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How to Dream Up Halloween Costume Ideas

Baby Hot Dog Costume As you note the appearance on your calendar of the word “October,” you might well begin to think seriously about the Halloween costume that you plan to wear in 2009. If you want to wear something that looks truly frightening, then you should spend some time reading the blogs posted here: This blog focuses on the material in paranormal books.

Suppose that you discover a new, frightening creature by reading the posts on the above named blog. Suppose that you decide you want to “be” that creature on Halloween night. If you can’t find your desired costume in a retail or online store, then you will need to make your own costume. What is the best procedure to follow for creation of a home made Halloween costume?

[adinserter block=”1″]In order to find answers to that question, you need to consult certain specific websites. Use your computer to check out the suggestions posted at the Internet site named If you do not want to purchase a lot of new “stuff,” and you want to use whatever you have at home, to make your costume, then here are two other useful websites: and

Suppose that you do not want to dress in a ghoulish looking costume. Where then should you look to get costume ideas? If there happens to be a cause that you have supported in the past, then your interest in that cause could help to plant the seed for a costume idea.

That is what happened to this writer one October. One week the Sunday paper carried an article about National Literacy Day. The date for that special day was November 1st, the day after Halloween. At that time this writer had become an involved parent, trying hard to promote school programs that could help any students who struggled to learn to read.

Now this writer thought that the wearing of a costume might give her a chance to wear an “announcement” about National Literacy Day. While racking her brain for a costume idea, this writer thought about dressing as the character in a children’s picture book. This writer decided to dress as “Miss Frizzle,” the science teacher in the books about the “Magic School Bus.”

Why did this writer choose that particular character? This writer knew that the start of a perfect costume was hanging in her bedroom closet. It was a dress that with large, printed flowers all over it. That dress had been a gift from a family member. Before Halloween of that year, this writer had never worn that dress.

This writer had read a number of the “Magic School Bus” books to her sons. She knew that Miss Frizzle always wore dresses with a rather loud print. She also wore shoes that matched her dress. This writer decided to stick white flowers in a pair of sandals.

This writer then made a sign that read “November 1st: National Literacy Day.” This writer pinned that sign onto the dress that she intended to wear on Halloween Day. This writer wrapped wet paper around a couple white roses, so that they would appear fresh at the time of her at-work, Halloween party.

[adinserter block=”2″]As a result of that experience, this writer has this advice for anyone who must annually buy or make a Halloween costume: If someone gives you a piece of clothing that you don’t like, do not automatically try to get rid of it. That “ugly,” “outdated,” or “weird looking” clothing item could one day serve as the perfect addition to a Halloween costume.

The above article was written by Sue Chehrenegar. Sue has written a number of holiday themed articles. Sue likes to make each holiday a “learning experience.” She thus develops her articles with that in mind. After getting a degree in biology, Sue used her research skills to expand her personal knowledge in the area of child development. She has her own blog at

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