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Don’t Feel Sorry For Alex Smith

The reaction to Alex Smith losing the San Francisco 49ers starting gig to Colin Kaepernick has been strange to say the least. Smith has received an outpouring of sympathy and support from fans and media who apparently just started watching Smith play in 2011.

[adinserter block=”1″]Alex Smith losing the job Keapernick wasn’t a matter of if, it was a matter of when. This is why I am a bit surprised that those in the NFL media are shocked by the move and even more surprised that Smith himself would be taken off guard. The writing was on the wall and while Smith may be playing his best season yet, it is unfortunately coming too late.

Up until 2011 Alex Smith was the kind of player that made me turn the channel. If the San Francisco 49ers were playing I wasn’t watching. I always found Smith to be a very average QB who was prone to making mistakes when he needed to step up. The stats back this up and reputation is representative of those stats. Yet thanks to the genius of Jim Harbaugh and his staff he somehow turned Smith into a clutch player the last season and a half.

Smith played a brilliant season last year. Smith quarterbacked the 49ers to the NFC title game, one game away from the Super Bowl. Make no mistake about it. Smith did everything he could to put the 49ers in position to win. Unfortunately a mistake out of his hands sealed the deal for a loss. However even though the mistake was not his the one common theme repeated all of last season and this off season was that all the 49ers needed was a good QB to put them over the top. In other words, nobody was buying Smith’s run.

Smith returned to the 49ers this season but the writing was on the wall. This was not a short term commitment by the 49ers and nothing more. The 49ers aggressively pursued Peyton Manning in the offseason. Smith was reportedly upset and shopped his services in free agency. Of 32 teams only two were interested, with the only real offer coming from the 49ers. The offer was hardly a vote of confidence as the team gave themselves an out with a roster bonus due in April 2013. Smith took the deal and should have been looking over his shoulder since throw #1 this season.

It wasn’t as if Kaepernick came out of nowhere. New head coach Jim Harbaugh drafted Kaepernick in the 2011 draft. Chances are pretty good that when the new coach uses a high pick on a QB that he plans on using him in the near future. Kaepernick has also been integrated into the offense this season, doing things that Smith wouldn’t be able to do. It was obvious to anyone watching what kind of offense Harbaugh wanted and that was an offense that wasn’t going to include Smith.

Don’t feel sorry for Smith. Smith has had a full seven years to close the deal in San Francisco. Up until this season, he has had a completion percentage of 61% and below, with abysmal results from 2005-2010. It wasn’t all of his fault but he did nothing in those first five years to convince anyone that he was a championship QB in the NFL. Think about it. How many other NFL QBs would have survived after five terrible seasons in a row? Not many in this era of NFL QBs. Smith has nobody to blame but himself for this mess.

[adinserter block=”2″]Should he lose his job because he was injured? It’s all fair game. Some of the best quarterbacks in NFL history from Steve Young to Brett Favre to Tom Brady all got their shot when they moved up on the depth chart due to a QB injury. If the team felt Smith gave them a better chance to win, he’d still be playing. It’s that simple. Yet in the last two weeks Kaepernick has dazzled against two of the best defenses in the NFL. That’s just how the game is played if you are an NFL QB.

Let’s see what happens with Smith in the offseason. My hunch is that he’ll get a chance to compete somewhere for a starting job. Maybe he has the last word against the 49ers and succeeds and Kaepernick struggles? I doubt it.

Don’t feel sorry for Alex Smith. He had plenty of chances and the message was clear from opening day. His job was never safe.

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  1. Point proven. Another "dynamic" QB who can't make his team win. Look at Vick, Newton, GWIII and the rest of them that have losing records even though they were the next coming of christ. The 9ers D is the only reason CK won the first two games he played.

  2. As far as the 9ers Smith was only good when the line gave him all the time in the world, no time and he was on his back. Look at even the great Montana and Young, they always had people in their face and mostly made the big play any way, two of the best ever bar none. But the line was so bad they both got hurt badly many times and out of the bame for ever. Regardless what any media wants to print, look at the rest of the team when Kap plays, hell look at Kap ralley the team on the field! Much stronger team leader to win. Smith just doesn't fit the team as a whole, maybe a good guy and maybe a good QB just not the best for the 9ers!!!!!!

  3. NO, Bears have played against even worse teams and the Saints…well, they don't even have their coach this year. Not a good test IMHO.

    Let Kaepers play the Giants or the Falcons. Haha…that will be fun to watch him get knocked back down to reality.

  4. Wow…I couldn't get past the third paragraph. The many apparently more intelligent people out there that are 'shocked' about Alex losing his starting role also realize that much of his so called failure early on might have something to do with the piss poor coaches, Swiss cheese offensive lines, and revolving door coordinators, each with a new scheme. We've seen Smith be incredibly successful in the right environment for some time now, and frankly we're getting just a tad annoyed at all the haters that can't admit they were wrong about him from the get go.

  5. feel free to leave out the part of a new offensive coordinator every year he was there and having 3 head coaches during that time.they get a coach who uses a system that fits his skills and they win how shocking. but because of he previous lack of success he deserves to lose his job? so will it be acceptable if the new guy does not take them to the NFC titke game this year? don't give me the defense won those playoff games for them either,look at the final score of the saints game and he was not the one who fumbled away the giants game was he? no excuses if they do not go all the way this year. and if I were Alex Smith I would tell the team I was not fully recovered from the concussion yet and was having headaches should they need him to come of the bench and rescue them. screw the coach and his teammates who threw him under the bus over this move. if they want to get rid of him give them a taste of what it will be like without him now.

  6. This guy will end up just like Vick and every other "dynamic" "game changer" QB who have never led their team to a Super Bowl. They are not long term solutions but a build up of hype because they choose to scramble more or play more street ball. Once teams figure out their weakness it's game over and good night. The best QBs period are pocket passers who can control the game like manning, brady, rodgers etc…By the way, Smith is very mobile he just doesnt run every chance he gets, he gets rid of the ball quickly like any good QB. Some players would rather look good losing than look bad winning and it seems like that mentality is spreading…


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