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Dynasty Canceled: No Season 6 for the CW Reboot

Admit it, we all saw this coming.

It was about time that we got the news about this one. A soap opera with such a low rating wasn’t going to stand tall in the face of the merciless wave of cancellation by the CW. Dynasty fans saw it coming when the cancelation week of the CW started.

Yes, Dynasty is being dropped by the CW and there will no more seasons of the show. The soap opera that started in 2017 and ran for 5 seasons will not be renewed after this. The fandom is in despair but most of them already knew a day like this could come considering the low ratings.

Here is everything we know about the cancelation so far:

What is Dynasty About?

Dynasty is a modern American TV show which was based on the prime time opera having the same name in the 1980s. The soap opera had some similar elements to the 1980s one and featured the story of America’s two wealthiest families who are at odds with each other.

The story featured the fight between the two families for control over their wealth and children. There were also many incidents of infighting in the families. The two families in the premise are the Carringtons, who are the main characters in the show, and the Colbys, the adversary of the Carringtons.

The first season of the show premiered in 2017 and the latest season was season 5 which first aired in December 2021 and is still ongoing.

Dynasty Season 6: The Reason for Cancelation

The biggest reason for the cancelation of the show could be tied to its lower ratings. By April 26, Dynasty’s season 5 was only averaging a total of 410, 000 weekly views and had a demo rating of 0.1. Dynasty stood at the bottom out of all the 19 drams that the CW aired in the past season and was also dead last in the number of audiences and one of the seven shows with just a 0.1 rating.

Now with the ongoing swarms of cancelations by the CW with almost seven shows dropped just on 12 May alone, it was quite obvious to realize that Dynasty would be one of the victims with its horrible performance. The merciless dropping of the shows is being linked to the rumored sale of the Network and it will probably be sold to the Nexstar affiliate group.

Is There Hope?

Well, the likelihood of another streaming service picking up the soap opera seems odd considering its pathetic performance. Although the star of the show Elizabeth Gillies took to Instagram to share that there are still six more episodes left in the fifth season.

So the least the fans can hope for is to get a satisfactory ending to the show.



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