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Donovan McNabb Thinks He Is An NFL Hall Of Fame QB

Donovan McNabbDonovan McNabb is quickly turning into one of the NFL’s best sound bites. In a matter of just a few months, McNabb has done a fantastic job of tarnishing whatever legacy he had with some of the most absurd comments you will ever read a player say about himself.

Philadelphia Eagles fans have always seen the good and bad of Donovan McNabb. Unfortunately for us, the NFL media painted us as unappreciative, only giving national fans the good, and ignoring the polarizing remarks that McNabb would make to the local media every season. Thanks to Donovan himself, NFL fans all over the nation are now experiencing the Donovan McNabb only Philly fans can truly appreciate.

[adinserter block=”2″]I have to give credit to the Philadelphia Eagles and Andy Reid. Over the course of McNabb’s tenure with the Eagles, the franchise obviously did a fantastic job of managing McNabb’s public relations. I could only imagine what McNabb would have said if he was not filtered by the club. The more McNabb continues to speak post-Eagles, the more I understand why past teammates have questioned his leadership.

There isn’t a bigger Donovan McNabb anywhere than Donovan McNabb. After asking to be waived by the team when he was notified he was being demoted to the third QB, McNabb proudly claimed that 31 teams would pick him up. Nobody did. McNabb later claimed that the reason the Chicago Bears didn’t go to the Super Bowl was because they never signed him. McNabb also blamed his teammates for his failed career outside of Philadelphia proclaiming that he would play better if he was surrounded by better players. He recently told ESPN that he was the most criticized quarterback in the NFL. I could only imagine what the conversations were like between him and Terrell Owens at the height of their offensive greatness.

The NFL media know an idiot when they see one and they have been hot to give McNabb air time in recent months. Recently, Fox Sports’ Barfly series cashed in on the sound byte mogul and talked to McNabb about whether or not he was an NFL Hall of Fame quarterback. I’ll let you guess what his answer was.

McNabb the ever humble NFL quarterback responded with, “absolutely!” McNabb rationalized this by saying that the NFL Hall of Fame is a numbers game and he has great numbers. McNabb then saw fit to take shots at two current NFL Hall of Fame QBs to make his point. According to McNabb, he had a better career than Jim Kelly and Troy Aikman.

Come again?

Yep, McNabb used Aikman and Kelly as comparisons and said he was more qualified to get into the Hall of Fame than them. Imagine the ego of this guy telling Rich Eisen and Mark Kriegel with certainty that he had a better career than one QB who led his team to three Super Bowl games and one QB who WON three Super Bowls, under two different coaches! I always viewed Aikman as the enemy in his prime but I’ll be the first to tell you that the man was clutch. If winning three Super Bowls doesn’t make you one of the best of all-time, I don’t know what does.

Oh yeah, five NFC championship games! It gets better.

[adinserter block=”1″]McNabb continued by telling Eisen and Kriegel that leading his team to five NFC title games makes him not only a Hall of Fame QB, but better than Aikman and Kelly’s six Super Bowl games. Because according to McNabb, “the NFC championship game is the real big game.” If I didn’t see it with my own eyes I wouldn’t have believed it. According to old #5, getting to the NFC title game is a bigger accomplishment than playing in the Super Bowl. Mind you he went 1-4 in those NFC title games.

McNabb’s mindless ramblings have quickly turned him from one of the most respected quarterbacks among his peers into an obnoxious, egomaniac. As an Eagles fan I was a McNabb fan for many years. I tried to support him and back him as Philly’s QB. However, once he started pointing fingers, making excuses, and throwing other players under the bus, my opinion of him quickly changed.

My hunch is that so has yours.

Check out the entire interview here –

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