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Dua Lips Talks About Reclaiming her 2018 Dance Move

To some who stated she appeared like she was “struggling to put her heel on quickly,” Dua Lipa is prepared to laugh at their jokes. This week on The Tonight Show Starring with  Jimmy Fallon, the IDGAF singer remembered a concert when her dancing was mocked at the time.

‘The reason we’re discussing it is that I brought it back.’ On her next tour, she plans to perform her infamous dance step, which was mocked in 2018. In the past, it brought her a lot of pain, so she’s regaining it now, she said. Bullying online made me feel like a victim. ‘It wasn’t pleasant, but now I see it in a new light.’

“I reflect back on it with great affection since it helped me develop into the musician I want.” It spurred me on to the greater effort. Rehearsals continued after I arrived. The artist continued, ‘I simply wanted to be a true performer and I guess it was the thing I lacked’. After launching her Future Nostalgia concert later this week, she’s been getting a lot of attention for her choreography.

She also talked about working with the legendary artist Elton John on Cold Heart during her appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. The Levitating singer gushed, ‘I’m very blessed to have so many pinch-me moments in my life.’

She praised her detractors for their “online criticism” over her choreography and stage appearance in June and said she’d “get better” since then. When confronted with criticism of her early acts, the celebrity said that “being tormented on the internet drove her to dance her a*** off.” Dua’s rise to fame was hampered by harsh critics who claimed she had ‘tragic’ dance abilities and ‘iffy’ musical concerts.

My first album came out four years ago, and it has been a fantastic journey that has taught me so many valuable things, including the fact that I’ve been harassed digitally, which made me want to dance my a**e off and become a better person, so thank you very much.’

‘Thank you for everything, good and terrible.’ I’m thankful for your support, and I can’t wait to show you what we’ve got planned for the future.

Dua also took to Instagram to communicate to her followers, posting an image of the classic album cover with the caption: ‘4 years after the debut of my first album.’ All of you who have followed along thus far deserve heartfelt thanks.

Dua further said that the abuse degraded her mental wellbeing’ for a while, and she became sure that others were simply recording her so they could chuckle at her afterward. Lipa claimed that she now starts her Grammy-nominated song Don’t Start Now concerts with the same move.



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