soon. He said he needs a break. He won’t be at the PPV. After he does his autograph session, he will go back to the hotel, and he will be waiting for Dolph Ziggler and Christian at the hotel for Sushi.

Edge was asked if he would shed “Edge” and go by Adam Copeland, like the Rock did. He said he won’t be like the Rock and shed Edge. He said he will always be Edge, but he introduces himself as Adam. He said fans grew up with him as Edge. He said he has a working relationship with WWE. He would be wrestling now if his neck wouldn’t put him in a wheelchair.

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At this point, Edge doesn’t want to be an manager, or announcer, or producer or anything. He said it was too soon, as he would still hear the crowd. He said he would still want to do it. He also said maybe in 5 or 10 years, but even so he would still have to travel, and he has to keep pain down and when he travels his neck hurts. He wants to be a human being, and needs a break.

Edge said would have liked his match with Alberto Del Rio at WrestleMania 27 to go longer and with more false finishes. He has not watched the CM Punk angle. He only watches Christian’s stuff. About the Christian angle, he looks at the big picture. He said he would rather be the #1 heel than the #2 baby face. He got a kick out of the big reaction, but you don’t know whether it is bad or good if you don’t know where it is going. He said it would be cool if asked to be in the Hall of Fame. He wouldn’t say no. He would pick Christian.

Edge was asked about favorite books, as “Haven” was based on a Stephen King book. Edge said he has read everything of Stephen King. He likes The Shining. The Stand. He likes Dolores Claibourne the movie and the book. He would not be opposed to doing a movie. He is happy in the mountains. He didn’t think about it alot.

Edge talks about Bending the Rules, the WWE film. He said he plays cop who gets kicked off the force for taking money illegally to help his daughter. The film comes out in January. He lists cast: James Kennedy. If he does more acting, he said that he hadn’t thought about doing work with anyone.

He was asked if wrestling helped acting? Edge said in WWE we ad lib stuff. He had to hit bullet points on a script he was given 10 minutes before RAW [one time]. He said with acting, he had time to study lines. He said, in WWE, he was able to think on his feet. Edge also said he is NOT on Twitter and NOT on Facebook

Edge was then asked what can be learned from Attitude Era as far as physical effects. He said he hoped it has been learned and listed: Brock, him, Angle, Rey. He said he noticed that now there was more in the storytelling , and ore guys in MITB matches, and less TLC matchs, and less MITB. Edge was asked about his neck. He said it doesn’t hurt as much, and to alleve the pain in his neck, he does a lot of moving, and workouts to work out to benefit his neck and such. When he is on a plane, he has no movement, and pain comes back. He may write another book when he is ready.

[adinserter block=”1″]Edge said that he is not in contact with WWE. Everyone is busy. His friends are still his friends. He said WWE understands he needs to get away. He wants to come to grip with his new life. For his mom, his retirement was relief as she knew the pain he was in, and she knew he had been discussing retirement.. All Mania week he was walking with his eyes closed because of the pain he was in. He didn’t think it was what it was though.

Edge was asked if he was at peace with his retirement. He said it wasn’t hard. He didn’t want to be Edge 24-7. “Haven” helped. This is the first week he has been home since retirement, as he did “Haven” all summer. He said he now can enjoy being home. He is going to Paris in October. He is going to Toronto for an event, and then going to a Pearl Jam show.

End of conference Call.

Note: Edge seemed very happy, and content, and at peace. I miss him, but I am glad to see that he wants to be a “regular” Joe as they say. I am very happy for him. Again, Thank You Edge.

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