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Don’t Forget About The Mid-Card Titles

Since it appears that Damien Sandow is about to get a huge push in the WWE and it has been rumored that Roman Reigns is in line for one as well, what in the world is going to happen to the United States Champion, Dean Ambrose?

[adinserter block=”1″]Since he claimed the title there been nothing but stagnation with the title and qualified opponents for the unquestioned leader of The Shield. What I thought was a brilliant move by the WWE has done nothing more than keep the title in limbo, mainly because Ambrose is not defending the title on a weekly or monthly basis, rather he has been part of the Authority’s plan to rule the WWE.

While that has been successful and the writers and company brass appear ready for a split in the unholy union, it still does nothing to make Ambrose a qualified champion.

Let me rephrase that – it does nothing to show Ambrose is worthy of carrying the title on his shoulder or around his waist. It is more for show where the idea is Ambrose has a title and his “minions,” Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins are strap-less.

Never thought I would use the term strapless with a male wrestler in the same sentence.

It struck me as odd, but there are qualified wrestlers who could provide more than enough of a rivalry with Ambrose to give us all one hell of a show. If the WWE is truly committed to a true pecking order for champions, classifications and challengers for one title, then the United States Title and the Intercontinental Title will become more prestigious – as it should be.

If Sandow is going to beat current champion Big E. Langston at TLC, then it means one of three things.

  • Sandow challenges John Cena for the Unified Title and Cena remain a face in the company.
  • Cena turns heel, Sandow becomes a face in the company and beats Cena at some point for the title
  • Sandow remains a heel and challenges Randy Orton (heel or face) for the title after the first of the year. This is not rocket science. This is not heavy thinking. But the WWE may not have thought all this through, as other online stories have claimed. The plan is not cemented and the outcome of the “Title vs. Title” match between Cena and Orton has more ramifications to it than the WWE was prepared for.It has the same effect on Ambrose in those regards.

Ambrose could be one of the best workers in the company and like other cruiserweights in the promotion, he makes the WWE run. CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Rey Mysterio, Cody Rhodes, Dolph Ziggler…the list can go on for a bit. I could see five or six wrestlers right now give Ambrose a real run and put him over again (not to mention themselves), but the WWE may not be thinking that far ahead right now.

A new year is coming and with it comes the need for Ambrose and Sandow (because I do not see Langston wearing the strap that long) to step forward and take the lead.

What I do see is CM Punk becoming a possible opponent and legitimizing the belt. The same could be said for Cody Rhodes (when he and Goldust finally split) and The Miz – who needs another push in the company.

[adinserter block=”2″]All of these wrestlers could be the ticket to mid card gold. Also, I could see Kofi Kingston in a heel role (which we all would like to see) making his presence known in the division.

All the company needs to do now is think about its fortunes with these two titles and plan accordingly – hopefully more so than they have done with the current unified title situation.

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  1. I dont know if I agree that Big E can be the man in a year, although I do hope big things for him. What I do agree with is that Sandow aint that great. I think he’s a nice mid-card player but nothing about him stands out for me. Im not sure how good he is/will be in the ring but of you watch WWE its gotta be about more than the actual wrestling ability and more about the overall ability to entertain.

  2. David, you must be insane or in love with Damien Sandow. This is second or third article where you predict he is going over Big E Langston. Let me say right now, that’s not gonna happen. Big E is better than Sandow in the ring and he should be getting the major push. By this time next year Big E could be the Man. He will be in the main event scene and most likely hold the WWE title. The guy is a bulldozer. Plus he’s really funny when given the chance. His best work on the mic so far was the fake secret admirer act, and given more time he can do even better. Watch 2014 is the year Big E breaks through.


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