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Dune Part 2 Expected Release Date, Plot, Cast, and Everything We Know So Far

Dune 2 will be diving right back into the story.

Dune was released in 2021 and covered the adaptation of the first half of Frank Herbert’s sci-fi novel. The movie was released in theatres and on HBO Max and received great praise from fans and critics alike. The movie achieved great success and left the fans wanting more.

Well, the good news has arrived Dune directed by Denis Villeneuve has been scheduled for part two and is expected to arrive by 2023. Here is everything we know about the sequel so far:

Dune 2 Cast

Most of the cast is pretty much returning for the sequel for Dune. Timothée Chalamet will be returning for his role as Paul Atreides and Rebecca Ferguson will be playing the role of Paul’s mother again. Zendaya will return as Chani. These three people are surely to return for their respective roles.

As for others, Javier Bardem might return as Stiglar, the Fermen leader, Josh Brolin is expected to return as Gurney Halleck, and Stellan Skarsgard might return as Baron Vladimir Harkonnen. Some new actors are also expected to be making their appearance for the sequel. Florence Pugh is currently in talks to play the role of Princess Irulan, the Daughter of Emperor Shaddam IV.

As for the role of Emperor Shaddam IV, there is no cast confirmed and no casting for Feyd-Rautha has been confirmed either.

Dune 2 Release Date and Plot

Dune had a run time of two and a half hours and left the watchers with multiple questions including why did Zendaya have such short screen time and what will be the fate of Paul and his mother and will we be seeing more of the giant sand worms?

Well if you are really excited about the plot of the sequel and can’t wait anymore then you can go ahead and read the novel since most of the story will be referenced from it. First of all, Paul will be rising the ranks of Fremen and the romance of him and Chani will deepen further.

Paul is heading on the path of rebellion against Emperor Shaddam IV and also will be marrying his daughter, Princess Irulan. He will also continue stepping up as the role of the messiah “Kwisatz Haderach.” Also, Lady Jessica who got pregnant by the end of part one will be giving birth to baby girl Alia who will be wielding Bene Gesserit powers.

As for the release date, the movie is scheduled to hit the theatres on 20 October 2023. Dune was released on streaming services and theatres on the same day but it is not confirmed whether the same will be applied to the sequel.

As for Dune, it is now officially streaming on HBO Max since March 10.



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