EA Sports Live Broadcast Comes to EA MMA Game


EA Sports MMA CoverThe hype for EA Sports MMA has been disappointing…until now. The EA Sports Live Broadcast mode may change everything. This is one feature that could change the way we play sports games online forever and give EA MMA that extra knockout punch.

EA Sports debuted the EA Sports Live Broadcast mode at E3 and people haven’t stopped talking about it. The Live Sports Broadcast will come first to EA Sports MMA video game in October. The new feature will go far beyond just matching you up against another fighter online or creating ranking for online fighters. This new feature will put you in the world of fighter, promoter, and champion.

[adinserter block=”1″]The EA Live Broadcast mode is quite a robust feature. Not all of the details have been revealed but thus far here is what we know. Gamers will create fighters in EA Sports MMA and cut video promos to be broadcast across a network. Someone working as a promoter will pick the fighters who present the most interesting fights and match them up against one another. The fights will have live and real announcing. Winners will have a shot at prizes and bragging rights. I have never heard of anything like this and it is likely the first step of a mode that will revolutionize all EA games across the board.

I still don’t understand how this thing is going to work. Are they going to have commentators on standby just waiting for matches? Will they have top announcers or will it be a bunch of interns working at EA Sports’ headquarters? Who are the promoters and how do they get picked? There are a lot of questions surrounding this mode, but the buzz for it has completely changed the anticipation of EA Sports MMA.

EA Sports has been working on their MMA video game for what seems like an eternity. Trailers and simulated fights in the game are often shown during Strikeforce broadcasts. The game has looked all but done for months, but yet it hasn’t been given an official release date until now. EA Sports MMA will hit the shelves on October 19 just in time for the holidays.

[adinserter block=”2″]The late release is a huge blow to a game that was thought to rival UFC Undisputed 2010. Once it was announced that UFC Undisputed 2010 would be released this past May, it was thought that this was all but over for EA Sports. How could their MMA game compete with a game released months earlier? Well something happened in EA Sports favor. UFC Undisputed 2010 turned out to be a huge disappointment with lackluster sales. The sales of the first UFC video game proved that there is an MMA market for video games. The new UFC video game didn’t attract all of those previous gamers. There is a door open, slightly ajar for EA Sports MMA to do some damage even with the late release date.

No matter how good or bad EA Sports MMA is, the talk will be about the Live Broadcast mode. If EA can get this right (that’s a big if), the Live Broadcast Mode could be a big selling point in Fight Night 5 and later Madden 12, NHL 12, etc. I am not too excited for EA Sports MMA, but I am stoked for the EA Sports Live Broadcast mode.

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