Don’t Worry About Roman Reigns


[adinserter block=”1″]I woke up last Saturday morning and I checked my e-mail of the daily Yahoo updates. I saw a headline that read Roman Reigns had to undergo emergency surgery. I clicked the link and it said that Roman Reigns had intense pain from an inguinal hernia and that emergency surgery was needed to fix this. I had an inguinal hernia surgery in July of 1994. I know how painful it can be and boy did it hurt! It was so painful that I couldn’t stand straight. The pain went away but I had to have surgery. Been there, done that. From there, that’s the only thing Roman Reigns and I have in common.

Why do I bring this up? When I watched Raw last night the Doctor who operated on Roman Reigns say he may be out months. When I had my surgery the doctor told me not to do anything strenuous or run or lift weights for a month. No sex for a month either. The latter was a concern but I survived. Roman Reigns on the other hand is a man with power, agility, and flat out brute strength that equates to a WWE Superstar.

This is a huge blow to face stable of the WWE. CM Punk left on his own accord while Daniel Bryan was sidelined with his own injury. Now all that’s really left is John Cena and thankfully Dean Ambrose arrived just in time to take Reigns’ spot. Dean Ambrose will do fine for the time being; and personally I think Ambrose has the tools to be one of the top faces of the WWE for years to come. That being said, I’ve read mixed reactions as to what the possible ramifications would be with Roman Reigns out for months. In particular, I’m reading blurbs that state the injury is going to cost his spot in the top tier face crowd. No way!

We all know Roman Reigns is the next big thing for the WWE. He’s got the look and more importantly the aura that says to me that he is it! I see WWE heavyweight title gold around his waist. I do my own planning and prognostication as to where the WWE superstars potential will be. Roman Reigns is down but far from being out. I was looking forward to him feuding with Seth Rollins but Rollins is going nowhere and these two will cross paths in the future.

[adinserter block=”2″]Given the recuperation time for recovery I can see 2015 being the year of Roman Reigns. I can picture Roman reigns coming back from his injury as a late entrant in the Royal Rumble in January and heading into WrestleMania 31 winning the world title and holding onto it for a while. I have ideas on opponents but that’s for another article.

So for all you worry warts, calm down! Roman Reigns is young. He’s physical and needs time for his wounds to heal. The higher ups at WWE are smart and they’re probably thinking the same thing. More importantly they know how to protect their prize performers and promoting them; especially when it comes to Roman Reigns. He is part of their long term revenue. For now, there are some good feuds and a mix of young and old talent going on in the WWE that will keep us occupied until Roman Reigns returns.

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  1. My hernia surgery was May 2001. Same limitations as you. I think WWE is trying to make him seem super-human buy saying he’ll be out 6-8 months, then have him return 6-8 weeks later.


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