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Eagles Fans Need To Get Over Brian Dawkins

Brian Dawkins I am starting to get a tired of the Brian Dawkins chat. Philadelphia Eagles continue to whine about letting Dawkins go to this day. In all honesty, I have no problem saying bye-bye to a 35-year old safety and neither should you. I have about had it after listening to another rant on local sports radio.

I understand the sentiment towards Dawkins. I am an Eagles fan and I love the guy. I applaud his play on the field. His personal story about his daughters is extremely touching. However, in the end I root for the Philadelphia Eagles and not just one player. You would think that the team moved to Los Angeles with the continued fan outrage.

I just can’t understand why fans are still crying four months later. I swear, there is a Dawkins call every hour on one of the local sports radio shows. I am not a fan of the management of this franchise whatsoever. Yet, there comes a time where you have to get over it and get excited about the season.

[adinserter block=”1″]Could the Eagles have kept Dawkins? The Eagles absolutely could have kept Dawkins. The Eagles really don’t seem to have a plan for life after Dawkins at the moment. Yet that could change once the season begins. Dawkins had a terrific season last year, but how many more does he have in him at 35?

I hate to see my favorite players leave town. Whether it was Randall Cunningham or Jerimiah Trottier, it is always a sad day to see them suit up for another team. Quite honestly and it pains me to say it, the Eagles have been right more times than they were wrong. Other than Shawn Barber, I can’t think of many players that left here and had the same or equal productivity the following season.

I also can’t get over this crying for Brian Dawkins. Hey, the guy signed a $17 million contract! I just can’t see being outraged or feeling sorry for someone who just signed a $17 million deal. $7.2 million is guaranteed! He would have made less if he stayed. If you are truly a Brian Dawkins fan, you would be happy for him.

[adinserter block=”2″]The Philadelphia Eagles will be just fine without Dawkins. Have the Eagles won the Super Bowl with Brian Dawkins? One could even argue that it was the defense that blew the game in Arizona. The defense desperately needed an overhaul. Is Sean Jones replacing Dawkins the answer? I don’t know but he deserves a chance to find out.

I have heard Eagles fans say that even if Jones has a Pro Bowl season, they will still remain bitter about Dawkins. Well if that’s the case, than they aren’t real Eagles fans anyway. It is enough already with the Dawkins outrage. Revisit the decision in two years and then tell me how you feel.

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  1. You got no business in Philly if you can't get down with Brian Dawkins! He was more than a dollar sign or a football player he was an ambassador of this city. Don't even think about showing your face at his retirement after this article!

    • Well since this 3 year old article has been brought up, in my opinion, Eric is a realist. Dawkins was 35, and likely declining. Teams are going to pay for what the player can do for them NOW….meaning at that moment, and for the future. Teams are not going to reward players with a huge contract for things the player HAS DONE. This is a win NOW NFL. He had a good three more years in Denver.

      Fans forget it goes BOTH WAYS. The player ALWAYS say that he "wants to stay in such and such a team." However, in a lot of cases, the player winds up in another place because let's face it, they have to look out for themselves, and their families, and such. Players have their own business to take care of, and are not going to just take anything the team throws at them. If Dawkins wanted to stay and was happy with what the Eagles offered, he would have. He evidently didn't.

      So Cory, instead of jumping on Eric here, perhaps you should accept the fact that the NFL is a business. Both for the Team and the League, and the PLAYER. Just saying.


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