Donovan McNabb Thinks The Chicago Bears Would’ve Won With him


Donovan McNabb in a recent interview claims that not only should the Chicago Bears have signed him, but they would have won with him. A pretty bold statement coming from a guy that has been exiled by three teams in two years coming off of a 1-5 record as a starter.

As a Philadelphia Eagles fan I welcome the continued delusional ranting of Donovan McNabb. For years, Philadelphia fans were told how unappreciative we were to have such a great team player lead our football team. In the last two years McNabb has done a fantastic job of exposing himself to the national media and audience as one of the biggest frauds in recent memory.

What always bugged me is how the national media always had his back. No matter how bad of a game he played or how dumb of a thing he said in Philadelphia, Donovan was always the good guy. It was always about how lucky the Eagles were to have Donovan, rather than calling McNabb on his failures as a team leader. Luckily for us Philly fans all too familiar with the real #5, he has gone to two different teams, thrown numerous players and coaches under the bus, and has done a tremendous job of giving disgruntled Eagles fans a little bit of vindication.

[ad 6]McNabb’s latest moment of brilliance came last week in a radio interview. McNabb told ESPN 1000 in Chicago, “I thought the Bears would call, so many people continuously talked about the Mike Martz offense and things of that nature. I personally didn’t care about that. If you want to win and win now, you go out and get a better quarterback and you cater your offense to his strengths, and obviously the strengths of your team. Obviously it didn’t work out well for them. It’s unfortunate. I wish things would have worked out, but it didn’t. We will see what happens from now on.

Wow! I don’t think it gets any more classless than an NFL quarterback coming out in the media and throwing another starting NFL QB (& an entire team) under the bus. Have you ever noticed that when former NFL head coaches are asked about potential jobs that they never comment on a job that isn’t open? That is because the classy thing to do is not to throw anyone under the bus (although Jimmy Johnson’s sneaky pandering for the Miami Dolphins job when Don Shula was still there may be the exception) who is already in place in coach. It is classless, it is tasteless, and it says a lot about your character. For Donovan McNabb, none of that matters.

The irony here is that this is coming from a guy that has been shipped out of three teams in two years! This is coming from a guy that is 6-13 in his two seasons, 1-5 this season. This is a guy that is having a hard time living outside of the protective Philadelphia Eagles bubble. Donovan McNabb is a man that can’t take criticism and has made every excuse in the book for his last two seasons except taking any personal responsibility for his failures. Only a self-absorbed egomaniac would have the gall to tell someone in the media that he after a 1-5 record could have taken another NFL team into the postseason.

Newsflash! You had your shot the last two seasons and you didn’t even finish the season as a starter. And now you think you can come in with a handful of games to go and play better than the team’s current starting QB? Talk about a man that is living in another world.

I said it once and I said it again. This is a man that quit on his football team this season. He was demoted after six games to being a backup in Minnesota. Rumor has it that when the team wanted to demote him to third behind Joe Webb, he asked for his release. Now why would a team suddenly wish to promote Joe Webb ahead of McNabb? That is easy to figure out and instead of looking into the mirror, McNabb quit on the team. There is your team player.

I feel like a broken record when it comes to McNabb but people need to be reminded about what a cancer this guy has become in the last few years to his teams. In Philadelphia he blamed the youth of the team after getting blown out in Dallas. He blamed the defense for losing the NFL championship game in Arizona. In Washington he and his agent waged a public relations war with the coaching staff in mid-season. In Minnesota he quit on his team. The night after he was released from the Vikings he went on ESPN radio and told the host that in order to turn his play around that he needed better players, throwing his entire Minnesota offense under the bus. So according to McNabb, he would have been played better handing the ball off to Marion Barber and throwing to Roy Williams than playing in an offense with arguably the best running back in the NFL and one of the most explosive weapons at wide receiver currently in the game. For God’s sakes he was playing Adrian freaking Peterson! Does that make any sense to you?

Well it didn’t make any sense to the Chicago Bears or 30 other teams that had the opportunity to pick McNabb up after he was released. It was both funny and sad that you had McNabb telling Kurt Warner on the NFL Network that he expected 31 teams to call and in the end, he stayed at home. This is a man that is living in another universe! Shockingly not one NFL team felt that the great team leader would be an asset to their team. Shocking!

Thanks to my blogging I have gotten to know some NFL insiders over the last couple of years. The buzz is that McNabb has been lazy and uninspired in the last three years. According to many sources he was out of shape and did his best to stay that way. Remember when Mike Shanahan pulled him in overtime last year because Mike Shanahan said McNabb was not in good enough shape to run a two-minute drill? This is nothing new, yet Shanahan was the first coach that McNabb had to call him out on it. Remember when word broke from Washington that McNabb still had not learned the team’s playbook?

The reason why Donovan McNabb is not in Washington right now is because he was lazy,” reported a former NFL player. “He didn’t spend the time. Mike Shanahan likes guys who will work really hard. I narrow it down to two things. He’s either lazy, or he’s not very bright to pick up the offense. One or the other. I think he’s bright enough, I just think he was lazy.”

[adinserter block=”1″]There were similar reports in Minnesota that he didn’t know the playbook and was late for practices (which he disputes of course). The man was spotted after all hanging out a Lingerie Football League game prior to his last start with the Vikings. Is that how you prep for a start when you are struggling to learn the offense? Do you see a trend here? This is not just some random story that popped up online from an unnamed blogger. This is a man with a history of being lazy and selfish.

Keep talking Donovan. You have lost the respect of a lot of fans, media, and former teammates in recent years (Anyone read what DeSean Jackson has had to say about his former QB? He only called him out on national television). Now he may have gone a step too far and lost the respect of your NFL peers. Good luck to any NFL team willing to take a shot on this guy next season. My hunch is that he will be doing more with his Communications degree than his NFL acumen from here on out.

But hey, at least Kurt Warner still has your back.

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