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Dragon’s Den’s Co-stars getting into a heated debate over bras

Entrepreneurs Sarah and Caroline entered the Den to pitch their ideas and showcase their brand Love Rose’s silky underwear, to the Dragons. The Entrepreneurs had a vision and an emotional drive to create lingerie for women who have gone through a mastectomy.

A mastectomy is a surgery to remove all breast tissue from a breast as a way to treat or prevent breast cancer. For those with early-stage breast cancer, a mastectomy may be one treatment option. And these entrepreneurs are doing something for the victims. The entrepreneurs are involved in it as they have felt the losses because of breast cancer. Caroline revealed that her family has suffered a lot, Caroline herself is diagnosed with bread cancer, she has lost one sister and her other sister had beaten the cruel disease twice.

But Dragons’ Den is all about Business so the expert Touker Suleyman discussed business and gave them suggestions. He said: “Let’s talk about the business. Your problem starts when you’re trying to cater to a small market yet your cost is high, it’s difficult.

“You want to cater a product to women that have got needs. What I would have thought is if you’d come in here and said, ‘we are the brand that would have helped women in all specialties.’

“So women who are pregnant want a pregnancy bra, women who are breastfeeding, want breastfeeding bras. “What I’m saying is to build a brand like this is very difficult because you have a very small USP.”

Then marketing veteran Steven Bartlett jumped into the conversation and said, “I’ve got to disagree. I think it’s the opposite, I’ve got to say.” This converted the ‘suggestional session’ into a heated debate. Touker didn’t want to hear it, and barked back: “Listen to me, I’ve been at this for 45 years! I’m telling you exactly what I think.”

To which Steven yelled: “And I’ve been building the biggest marketing brands of the last ten years! “Love Rose has nothing to do with pregnancy. If you want to build a brand amongst a small group of people, with a clear powerful storyline, founded by the loss of her sister … I mean what else do you want?”Touker snapped: “Well invest then!”

Finally, the entrepreneurs returned home empty-handed as their business was impressive to some dragons but the business was not yet investable, said the dragon, Steven Bartlett.

“I do think you’ve demonstrated that this is a business, but I don’t think you’ve demonstrated that it’s an investable business”



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