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Donovan McNabb vs. DeSean Jackson…Familiar?

Donovan McNabbIsn’t ironic how Donovan McNabb had two failed relationships with his two best wide receivers? I can’t say I was surprised to read about Donovan McNabb lobbying the Washington Redskins for wide receiver Terrell Owens. I can say that I am surprised at comments made by DeSean Jackson about McNabb. McNabb is taking the high road, of course that is until he and DeSean play together on Pros vs. Joes.

I was once a big Donovan McNabb fan. Up until last year, I was one of the last defenders for McNabb in Philly. Yet there was something after the 08-09 season that just sent me over the edge with McNabb. Maybe it were his comments about the defense after the 2008-09 NFC title game? Maybe it were his comments about the youth of the Eagles after he did nothing against the Dallas Cowboys? Either way, I had it with him and this new story only reminds me why I have come to truly detest the man.

2004 was the greatest year of my lifetime to be a Philadelphia Eagles fan. I was there at the Linc when Donovan McNabb and Terrell Owens connected on their first touchdown pass in Philadelphia in a pre season game against the Baltimore Ravens. The two continued to produce one of the most exciting offenses in Philadelphia Eagles history. There was nothing that could stop these two from setting records and winning Super Bowls. Well, there was one thing that could stop them and that was Donovan McNabb and his ego.

McNabb made some questionable remarks about Owens in the following offseason which set off a firestorm between the two. T.O. fired back at McNabb in the press and the situation culminatedwith T.O. being run out of Philadelphia. There is no telling how many Super Bowls that team could have won by now if Owens and McNabb stayed together. Yet Mr. Sensitivity took time away from crying about being booed on Draft Day to taking homage with Owens’ remarks. Thanks to a lot of whining from McNabb, the locker room became divided, and Owens was released.

Donovan McNabb has not even come close to achieving the 31 touchdowns he set in 2004. While the Philadelphia Eagles have had better overall statistical seasons, nobody can convince me that any of those Eagles teams could match the Super Power they became in 2004. It was a one year ride thanks to a fragile quarterback. To think what could have been will drive me crazy as a Philadelphia Eagles fan. Reading about McNabb’s new fondness for Owens has driven me to the brink of insanity.

After dismantling one of the great offenses of the last decade, Donovan McNabb now wants to play with Terrell Owens. Are you kidding me? On top of that, he wants to do it with another team. As an Eagles fan that watched his team ripped apart due to the Owens fallout, it makes me sick to see him lobbying for Terrell Owens years later. Couldn’t he have gotten past this six years ago?

To be fair to McNabb, he has denied any of this. However, stands by their story and have not made any retractions. Looking at the history of #5 here in Philadelphia, I tend to lean towards ESPN when it comes to a battle of who said what.

How do you think the news sits with someone like Santana Moss who has put up with losing season after losing season to finally get a franchise QB and a Super Bowl winning coach? I am sure it doesn’t feel good to hear your new QB more or less say that his current wide receivers aren’t good enough and he needs Owens. Talk about a great way to embrace yourself to your new team. Welcome Washington Redskins fan to Donovan McNabb, “me-player.”

Washington Redskins fans will get to know the Donovan McNabb that most astute Philadelphia Eagles fans have grown to love and hate for the last ten years. Donovan McNabb is not the encompassing “team player” that the national media makes him out to be. Ask his former teammates that are no longer in Philadelphia about how they feel about their ex-quarterback and you will get a mixed bag of answers for sure. Mark my words, it won’t take long before Washington, the Redskins fans, and the team are sick of Donovan McNabb. Trust me, it’s coming.

I hope Mike Shanahan had a chair available for his new personnell guru on NFL Draft Day.

Now DeSean Jackson has made statements about being “very happy” with the Donovan McNabb trade. McNabb has taken the high road in responding, but he hasn’t always taken the high road with his old number one receiver. After the regular season drubbing to the Dallas Cowboys, McNabb made a comment that blamed the youth of the team for the poor play. How funny is that Jimmy Clausen threw his receiver under the bus in a pre-Draft interview with Jon Gruden and NFL teams were reportedly turned off by this. Yet McNabb throws not only his receivers, but his entire young offense under the bus and he is welcomed to Washington with open arms.

It’s coming Redskins fans, it’s coming.

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