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Dutch Tourist Dies After Jumping Off 100-Foot Cliff in Spain

In an unusual and unfortunate incident in Spain, a tourist lost his life amidst trying to perform a stunt. A video has gone viral hours ago, shows a man jumping off a cliff to perform a stunt. In light of the same, he also hired a boat for his son and his wife to film his stunt. But unfortunately, what was supposed to be a fun stunt, turned into a death experience for the family.

The wife and the son watched the distressing incident with their eyes leaving them numb.  The terrifying video, shot by the man’s wife and the kid from a neighboring boat, shows the 31-year-old Dutch tourist preparing to jump from a height of 100 feet into the Malgrats Islands on Thursday.

Caught by surprise by sharp, jagged rocks beneath him, this daredevil plunged from the cliff. The plunge further smashed into the ocean as he exhaled his last gasp of air before plunging to his death. Searches in the water apparently led to the discovery of the man’s body. However, the body yet has not been positively identified. It’s also not known if local officials are looking into the dangerous cliff-jumping stunt, which is popular among visitors in Majorca a frightening scream.

She screamed, “Oh my God!” as the short, horrifying clip ended. During the search for the victim’s body, his wife and kid were reportedly given counseling by local officials. The incident was a clear-cut case of carelessness on the part of the deceased and his family. These days the water pressure and other natural factors are at their peak and hence attempting any such stunt without any prior expertise or assistance can lead to such incidents.

Hence, the authorities also issued a warning and asked the locals and people visiting to be aware of their actions. Majorca, also known as Mallora is a famous island in Spain that is visited popularly by tourists. Visitors from all over the world specifically from Germany and UK visit the island for their vacation. It is located in the Mediterranean with its capital, Palma.

Central Catalan scribes then hypercorrected this to Mallorca, which became the usual spelling. Mallorca was once part of an undersea peninsula connected to Spain 150 million years ago. Scientists believe that colonization occurred between 1300 and 1000 BC. Mallorca rose to prominence in the 13th century when the Moors and Catalans fought for control of the territory, with the Catalans eventually winning. Mallorca’s location on the Silk Road made it a desirable destination.

This territory would be ideal for trading. Palma, Mallorca’s capital, was built on the ruins of a Talaiotic town. Several Vandal sackings occurred during the fall of the Western Roman Empire. Palma became the capital of the Balearic Islands in 1983. Palma contains a prominent tourist destination, the Cathedral-Basilica de Santa Mara de Mallorca, which overlooks the ocean. Mallorca has a Mediterranean climate with moderate winters and scorching, dry summers.



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