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Dr. Oz Accuses Sister of Forging their Dad’s Will and Stealing Millions

Dr. Mehmet Oz, the famous Turkish-American cardiothoracic surgeon filed a complaint against his sister accusing her of stealing millions through forging Mustafa Oz, their father’s will. The Health Guru Dr. Oz is amidst a family legal battle with his sister.

More into the Details of the Accusation

Mustafa Oz the father of Dr. Oz who is famous for his “The Dr.Oz Show” passed away in February 2019.

Dr. Oz, who is a television personality and aspiring to become a politician laid down the details of this dispute between his sister and him in an affidavit pleading to the judge to put a halt to his sister’s suit of accusing him of illegally restraining the rent payments from apartments in the Upper East Side and were initially owned by their father.

The rental payouts have been Nazlim and Dr. Oz’s other sister Seval, but Dr. Oz who manages the property stated that he cut Nazlim’s payments due to another legal dispute that is currently ongoing in Turkey. He also mentioned that the money withheld is deposited by him in a different bank account and he does not use that money for his benefit.

The family quarrel originated from the allegations that Nazlim without anyone’s permission in the family took over their father’s account.

Dr. Oz’s lawyer stated in the court papers that “Dr. Oz ceased the distributions because he, Seval, and their mother (Suna Oz) uncovered evidence that Nazlim had been stealing her father’s money.”

Nazlim who currently resides in Turkey ostensibly conceals the rental income “from her father’s estate to her use and the ongoing detriment of her sister, Seval Oz,” an affidavit claims.

Not only this but Nazlim also straightened their mother Suna Oz of the money to lead her life and prohibited her from accessing her inheritance.

History of the Court Case

The circumstances that led the Oz family to end up in court go back to 2003, Mustafa Oz, the father drafted a will on 22 January 2003 stating that the house with the garden which is situated in Istanbul will be Nazilm’s and Suna’s once he dies.

But he altered the will in 2008 to leave all his assets to the Mustafa Oz Foundation which was constituted in the United States of America.

The new foundation which was constituted was to be managed by his Son as per the altered will. But, when Mustafa Oz died in 2019 a legal battle arose between Dr. Oz and his sister.

This family conflict resulted in an inheritance case being filed by Nazlim where she presented the judge with a new will which as per her was drafted in 2018, which was a year before Mustafa Oz passed away.

So this is where Dr. Oz realized that his sister has forged their dad’s will to overrule the real will.

Dr. Oz’s suspicion made him hire an expert to examine the situation and draft an affidavit pointing out that no such will was ever known by the Oz family members.

Post the examination the expert made the following statement and published that “the new will was prepared by photomontage and using some paragraphs from the first will from 2003.”

Post the report of the expert Dr. Oz undertook measures to put a halt to his sister’s intention. He hired a lawyer and appointed him in Istanbul where he filed a lawsuit alleging his sister of forging their father’s will.

“It is obvious that this ‘fake will’ never existed,” Dr. Oz’s lawyer stated in the appeal. “I am very very sorry. I am just watching the events in shock,” Dr. Oz stated in an interview.

Nazlim’s Actions

In a new development in this family feud, we also learned that the Turkish prosecutors uncovered the funds in three different countries’ bank accounts. The countries were India, Cayman Islands, and the Netherlands as per the Manhattan Supreme Court Filing.

“We are attempting to recover the funds from those accounts, at least a portion of which represents the very rental payments from the Oz LLC tenants that she now accuses me in this New York litigation of failing to distribute to her,” Dr. Oz’s affidavit claims.

Nazlim’s Lawyers did not comment on the same when requested.

Television Personality to A Politician

Dr. Oz is a famous heart surgeon known for his venture of bringing complementary medicine into the limelight as a radio host, an author, and a television personality.

He gained his ‘celebrity doctor’ tag through the frequent gigs on the renowned Oprah’s Show. He accumulated television fame as “Oprah Winfrey’s medical expert.”

His “The Dr. Oz Show” ended in January after airing for 12 years straight on television. His show has won numerous daytime Emmy awards making him the most renowned doctor in the US.

But we have observed that Dr. Oz has become more of a polarizing figure than just a mere television personality. His take on Covid-19 was appreciated by the Republicans hence making him take a route as a politician.

The closure of the show was undertaken on account of the show’s host Dr. Oz’s announcement to run for the Senate as a Republican from the state of Pennsylvania.

His announcement to run has made him join the already clustered area of candidates aiming to replace ‘Sen. Pat Toomey’ is a republican with his retirement approaching.

This race will decide as to whether the Democrats will be able to continue their majority control of the senate DrmillionDrDrpaperDr are Dror not in 2023?

All now we need is to wait and watch how this case evolves and who turns out to be the convict !!



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