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Eddie Edwards named #1 ROH Wrestling contender – This Week on ROH TV

Eddie EdwardsThis week ROH comes to you again from the Davis Arena in Louisville, Kentucky. This week’s show is highlighted by a main event that features the newest concept from ROH, a match called the proving ground. A new match from ROH which we’ll learn more about later in the broadcast but for now we ROH executive Jim Cornette in the ring. Cornette has an announcement to make, after much deliberation the ROH brass have decided to award the number one contendership for the ROH world heavyweight title to former ROH champion Eddie Edwards.

So there you have it “Die Hard” and the “American Wolf” will hook up for the third time for the ROH world heavyweight title on Dec. 23rd in New York at ROH’s biggest show of the year Final Battle. Both the champion Richards and Edwards hold a victory over each other and so this will be the rubber match. Edwards makes his way to ringside and explains how he knows Richards better than anyone and knows that Richards trains in different disciplines i.e striking, grappling, jiu-jitsu but he himself now has a new trainer and will be doing the same. We all know about the last match up between these two in NY and how Edwards still claims to not be able to remember even losing the title to Richards thanks to a nasty well placed kick from Richards to the head of Edwards.

[adinserter block=”2″]Richards makes his way to the ring and now we have a face off. Richards claims that the two will do it one more time in December but for now they (along with the rest of the ROH locker room) have a common enemy in the house of truth and Richards asks Edwards to join him next week as they face the H.O.T. in the main event. Edwards agrees and so the main event is set for next week and Edwards gets in the last work with one last shot at Richards stating that from when the wolves make their way to the ring next week and the fans chant “next world champ” they’ll be chanting for Edwards!!!!!

We then head backstage and join a very intense Michael Elgin and he is flanked by his manager and Life Intervention Expert Truth Martini. Martini came off really creepy in this segment literally spending the whole time in Elgin’s ear talking about Elgin’s past and the people he has let down and going so far as to talk about and incident where Elgin was in the car with his cousin and should’ve taken the keys but didn’t and his cousin ended up in the hospital and letting down his father in another capacity and somehow tried to tie these incidents from the past into letting down Roderick Strong by losing to Edwards a couple of weeks ago and effectively costing Strong his chance at the title shot at Final Battle.

Let me say I don’t know how much of this was actually the truth (no pun intended) and how much was an angle used strictly to motivate but either way I thought this was a really creepy segment but did help to build Elgin into even more of a monster who lacks self-confidence and is clearly under Martini’s spell and will do anything for him.

“Unbreakable” Michael Elgin VS Shiloh Jonze

I applaud ROH for consistently bringing us new talent and this week was no different as Shiloh Jonze from Seattle was the proverbial lamb being lead to slaughter as he had the unenviable task of facing Elgin after the pre-match speech that he just got from Martini before the break. Jonze never had a chance and the size and experience factor came into play and Elgin literally threw Jonze around the ring like a rag doll and finally put the kid out of his misery with the buckle-bomb and his spinning sit-out power bomb for the win. I did love Kevin Kelly’s catch phrase for Elgin…”he’s programmed to destroy”. Tell me you can’t see that written on a t-shirt for Elgin in the near future.

Your Winner – “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin

Inside ROH

For the first part of inside ROH we are brought up to speed on the history between Kevin Steen and ROH and in particular Jim Cornette. We are treated to video of Steen and his “legal team” entering into a courthouse in downtown Kentucky as Steen is suing ROH and his lead attorney is reading a statement followed basically by a promo from Steen on why he should be back in ROH competing and vows to return to ROH to exact his revenge. This segment was filled with cutaways to members of Steen’s “legal team” giving these over the top cheesy facial expressions in an attempt to seem as if they have any legal experience at all other than the typical trip to traffic court.

The second half of inside ROH focuses on the burgeoning feud between current ROH TV champion Jay Lethal and the prodigy Mike Bennett. We look back at their recent match that ended in controversy and focus on the much anticipated rematch that will hopefully happen at Final Battle.

We get a look at the highlights at the killer main event last week between the Briscoes and the All-Night Express and that takes into the newest match from ROH…the proving ground.

Cornette will fill us in on the details. Basically anyone be it a member of the ROH roster or not can challenge an ROH champion and it’s not a title match but the match will have a set time limit and if the challenger wins or goes to a time limit draw then they are awarded a title shot for 90 days. Pretty interesting way to introduce new talent (see the common theme here, introducing new talent, take note other wrestling companies) and force the new talent to actually earn a title shot without just giving the title shot away.

Proving Ground – WGTT Haas & Benjamin VS Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander

Coleman & Alexander were game but not quite up to par to hang with Haas & Benjamin. There were a couple moments in the early going where the tag champs were caught off guard by the challengers athleticism but end in the end the champs experience proved to be too much and at about the 2 minute mark the challengers were put away by the world’s greatest finisher.

Your Winners – WGTT Haas & Benjamin

The Briscoes then showed up and cut a short promo on how they’ll be the 7 time tag champs at Final Battle.

[adinserter block=”1″]My thoughts

I really am into the proving ground and the possibilities that it holds and I really dig the fact that just about each week we are introduced to a new face from ROH. It’s really refreshing to see a wrestling company that actually takes new talent and offers them a roster spot and actually sees how they perform in the ring and on TV before just signing them to contracts that they may not be ready for and giving themselves excess debt by having “dead weight” in the locker room. There is a fine balance between veterans and fresh talent and I think ROH has the best locker room when it comes to this.

In looking forward to next week and the main event which has the reuniting “American Wolves” VS The H.O.T. I leave you with these words…CAN’T WAIT!!!

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